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Katrina Bartolo @Katrinabartolo
Ask me a question
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What is your favorite season?
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Do you believe in horoscopes?
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First liker will get 20 likes + follow rest get 3 likes?
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optus or voda?
Telstra just gave me a free samsung galaxy tablet so I'm happy hahaha
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Love your dp
Love youu
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How often do you work out?
I try to workout everyday
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Hooked up before?
Name the ones u know
Guys you know from pats?
Not many
What year 7s do you know
Barely any
Do u know Peter Nakad?
pap of ur pussy?
Yeah no fuck off
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Nar I'm naht
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hahahahahah its alright babeeee! im like that toooo sometimesss but when u get to knoww me i will be the kindest person out its weird though ayeeee!
HAHAH yess
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hahahaahahh wll your popular cause your kind to others mwah!
Aw hahahaha, I'm actually the biggest bitch at times but thankss x
are u popular x?
You tell me
yourrr gorgeouuuusss xxx
Thank youu <3
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why is your back turned in your dp?
Because it is? Hahaha
What's your middle name?
Rose :)
Pap of your room
Nothing special so no
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fav clothing shops ?
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Closest girl from year 9, only one
Sandra or Georgina can't chose
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but you don't know me this is te first time we've spoken
Hahahahha so?
what does that mean??
HAHAHA like show your name