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Are you scared of the dark?


If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?

I wouldn't... it's newborn... it wouldn't understand me.
Yeah yeah.
Erm, I'd tell it to love itself. It's so important to know your own worth and value.

What is your relationship status?

In a relationship.

Would you like to be famous and for what reason?

Hell no! No privacy, so much pressure on you because you're a public roll model etc. No way.

Do you have official app for Android?


How do you decide what movie to watch?

There's not really a criteria, I'll watch anything really

What is the most important thing that you should do today?

Getting dressed would be a good start.
Erm. Helping my sister probably.

Do you like to spend your free time alone or in company?

Bit of both. In the day I like to be alone. In the evening I like to be in company.

What is your favorite activity?

Eating probably.

Do you prefer to travel by train, bus, plane or ship?


If u have instragram can u please follow sarahswildedits ill follow u back (:

Sorry I don't.

How did you make your first money?

Got a job...?

Is there something you eat every day?


Erm, eggs.

What are your super cheap great gift ideas?

Encouragment jars!!

What do you do to fall asleep?

Close my eyes? 0.o

What are your bad habbits?

I bite my nails alot.

If you were to change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Is everything an option?
Erm. I'd calm my hair down.
Loose weight quicker.
Get rid of birth marks etc.
Get inked.
More confidence.

Who is your favorite teacher?

I'll replace teacher with lecturer.
Possibly Julie.

How many books have you read in your life?

A fair few.
Not enough in recent months.

What would you suggest everyone to try?

Random acts of kindness.

What is your favorite month of the year?

November is so lovely.
My birthday, prep for christmas, always end up going to cool places and doing cool photoshoots.
And it's cold.

What created our World?

God created the big bang ;)

What is your favorite animal?

Toss up between foxes, elephants and toucans really

What are your bad habbits?

Swearing, drinking, nail biting etc.


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