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Which is your favorite TV show?

Home and away :)

Thoughts :ooo


Omg. You're also amazing ! :) honestly one of the funniest and outgoing people I no... You literally don't care what people think of you and I like that :) I like how you're really honest and I could trust you with anything :) I like how was have a joint relationship and it's totally amazing ;) and how we had a great time the day we got in the pool and you put the sucky thing on your boob on the shower ;) that was funny... I like how I feel like our friendship has only just really started and I can't wait for more fun times ;) ly ❤️ xox

Who is your favorite friend

I don't really have a "favourite friend"
But Dillon is probably my best Friend :)

Impersonate me brah ;) idek

Let's get drunk
Aaaargh I hate life
I think dying would be fun
Are there any parties tonight ? I feel like getting drunk
Work out tonight
Nothing exciting happens in matamata
I love food
I'm hungry
Juuuustine, life sucks so much
Yay beach!
I'm mowing my grandmothers lawn tonight
I feel like getting drunk
I need a party !
*perfect wings on eyelids*
I wanna go back to Brazil
I like him
He's hot
He's honestly so attractive ;)
What the fuck even is life?
I feel like getting drunk
Justine I love you
;) xo

Thoughts m8

I think you're amazing !! :) one of my really really good friends :) you're beautiful and you're so much fun to be around ! :) I like how you're hilarious and you love meeting new people.. I like how you're confident and don't really care what people think :) I like how I no I could trust you with anything and we have some great conversations :) I like that we got happy meals and danced in Stanley's lounge after heads and we had a fantastic time ! ;) I can't wait to make more memories with you !! Totally ❤️ you :) xoxox

What does tbh stand for??

To be honest

Who is the last person you bought a gift for?

Crystal :)

would you consider yourself popular?

Nope... Popularity isn't even real.
It's just peoples opinions... If that makes sense..

If you were able to grow 500 feet tall whenever you wanted(You'd be bigger than Godzilla!!), what would you do? YOU CAN SHRINK DOWN TO NORMAL AND GROW BIG AGAIN AT ANY TIME!! You could do anything, to crushing people, or even destroying cities! sorry if this question is weird, I'm super bored lol

Hmmmmm... Could I like jump across countries ??

How can you tell that someone is lying?

You can't always tell... That's the scary part about lies..
When you think about it... How many things people have told you are lies and you have no idea ?

Thoughts? :)

Obe Wallace

You're pretty cool... Some of the conversations I hear or have between you and other people are hilarious and it makes art a fun time :) you're actually really good at art and I like your painting :) good taste in music most the time... If it's yours playing... Yeah... You're a cool guy :)

Uhm.. Yes..? I didn't ask for no the shits and giggles..? :o xo

Alrighty then:
What do you wanna do?
I don't mind
I'll eat what you want
*justine gives options but Dillon still won't pick*
I'll pay
Paying again
I'll pay
Sore neck
I have no money because of you
Takes Justine's card and pays so it looks like he's paying ;)
But in reality Justine just doesn't want to do the card thing ;)
*staying at Justine's*
Sore neck
Sore neck
Playing with hair
I love you
Justine your the best
Your perfect Justine
God you're annoying Justine
Omg Justine go away
Are you serious
Your stupid
I love you
*staying at Justine's*
I don't study
Studying isn't my thing
I'm definitely not staying in the exam the whole time
I aim for achieved
*staying at Justine's*
God your dumb Justine
I still love you
What do you want?
You choose what we do
I don't mind
I'll eat whatever
*staying at Justine's*
Wtf are you doing?
Don't do that
Omg your stupid
*says something funny*
*staying at Justine's*
I love you
Sore neck
I love you
*staying at Justine's*
Are you hungry?
I don't mind
You choose
I love you
Your perfect


Done ;) xo

What personality trait do you admire in other people?

Honesty... One of the most important things :)

I know something fun.. You should Impersonate me. ;) xo

I'm Not Black

Should I ? ;) xo


Stuart Whittaker

Omg... It has been sooo long since I seen you.. Hope everything's going good for you :) I like how when you were around we were actually pretty close and you're really fun to be around :) even though you were like obsessed with my mum ! ;) hehe yeah... Haven't seen you in ages but you are an awesome guy :)

Need a catch up bud :)

Viraj Kumar

We really do :)

Your hot heh

Ummm thanks :)

Thanks Justine :* x

Viraj Kumar

Algooods :) x

Was it weird when your brother went out with Dillons sister? Cause I would find it really weird!

Na it wasn't that weird.. It wasn't really any different to now.. It didn't change my relationship in any way ?

Who is on snapchat??

Or this one.. Umm millions of people ?

Who likes HPC??

I don't really understand this question..

Braden ! ;)
I like how you're pretty cool.. And how you're really fun to be around and your hilarious :) you can be a dick but it's ok because you're funny ;) like how you've stayed at my house so many times and pretty much my whole family loves you... And I like how you let me have some of your juice on Friday afternoon ;) hehe you're a really cool guy :)

thoughts :)


Heeey... Ummm I haven't seen you in years.. But I like how you're really pretty and from what I can remember you're a really lovely person :) like how you went out with my brother and you guys were cute ;) yeah... You're cool.. Hope everything is going good for you :) xx
Oh.. And you had the cutest brother in the world :) I think..

Thoughts? :)

Viraj Kumar

Sorry this took so long :/
But it's actually been so long since I seen you ! Hope everything going good :) you're honestly one of the coolest guys ever... You're funny and nice and unbelievably trustworthy :) I would trust you with anything and I'm pretty sure you no like everything about me :) you're really fun to be around and you get along with like everyone :) I like how you're so good at every sport :) your just a really awesome guy :) x

Thoughts? :)

Sorry this took so long
But I actually think you're amazing.. You're funny and pretty and nice and you seem to get on well with everyone :) I think you're one of the main yr11 girls who is down to earth, very genuine and honest :) I love your hair ! It's amazing :) I think you're lovely and would happily hang out with you at any time because you're really easy to get alone with and fun to be around :) xx


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