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thoughts on carina cascio's ass hair ?
u have big boobs
Not sure if serious hahhaha
Thoughts on Abby Houda's ass hair?
I don't even know what ass hair means??
I thought we had a thing  Jennifer Bathio
We still do dw
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How cute
Ahaha x
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Do you guys have a thing?
Hahaha yes we do
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Answering a question with a question is not an answer ;) just say yes or no
Nah I've never spoken to him in my life ay ;))))))))))))))
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But do you like him?
Idk do I?
Are you going out with john?
Not necessarily
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I'm not being rude you just have better photos
I don't like your dp change it
I don't like you go away
Come off anon
Whoops that was me  Sandraa
Thought it would've been you haha love you xxx
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happy birthday my sexy girll
Thanks whoever this is ❤️
Are you going Marconi carols?
Scroll down
are you italian
Nah Maltese
hot pap
Are you going Marconi carols?
Ye if it doesn't rain
Which three things would you take to a deserted island?
Not ally
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bikini pap ?
Aww thats so cute !!!! omg hahaha
ahaahahah how tho?
tony* sorry beautiful
Haha yeahh I am
Why did you Jenny Alyssa marso and Daniella wear the same heels to the party?
They weren't exactly the same they were just similar!
What school do you go to?