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How do you normally do your hair for school ?
Idk depends
Are you a virgin?
Yes ofc
How was getting your braces off and how long did you have them on?
Well I have a virus so I nearly threw up on the dentist hahahha but I had them on for almost 2 years!!
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can i get ur kik plz
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which sandra that anon talking about lollll.. sandra oraha?
Bro idk idc
Pap with Abby ?
There all sooo old
Yeh but she got it the same time I asked it so & it's exactly what I said to you's
I really don't care hahah
I asked the do you like your body question to a few girls then she got it and I didn't even ask her it? LMAO
Your not the only person in the world to ask that question haha
Sandra asks herself questions
Relax how would you know
Good! You should love your body :)
Hahaha aww❤️
Do you like your body?
Don't mind it
and alejandra
Ale yeah? Ahahah and yeah I do
do you like francesca
Why didn't jenny go
Cause we don't like her
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Who did you go movies with?
Daniela marso ally luca Thomas
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What's a good music app ? :)
Hey u don't know me and hopefully u don't cuz I'm really ugly anyway I just wanted to say just keep smiling cuz ur smile brightens up my day so keep smiling and u can brighten up the world so promise me just keep smiling ❤️❤️❤️
hahahaha awww❤️❤️
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was there any hks cause Cecil hills is a hk area
where was towers party at (like the location
Cecil hills
why did you need the wristbands for
Idk they gave it to people that were on the list so to know who was invited idk bruh
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You look SO caked maybe it would've helped if you filled in your eyebrows
Hahaha nah it's just the flash makes it look like I have no eyebrows :((
Ugliest girl u dated
Dafuq I'm not lesbian
Pap from tawers
Such 12ness hahahaha
Pap from tawers
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