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How is londen babe?  Delia
morgen pas Londen chickie :D
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
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What books on your shelf are begging to be read?
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What makes you wake up each morning?
the fact that I need to go to school
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Do you need any help?
I need help with a loooot of things
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Do you believe in love?
fuck love
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What are you always late for?
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How many slices of pizza do you usually eat?
all of them
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Are you in Love?
nawh, not in love
If you could change one thing about Ask.fm what would it be?
that you could anonymously like people's answers
What's the most unusual thing in your refrigerator, right now?
a tomato... ._.
What's cool nowadays?
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What question do you ask yourself a lot?
why the fuck did I do/say that?
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Do you already have Ask.fm app for iPhone?
What do you prefer: read the newspaper, watch TV News, or check online news?
watch tv news
What color socks are you wearing right now?
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What song is stuck in your head?
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What is your most played song?
nooit meer slapen
What's your favourite chocolate bar?
milka oreo
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How do you know when you're in love?
when you look at them, or think aboiy them and you just smile, but you can't really explain why.
Or when you select little things about them that you like, for no apparent reason.
And of course, the butterflies and crap like that
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What's one thing you hate having to pay for?
food since that's basically where all my money goes
Who was the last person you talked to?
What song best describes your day today?
bad day
What are the three most important things for you to be happy?
good food, good friends & good music
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Do you treat your body like a Temple or more like an Amusement Park?
somewhere in between