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yeah dammit bohut kharab memory hai...!!
u have changed alot...pehlay toh u were so fatso and now look at u kitni badal gaye ho
yeah but tum nai pechana nai abi tak lagta hai?
u seemed familiar...Are u Aqsa?
yaar kal askari club mein saw u i was with friends was staring at u and u dont even recognized me?
the one with yellow dress??
kamal saab bhool hi gaye ho..used to friends when kids ..saw u at askari 14 and u dont even recognized me
sorry no idea
what instrument would u like to play?
rabab and santur
where are u from so many days?
in the middle of nowhere
Do you prefer to eat at a restaurant or at home?
depends on mood
What is your favorite flower?
Who is the happiest person on the world?
who knows how to live happily in hard times too
Do you wear a watch?
hoti toh pehn leta :P
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Haan jee Kamal Shaib..!!  Hayder
allah ka shukar haider bhai long time no see..!
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Gpa kaisa ja raha hai?
fuck it i will get good grades next semester :P
how is ur lil sis amna?
she is fine
why are u so straight forward ?
becoz thats the way i am
kyunkay kal when u were driving apnay uskay songs lagaye hue thay?
akr itna dehaan parhai par diya huwa hota toh aj ap kahan kay kahan hotay
do u know katty perry is illumanti..
what has that to do with me
ap auroon say kafi change hoo?
Dont compare me with others i have my own class
biggest wish?
jab mein maroon toh koi mujhy say naraz na hoo
itni raat ko ghar say bhir rehna thek nahi hai?
ap khud bi toh thay if i am not wrong
where u in arena and optp yesterday around 2
yup i was
what keep u that busy?
khud hi busy rakhna parta hai
kafi time say out of scene hein ap..nazar wagera nahi atay?
busy banday hun na
ap nay nahi kaha par apka naam bohut suna hai?
u better ask that person
u would be good but not good as me?
mein nay kab kaha apko kay i am good