Justine Marshall @JustineMarshall
Justine Marshall @JustineMarshall
hehe im shy if i dont no you... but once i do no you.. i never shut up :D
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yo.. ask me stuff :) xx
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Psyche didn't see Cupid for a long time but they had a very romantic love story with passionate sexual intercourse. <3 We can make it work.
Well I'm not gunna lie... That sounds very romantic.. I think it could actually work for us :) <3
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Bb you're hot as fuck. <3 Dump Dillon for me?
Hehehe well... I would... But I would never see you ;) <3
Snap me your dress :)  Kaicey Allison
I will very soon :)
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Aww that totally made my night!! Thank you so much :) hehe i will defs be hanging with you at heads x x <3  Kaicey Allison
Hehehe algoods :) yay !! <3 xx
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Thoughts hehe x x  Kaicey Allison
Hehe well... I think you're amazing ! :) you're definitely one of the people in Matamata I'm closest to.. I feel like I can tell you anything :) you're such a fun person to be around !! :) i like how you don't really care what people think about you and you do what you want ;) I like how your really sporty and you're really good at it :) I like how you gorgeous !! :) and you have long as eyelashes !! :) I like how we have heaps of classes together and it's amazing :) I like how you no how to have fun :) I like how you're really funny and honest :) I like how your hanging with me at heads this weekend ;) and I like how last night you gave me a "push in the right direction" and it totally made my night ;) I like how you're so fun to party with !! :) I just love you... You're amazing :) xx
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does dillon eat your pussy good?
Go away. That's disgusting.
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Best guy mates? :D
Ummmmm Ryland, Andre, Jarrod, Trent, James and Vinish :)
Sorry if I forgot anyone :)
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What color socks are you wearing right now?
Des ones :)
What color socks are you wearing right now?
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What would you do if caught naked ?
Omg. Seriously. You can probably go through my answers and find the answer to this question about ten times -.-
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Pft you wish! ;) xx  Crystal Marshall
Oh I don't need to wish.. Cause I already do ;) xx
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I took that off anon -.- hahaha it was me if you didn't realise by the "going to see you" and when I ask you not to answer it, you don't answer it. Kk Biatch? ;) hahaha but seriously xx  Crystal Marshall
Hahahaha I knew it was you ;) and biatch ? I do what I want ;) xx
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Justine it sounds like you're saying your're bylemic... P.s don't actually answer this I just couldn't be bothered going to see you
Hahahaha I had to reply... I didn't mean it like that.. I meant that I have thrown up after food.. Like if you have a tummy bug or food poisoning or whatever :)
Omg youre so beautiful.. you should be doing nude photo shoots ;)
Hahahaha thanks but that is not happening :)
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Have you ever thrown up after eating?
i know we haven't talked in a while! but i just wanted to say i love you! :) <3 <3 <3 <3 and that i miss you! - Your Bestie xoxo :*  vinish kumar
Awwwww I love you to !! :) <3 an I miss you heeeeaps.. You're the best :) <3 <3 xoxoxox
Who's your number one friend?
This idiiiiiot :) xo
Who's your number one friend?
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You have a fiiiiine butt ;)
Hahahaha thanks :)
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Even to your boyfriend? ;)
And even if I did that's none of your business.
Do you send naked pics? ;)
Hmmmm... Sorry.. But no, no I don't :)
Hey where you from in New Zealand
At the moment.. Matamata :)
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Do you sing in the shower? ;D
Sometimes ;)
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obviously u didnt  Luke roycroft
I did :) I was just saying :D
I didnt mean it like tht u clown  Luke roycroft
I no :)
look in thr mirror ge ;)  Luke roycroft
Luke.. He's my boyfriend.. And I love him and looking in the mirror won't change anything cause he's better and perfect in every way :)
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You say it like I was still thinking over it Jarrod.. ;) There is definitly going to be a ring on this hand in the near future.. And it WILL be from me. :P xo  Dillon Sankey
Hehe cute !! :) sounds perfect to me :D <3 xox
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