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Kaysha Richardson @KayshaFaithNeashaRichardson
Feeling honest
RSS answers
In chestermere
No :-/
Are u in gr 11
Grade 12
Did u graduate chestermere high
No :-/
have a nice day :) ! (such a question doe :P)
Haha thanks xD you too! :)
obserwacja i 10 like dla ‎@zelo71 = obserwacja i 30 like dla Ciebie! :)
Zacznij :)
Pisać na fejsie bo nudy no halo :( (fb jest w opisie)  batman
Każdy kto go zaprosi dostanie pare like (pisac gotowe) :)  batman
Co to jest? Jest nić ? LOL
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Dasz mu ‎@sebek32 pare like? ;3 Dziekuje : )  batman
Jestes słodki! :*
Ray & I wanna hit at the same time.
K cool.
Dasz jej ‎@shirderil pare like? : ) Dziekuje : )  batman
Zacznij :)
Dasz mu ‎@niko9893 pare like? Dziekuje : )  batman
Zacznij ;)
no ass having bitch
2 plus 2 not knowing what the fuck it is bitch.
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who do you like?
why u beefing ray
Wait Wut...? O.O
sun rise in the east if the moon sets in the west so do u masturbate
Uhmmmm wtf?
Do u masturbate
Does the sun rise in the east if the moon sets in the west ?
Do u go in or are u more of a clit girl
What are you doing with Josh? You could do so much better.. What the actual f ? What's wrong with you?
Like who ? You? Haha Stfu, if you wanna give me advice just message me. LOL like who is this ? xD
how's josh
Why don't you just ask him yourself? I'm not his keeper. ;)
Lettuce get together!
What did Bacon say to Tomato?
I don't know, what DID the bacon say to the tomato?
Zostawisz like przy mojej pierwszej odpowiedzi na?  #BM czekoladka :)
Tak ! :)
"OBSERWUJE" MOGĘ LICZYĆ NA TO SAMO ? ^_^ + Pomożecie dobic do 85 tys każde serduszko zostanie oddane ♡  #HuG U$z@tek
Zacznij :)
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