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Who was that guy you were with today
Why are you so fucking hot
I'm not but thank you(:
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tbh ; i miss your beautiful face!  kaylee.
I miss you so much ):
Are you dating jake?
Luke haldis?
he's dope miss him
luke who?
he's Gucci
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How long have you lived in your current home?
like 11 years
yea briggs
she's so strong. I love her to death. we never argue over anything, and that's amazing. cause I argue with a lot of people. she doesn't deserve half of the shit she gets. our conversations on the bus are amazing. I'm always here for her and I would kick anyone's ass for her.
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your eyeliner>>>
thx :*
You tell us.
who tf is us
So Ryan's the guy?
is he?
we talk a lot bruh
Is it one of the guys from the list?
Cuz youre hot. Care to tell us now?
not really lol. but you can guess
Wanna tell us one guy?
why u care bruh
Is that a guys initials?
no sshhhh
Hottest guy you talk to from fargo?
Do you have a thing with anyone?
I'd say so.
jake isnt from fargo
idc, he's in fargo a lot.
_____ what should I do with my hair ):  KPut
What is the last song you listened to?
take care
Name some hot fargo guys
ryan l
jake monson
andrew graveline
kiki a
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hey baby guess who?
idk who is it (: