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What is paradise for you?


Hariz will get tired of you soon just wait

no I don't think so (((::

Picture of you and hariz

Do u and Hariz fuck?

we took the purity pledge

How do you stay fit?

I don't idc

pap of whole body

pap of booty


you have any feelings any1?

where have you been lol

thought you jacked him off

like 2 years ago. omfg

hariz is using you

no he's really not

How bigs gunner dick

idk ask him?

did you lose ur virginity with gunner


u jacked gunner off??

that was 2 years ago

gunner Thompson fingered u in school??

lol no

are you happy with your relationship?


pap of booty


if you were inlove you would not cheat

lol what, I didn't cheat on him.

Shaylee Heinz?

glad me and her are okay

It is so cute that u say Jordan is your biggest mentor!!!!


with who?

who do you think lmaoo

Who is your biggest mentor?

jordyn, she gets me straight. when I fuck up she makes sure I get back on track

are you inlove?

yes lol

last year u were so unhappy and now look at u!!! everybody want to be u

awh, thx. but nooo! who's this?


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