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اللهم أحسن خاتمتنا ♥ MAK @Kaifi1
Hey All My Name Is Moayyad Ayman Kaifi And I'm Eyad Kaifi's brother and i was born 6/19 and i like to football... you want to know about me more just ask and you wall know ;)
قل ما شئت في مسبتي، فسكوتي عن اللئيم جواب... ما أنا عديم .جواب ، ولكن ما من أسد يجيب كلاب
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Follow ya 9dee8 :)  A7mad Iraqi
وين عقلي لما :  احمداني - 300k ؟!
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ترا جمال الدنيا في  احمداني - 300k ؟!
فيا انا
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#في_بيتنا_ليلة_العيد_لازم  احمداني - 300k ؟!
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كل عام وآنتم بخير <3  احمداني - 300k ؟!
وانت بخير
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how do you usually start a conversation  MA ✨
With hi
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What color are your eyes?
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الكل يحبه الا انا :  احمداني - 300k ؟!
What is one thing you will never do again?
Any bad thing i did
Post a picture of your pet!
I dont have a pet
گلمه دايم ع لسانكك ( . . . ) ♥  احمداني - 300k ؟!
ككنت ولا زلت :  احمداني - 300k ؟!
Take a picture of your home library.
A game
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حط 40 لايك وفولو واستلم 60 لايك وفولو :)  حُـســامـ،
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What good idea you have had lately?
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Do you play football
Whats you ????
What's your favorite slang word?
enta keeeef ?
best 30 name of girl ?  walid ahmed✨
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20 facts about u  walid ahmed✨
Mani fayeg
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What would you like to see mankind achieve within your lifetime?
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Ya5i w7shtana mta tgy ??  Anas Bafail
M3 nafsk
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like = 1 follow+15 likes? ♥
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