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KPut @KaitlynPutney14
KPut @KaitlynPutney14
west fargo
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top 3 bffs
no one sticks around forever.
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you are really gorgeous  brycekonda
thx (:
u gotta bae?
Snap log?
Snap log?
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Ashley bonderson?
we used to be really close & then a lot of pedi shit happened. but I'm ways over that now, and I hope she is too. she's cool & I hope we're okay now
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virgin: yes smoker: maybe fighter: no drinker: no age: 15 freak: no mean or nice: both  Chanel
thank you!
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Which three words describe what living in your city is like?
tbh: you're in my Child Dev. class, and you're so gorgeous! and you're so nice!  Mya Peterson
thank you :)
I've always wanted to have a threesome with twins
wtf. in ur dreams
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How do I tell the difference between you and Katrina?
I have braces she doesn't!
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What is (or was) your favorite class in school?
lol fuck school period.
ur really Gorgeous :)  brycekonda
thank you(:
im not
wat else would we do
don't be looking for sex boy
we should cuddle and kiss
yes please
tongues are gross
wanna kiss too
wanna cuddle
What is your best feature?
nothing lol
ur a babe
thx (:
what would it take for you to talk to me at school.
just you walking up and saying hi!
Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?
I don't know you very well but you're gorgeous  Alex Rolstad
thank you (::::
wanna cuddle and kiss a little lol
who's this?