Katy?¿ @Katyhenry20
Katy?¿ @Katyhenry20
Taken and I hate all my exes. ✌️
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Why do you love Antonio
I don't? Forget him surely knows he's already forgot about me. Kyle's 100% better. ❤️
Why'd you and Antonio break up
Back on ask , I guess.
lol ik he told me if i loved closer we would but not since I live like a hour away. and ik you arent trying to be rude  Queen Of Skittles
Even if I lived closer it wouldn't happen with him & me so have himmmm
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ik it is annoying like idk why the anons talk about you but they do they do it about me too. and erm I used to want him but he ended up dating that one girl so yeah. idk bout now and yeah true PREACH IT lol  Queen Of Skittles
Not trying to sound rude but you probably won't date, you live how far away?
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lol they are annoying as'f first off anons are stupid as'f and i'm about to smack my cat she just clawed me but anywho i'm bout to punch every anon on this website  Queen Of Skittles
️kk well this is annoying. I don't see the thing between you him and me. I don't want him. You can have him. But the thing is nobody lives by him and probably won't see him for awhile.
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what they hell you mean by me and you  Queen Of Skittles
The ** and have you not seen the shauna vs Katy? It doesn't say what we are versing each other for. You made it about winning Antonio.
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i dont even know you like at all but ik you think you would win with Antonio well guess what I never said I could win him so yeah js  Queen Of Skittles
I never said I could "win him" I said I'd win the you vs me. Lolol
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You mad that Antonio talking to shauna
Nope. He can talk to other girls idc it just bugs me when he'd rather talk to someone els then me. But cool cool cool
You mad at Antonio
Go away. I'm mad at him all the time , what's new.
dont start bad habits... keep moving and try... think about your future and forget the bad things that happened in the past  Antonio Policano
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tbh- ive known you for along time and you are probably my longest friendship... i miss ya girl... haha you are beautiful, smart, and amazing... and weve been through rough times but everybody makes mistakes and you always will learn from them... thats what makes us stronger and a better person...  Antonio Policano
Thanks babe&For always being there for me.
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Date or pass- date (:  Antonio Policano
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Bae or Bye: Bae  **Tyyyyyyyyyyyyy**
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Do u have a boyfriend
Who's that kid on your snap Wednesday
Mark cope?
WOW!! I can't believe you posted that crap on your ask.fm page! do you not realize that they're are people sad about that rude ass comment you put? what you need to do is to calm the fuck down right now because Im playing and this is fake and I follow you! and yeah much love homie
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cute :)  Zach Brush
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Rate / 10 ❤️  porsha 
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@ Antonio
He's gay. *obviously*
I have a question: ya see I really like this guy, and he wears this really yummy smelling cologne... and just so happingly (my mom k=makes perfumes) my mom has the same oil he wears... so I like wear it EVERYDAY... Is that weird? (i just love his smell)
Yeah ..
❤️❤️❤️  ☠ Ig; AaronOsiel ☠
You're perfect even with your flaws ❤️  Max
Feelings mutual (:
Would you take Antonieo back
Antonio ** and I don't know tbh
mrs clause  ❁ Sam haas ❁
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