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hello.ask me please

hey.i'm back.ask me please

Love you more babe ♥ How are you?:)

fine and you?♥♥

Hi honey!Thank you for helping me :)

Claire Holt (✔)

no problem sweetie love you!

Kayla <3 No, This fake Justin Bieber is not real, he is a BIG BIG FAKE! :DD

Ashley Benson

Ash i know hahahaha i just wanna see if he can make me any proofs :'D

What you wanna?? VIDEO NO!!!

Justin Bieber✔

Twitter video like mine http://ask.fm/KaylaaEwell/answer/42580321955

are you my fan

Justin Bieber✔

I love you but are you real?

pic?? :) you are so pretty by the way :)

Not now sorry thanks <3

heyy :) can you do me a favor..if you can give me a friend request on my fb caouse i cant;/ i give you my link:)

Ledio ✔

i haven't facebook sorry

Hi again <3

Claire Holt (✔)

Hellooooo <3

you so pretty kayla

Thanks C: <3

claire&kayla is the best

Aww thank you :)
-Claire Holt

even better now i know that im talking to u . ur amazing

Taylor Brownsdddonnnn

Awww thank you <3
-Claire Holt

hey claire <3 how are you

Taylor Brownsdddonnnn

Hi.I'm fine and you?
-Claire Holt

i love you claire

I love you more <3
-Claire Holt

you beautiful claire

Thank you :)
-Claire Holt

you my idol too claire

Thank you :)
-Claire Holt

you are seriously one of the most beautiful people i have ever seen in my life. you are so absolutely stunning that i cant even believe it. you are gorgeous

kale paladeau

Yes.She's <3
-Claire Holt

how are you Claire?

I'm fine thank you.You?:)
-Claire Holt

you are beautiful Kayla!

Yes,she's :)
-Claire Holt

She's so beautiful <3333
-Claire Holt

Autograph for my!!My name's Mariana

-Claire Holt


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