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What will you never do?
Date someone shorter than me...
You're gorgeous without even trying, I just want to be you
No, not true... Embrace yourself dude, but thank you ❤️
Ur gey
Bye Becca
Fav freshman?
I'm not sure there's a few
I want to kiss you
Well I have cooties, so...
Who are you with right now?
Me, myself, and I
Can we hang out?
I seriously think you're really pretty and one of the cutest girls in our grade
☺️ thank you
How's a 99999999999999999999999$ ring ;)
Well, put the money sign in the front, and then that should be alright
Yes definitely get married!
As long as the ring is nice...
I'm in love with you
We should get married
Is there a way taylor could get a plane ticket to michigan?
I'm obsessed with you KO
Oh I'm so sorry
Hottest jr girl?
Freaking Rebecca Crain can get it
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Favorite people at north
Caroline, Molly, Emma, and Harry
Favorite freshman?
Uh I'm not sure, I have a few
What are your favorite color of eyes?
Green eyes are my fave
if I asked you out would you reject it?
I don't know who you are, so I can't determine that
Other than yourself..
No one
What was the last thing you ate?
Egg whites & cantelope.
You're beautiful.
AWE, thank you(:
Who's the most annoying kid you know?
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Are you going to be a hair stylist when you grow up?
No not at all
Who are your best friends?
Shelby, Bailey, And Tay