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hahahahahah its alright babeeee! im like that toooo sometimesss but when u get to knoww me i will be the kindest person out its weird though ayeeee!
HAHAH yess
hahahaahahh wll your popular cause your kind to others mwah!
Aw hahahaha, I'm actually the biggest bitch at times but thankss x
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are u popular x?
You tell me
yourrr gorgeouuuusss xxx
Thank youu <3
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why is your back turned in your dp?
Because it is? Hahaha
What's your middle name?
Rose :)
Pap of your room
Nothing special so no
fav clothing shops ?
Closest girl from year 9, only one
Sandra or Georgina can't chose
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but you don't know me this is te first time we've spoken
Hahahahha so?
what does that mean??
HAHAHA like show your name
you seem really nice I like you (as a friendly way)
Hahah aw come off anon x
in guys or the girls ??
what do you think of the year 7s
A few of them are cuties
any friends in year 7 or 9
Not friends with any year 7s, but close with a few year nines
Dw you're hot the anon prob looks like a foot
what school you go to
fucken think ur ass is big u hk
Can you relax and learn how to spell, I never said I thought my ass was big so piss off lmao
farrr this anon knows so much about you trina  Alyssa LaMacchia
Hard, I'm a skank a "les" what else
I am a girl...
What's your point?
See that is les, you are posing provatively for other women
HAHAAHHA omfg okay whatever you say I'm "les" you clearly know nothing about me, and you clearly don't have any girl friends that your close with lmao
Wtf why is this anon all up in your ass business when its only for me, soz ally  Jennifer Bathio
Hahahaha yes baby
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hottest guys out of school
Bro relax u have no ass
I honestly couldn't care less piss off omg
So you're a les?
No wtf lmao