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Blowjob Bob @Kari0ke
Blowjob Bob @Kari0ke
Kari,18,Dancer. Pin: 24C26083 Twitter: Kari_0ke
Ask me a question
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you're a dancer from essex, can i marry u pla
If you must
why ?? I will gonna pay for that :D
U wot
What is your favorite type of sushi?
spit or swallow?
Spit at you.
can i have footjob :)
I'lk kick you in the balls?
If you feel stressed what would you do to reduce it?
Have some alcohol
Are you single?
Since you're blowjob bob. Are you good at giving them?
No I'm a nun.
Color thong.
What's your skype?
Are you a virgin?
What's the best thing you can purchase for $5?
I don't know, I'm not American.
bei Facebook Michael eman suchen
Bday sex?
Loool birthday's gone, soz
What insects are you afraid of?
All of them?
such mal Michael eman
U wot?
Have you ever hit a guy in the balls? If so tell the story:)
Yep. It was an accident but the cunt deserved it.
Do you like handjobs or blowjobs better
Neither. Nun 4evz
How small is to small and how bogus too big
Depends what you're referring to.
how old are you?
What do you look like right now?
Says the person on anonymous
I have facebook, yes
What frustrates you the most?