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tbh - see you around at school a lot , seem like a sweet girl && pretty as ! love your ask dp btw x  Daniela Caligiuri
Aw thanks babe
What personality trait do you admire in other people?
Can make me laugh and can vibe with anything I talk about
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Three favourite music artists ?
Schoolboy q
The weeknd
Trey songz
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tumblr url ?
Don't have
Then how come girls your age fuck
Well idk who your friends with but my friends certainly don't
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Are you legit or nah
Obviously not that's fucking disgusting at my age
Have you had sex?
Yeah I'm 13 no worries
Your ass is big man fml
Is that a compliment orrr? hahahaah
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Oftt your dp on ask shiiitt
Aha thanksss? X
8/10 :)  Daniel Grasso
Thanks :)
cc ~ whoever you likeeee :)  Thomas Baliva
Thaaanks :)
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What would you prefer to be called... Babe, bae, baby .... Or something else?
Do you get cut if you give a guy head and he doesn't go down on you in return?
Yeah totally
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ye um slut.
Ye um bye.
Hottest guys at good Sam and freeman
Don't know anyone from good sam, but from freeman, Gianni's attractivee!
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when did the chatous app become so popular??
Tbh your really pretty, qt and heaps nice x rate - 9/10  Jason
Thank youuuu x
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thoughts on flona
Love herr
snapchat name?
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Pic of you and marso
My sexy
Pic of you and marso
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Katrina your so gorgeous!! Not even joking!❤️
tumblr url ? xo
Don't have
oh god what is your tagline ? ASK ME ANYTHING
Go away your annoying
plz remove your tagline Ask me ANything if you don't answering people questions ok
Oh god
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