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Was just giving u am advise
Did i asked for it??
Dont act like ur 70 year old?
Just be in ur own pants
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I am in ur uni class but have never talked to u there..u r so serious there can i ask why??
I only mind my own buisness
And then we were together in gilgit too??
Sorry no idea
Do u know someone from lahore when ur father was posted there??
That was six months stay n i was quite young at that age not really
What will you do when u meet someone whom have betrayed u?
Life is short live n let live
Do you miss anyone right now?
All comes n go
What is something you wish you were better at?
Love the way i am
What are you waiting for?
Turn over
What is the most heroic thing you’ve ever done?
Saved the life of six girls
Do you remember your first kiss?
At what age do you consider someone old?
Its all about heart not the age
What created our World?
Are you outgoing or shy?
What scares you?
Dartay toh apnay baap say bi nai par Allah the almight say dar lagta hai
If you knew you had one day to live, how would you spend it?
Will till u when it comes ;)
What are the first things you notice when you meet someone?
Where would you like to live?
Where i am livin ryt now
What is your favorite way of wasting time?
What would be a perfect job for you?
Do you like being alone?
Being alone with ;)
Should we read a lot of books?
Mazgha sala kharabay
When you go to a movie, do you like to sit in the back, middle, or front?
What's a warning sign that you're in the presence of bad company?
Babyy i myself m badasss
Where do the happiest people live?
In heart