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oh god what is your tagline ? ASK ME ANYTHING
Go away your annoying
plz remove your tagline Ask me ANything if you don't answering people questions ok
Oh god
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dude or sweetheart , which one is really awesome ? give me answer plz
Whats your instagram?
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Whats your kik gorgeous?
Katrinabartolo :)
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Would you ever date a guy who is already sexually active?
Relax I'm 13 lolllllllll
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Pic of you and Abby H
I don't have any recent ones
hes in your grade lol. dark skin asian plays soccer
Whoops don't know him
long thoughts on alyssa, marso, jennifer
Ceebs for long thoughts, but id honestly die without them!
thoughts on Nathan jong?
Who's tHaT????
On a scale from 1 to 10 how weird are you?
If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two people would you put together?
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Who knows you the best?
Did u go out with jez?
Nope? Haha
5 close guy friends? X
do you have a boyfriend
Nope haha
you are so cute i like you give me your heart and i will give you my life jeff
Aw Jeffy lmao
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Hottest guys out of school?
Don't know!
How was your weekend gorgeous?
It was okayy x
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pap of your lock & home screen
are you available and or looking for a legitimate relationship?
I'm 13 lmao
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rate the girls in my pro pic on my page? prettiest one? thx :)  Sarah
Haha what do you mean?
2 fav movies?
The fault in our stars, and dear john or some shit
What if said person from cecil wanted to get to know you better and started talking to you?
I would talk to them back?