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Last person’s house you were in?
رغده حبيبت قلبي ❤️
شي ودك تسويه لكن ماحصلت الفرصة ?!  Rawan
كان ودي انبسط زياده مع صديقاتي بس الحراره سيطرت علي والحمدالله قدرت اشوفهم ❤️❤️
Enti 5lood eli a3rfha? Wela w7dh thanyh? Enti fl.jubail industrial ?  jOjO ♛
La 7abibty ymkn w7da thanya ❤️❤️
Where and when do you get your best ideas?
Where : from my parents when: if i ask them for ideas :p
ممكن اسآلك ¿
What ?
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What is happiness for you?
Shopping for ever
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What is the most beautiful car?
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What do you usually forget?
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واقول ابد ما ابيك واذكر هوانا واحن
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احبببك و باظل اتحرررش زين!
تحرشي اصلا فدووه
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أنت اللي ب أكرهه و اللي احبه أنت ♥
مايجي احساس الكرهه مع الحب ؟ والا شرايك
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حاااااسه فيني لهالدرجججة :$
Shfty glbi kef y7s ! :$
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دامك ماتعرفيني كاتبه امووت فيك ليه! !!!!!
EEh 97 ma a3rfk bs mdam t7beny aked enk t3rfeny w t3rfen eny a7bk
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What do you spend most of your money on?
Shopping all my money I mean
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What are you most proud of?
My family ❤
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Where did you meet your best friend?
In school ooh i miss her ❤
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اغرب اسم مر عليك..؟  Mohammed "
A lot of nams :o
W ana b3d bs tell me ho are you ?
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Amot fek ❤
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كيف تبدأين صباحك غالباً..؟  Mohammed "
With my coffee !!
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whats a good song to listen to? :)
Adele someone like you ❤
Do you prefer gold or silver jewelry?
Gold my fav ❤❤❤
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يااخي احبك مرا افهمي !!
Ya5i shoukr'n :( ♥
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Hey, how are you? I just found out that I'm missing you! Hope you are okay
Missing you too <3 yeah I'm great
How about you !!
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Do you prefer to answer questions or ask them?
Answer questions
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