Justine Marshall @JustineMarshall
Justine Marshall @JustineMarshall
hehe im shy if i dont no you... but once i do no you.. i never shut up :D
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yo.. ask me stuff :) xx
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Ahhh that's right I found it so funny !  Lord Gary V
Hahaha yeah :)
We gots some tots cute pictures togethers ,don't even remember them  Lord Gary V
Hahaha I remember them... I told you I was a tampon and you were like "you have to get picture with me!" I didn't see them though... They're probably terrible ;)
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Ngaww thanks so much :')  Jordan Dee Ninjabird Sinclair
Algoods :)
thoughts? :) :)  Morgan Hill
Sorry I took such a long time :)
I like how you're lovely ! And you're so nice and funny :) I like how you're a really really bubbly happy person :) and how everyone loves you and how you're so pretty ! :) you're really trustworthy and easily someone anyone could go to if they needed someone :) I haven't seen you in so long! But I hope you're algood and having fun :) xox
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Thoughts? :)  Jordan Dee Ninjabird Sinclair
Sorry this took so long... :)
I like how you're such an awesome, honest and genuine person :) you really care about other people and you're really trustworthy :) and I lie how you're really fun to be around and you're really funny :) I haven't seen you in ages but I hope everything is going great for you and you're happy :)
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What is your relationship status?
In a relationship... Made the fag a sandwich today ;)
What is your relationship status?
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Thoughts xoxox  Jasmin Petra Murdoch
Omg. It's been soooo long since I seen you... But I like how you're really fun to be around :) you're really funny and I like how you no how to stand up for yourself and your not afraid of what people think of you :) I like how you're really creative and smart :) like how you're so pretty ! :) like how your relationship has been going for so long !! :) I like how your so tall and really good at netball :) I like how you're a lovely person and how you're so honest :) <3 xoxoxox
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Thoughts please :)  Andre Loubser ✌️
Just because you so badly wanted me to do it ;)
I honestly think you're such a cool guy.. You're very easy to get along with and it's easy to keep a conversation going with you :) you also have really cool style and your hair is pretty awesome.. It looks incredibly soft :) I like how you pretty much say whatever you want whenever you want :) I like how you and Haylee have such a cute relationship and you're a pretty lucky guy ;) I like how you're really honest and I think you're pretty trustworthy :) I like how we have a couple of classes together and how this year we have got abit closer :) I like how you're really fun to party with and it's awesome you're so generous ;) hehehe you're a really awesome guy.. Oh ! And I like how me, you, Dillon and Haylee are going on a double date to a restaurant sometime soon ;)
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Uh.. No. ;) Don't worry.. I guess ill pay.. ;P xo
Hehehe well you can't say I didn't offer ;) xo
It's fine for you girls. But i'd imagine it'll be Andre and I that have to pay for it. ;) x
Ahahaha well... I could always pay for us ?? :)
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We shall makes plans in some class :)  Haylee
Sweeeet... Sounds good to me :)
Omg yes! We defintly should to like a actual resteraunt  Haylee
Omg !! That would be so cool :)
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That was me -__-  Haylee
Justine! Honestly you're absolutely beautiful inside and out! I've had so many good talks with you and I apologize for all my tragic states haha you and dylan have the most amazing relationship and you're such a great girl! Love to have a better friendship with you ae x
Awwww thank you !! :) don't worry... We were both in tragic states ;) we should deffs chill some time.. Double dating ? ;) xx
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likers get a like
Sure :)
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Psyche didn't see Cupid for a long time but they had a very romantic love story with passionate sexual intercourse. <3 We can make it work.
Well I'm not gunna lie... That sounds very romantic.. I think it could actually work for us :) <3
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Bb you're hot as fuck. <3 Dump Dillon for me?
Hehehe well... I would... But I would never see you ;) <3
Snap me your dress :)  Kaicey Allison
I will very soon :)
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Aww that totally made my night!! Thank you so much :) hehe i will defs be hanging with you at heads x x <3  Kaicey Allison
Hehehe algoods :) yay !! <3 xx
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Thoughts hehe x x  Kaicey Allison
Hehe well... I think you're amazing ! :) you're definitely one of the people in Matamata I'm closest to.. I feel like I can tell you anything :) you're such a fun person to be around !! :) i like how you don't really care what people think about you and you do what you want ;) I like how your really sporty and you're really good at it :) I like how you gorgeous !! :) and you have long as eyelashes !! :) I like how we have heaps of classes together and it's amazing :) I like how you no how to have fun :) I like how you're really funny and honest :) I like how your hanging with me at heads this weekend ;) and I like how last night you gave me a "push in the right direction" and it totally made my night ;) I like how you're so fun to party with !! :) I just love you... You're amazing :) xx
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does dillon eat your pussy good?
Go away. That's disgusting.
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Best guy mates? :D
Ummmmm Ryland, Andre, Jarrod, Trent, James and Vinish :)
Sorry if I forgot anyone :)
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What color socks are you wearing right now?
Des ones :)
What color socks are you wearing right now?
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What would you do if caught naked ?
Omg. Seriously. You can probably go through my answers and find the answer to this question about ten times -.-
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Pft you wish! ;) xx  Crystal Marshall
Oh I don't need to wish.. Cause I already do ;) xx
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