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Why you friends with katie? jordyn?
because Katie makes me laugh so hard I literally piss myself.
Jordyns been my bestfriend for almost 3 years
& cause I love them
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I know haha. It says west fargo up there
oh lol, well here text me 7017990046
I go to school in south dakota
I live in North Dakota
don't want people looking me up on here. Don't need people only talking to me because of my accomplishments. Only the ones i tell is it ok for them to talk to me because of it
what school do you go to?
I jacked off to your most recent selfie
I hope you had fun bruh
last nameee
but i wanna talk to you now:(
can I like know your name first
can't kik tonight:(
Then Kik me when you can
Jordan's ugly and a whore y are u even friends with her?
she hasn't touched a dick so how is she a whore, pls explain. lol. she's not ugly either so peace
haha text me
just Kik meee
lol i'm not going to college yet! haha I just turned 17
then yuss man. let's date
I'm a 5'10 guy who is nice, i think i'm funny, cute i guess, do track, soccer, football, basketball, and lacrosse and am going to the university of alabama to play football and have toured with the US u19 men's national team for soccer. Would you date me?
you said your going to college & I'm 14... so no that's illegal
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ootd for tomorrow?
no idea
What's the best comfort food?
ice cream
yogas please tomorrow.
bae doesn't seem to happy about that
yogas please tomorrow.
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Two pointer!  Cass.
thank you!!
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What makes life worth living?
can't keep her legs closed Katie is my heroine dealer
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love how people are so concerned with our friendship  JFear.
right !?
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Are you and jordyn even friends anymore?
Snapchat ?
Chance of getting booty pic
1-10 10(; ahha just kidding sorry bud but no
I ain't doin no heroin  Christian kuntz
bullshit. I saw your arms bud. & some white powder underneath your nose... cocaine?
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You are funny aren't ya ;)  Christian kuntz
go do heroine and sit down bud
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