What comic book series is a must read?

I have to say that Spiderman is a must read comic.

How do you greet a group of friends?

I usually walk up, say hello and give them hugs.

What's something everybody struggles with but nobody talks about?

Money, everyone struggles except for the rich.

What are you all about?

I am so all about Ultimate Frisbee.

What does success mean to you?

Success means achieving all you set out to do. Success to me means that I have made a difference in someone's life.

What is the one scene from a movie which you can totally relate to?

I can relate to the scene when Yoda dies in Star Wars.

"I'm under the weather " Everybody knows what it means, but what does it mean? Are there any more "sayings" that do the same?

It means that someone isn't feeling well. You can also say down in the mouth.

What is the one thing you're still angry about years later?

I do not hold grudges so I am not angry about anything.

Would the discovery of intelligent life outside our planet destroy most current religions?

I do not think it would affect it in any way.

What small, mundane thing caused a complete emotional breakdown for you?

When I had to quit my job, it caused a breakdown for me.

What had a friend done that made you burn the bridge finally?

I have never had any friends burn bridges with me.

What conspiracy theory annoys you the most?

The Illuminati is what annoys me the most.

What musical artist did you dislike/hate before, but began to like as the years went by?


Do you have something you're so passionate about and will proudly tell the world about it? Do you mind sharing it with us? :) Alice Lin

I guess my passion would be helping animals.

What do you really want to do with your life? How do you figure it out? Alice Lin

Sit down, figure out what you need, what makes you happy and then live your life.

GS Flashback!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WxDrVUrSvI Did beautiful English babe, Lily Allen, encourage radical 3rd wave feminists in 2006 to openly condone and/or commit violent misandry towards men? The song/video portrayed was a huge hit in the USA, the UK and Canada. Please explain. Thomas

Did the 3rd wave feminists in 2006, or today for that matter, need an excuse for their misandry? Lily Allen encouraged it with her music, but those 'ladies' don't need much of an excuse.

If given the chance to reincarnate one great world leader, who would it be and why? Shawn

Charles de Gaulle. At the time he became a leader in France, he was needed. He was a nationalist, part of the resistance and all.
Now that the situation in France has calmed down a bit, I would like to see how his vision of France, of Europe and of the world would map to the current state of the world. Would he go along with it? Would he become really, really conservative?
It could be a great lesson: at a small scale (a couple decades), should we still rely on tradition and history to shape the future or work towards reinventing ourselves to stay current?

If Illuminatis do exist, what impact do they have in our society?

If they do exist, they influence literally everything. What is legal, illegal, who is in power, the choices that are made by people in power, etc. They influence laws, trades agreements, wars, treaties, everything.

What religion do you think wouldn't last at the turn of the century? Why? Shawn

There aren't any religions that are likely to end although End-Timers often have their individual groups die out from suicide.

What world problem do you think that the youth has a hand in solving? Shawn

How to start talking to one another instead of doing everything by technology.

With the rise of the Pilot ear piece that translates languanges in real time, critics say there's no need to learn other languanges. I'd love to hear your stand on this matter. Shawn

First it's a good idea, and we can only hope it comes to fruition in the not too distant future. I think learning anything new is awesome! This is nothing short of a breakthrough idea, for sure. I take my hat off to the one or those who conceived it. And it's going to change the world as we know it. However, it also has its drawbacks. Indeed, that being said, I'd say someone should still learn other languages. It's not as if everyone would be able to afford this technology, so it'd make sense to study up. Plus if it's going based on wording then would it be able to translate sayings and cultural dialect? I mean, we can't get reliable text auto-translation working correctly, much less optical or audio-based. There's no way this is going to be reliable anywhere in the next 20 years. Maybe yes, maybe not. Learning languages are great for keeping your brain young. The Pilot would certainly be nice, but it's still at the crowdfunding stage, and you know how that goes. I think this would depend on how you define "need".
The Pilot device will allow you to carry on a conversation, clumsily, with someone speaking a different language (assuming, of course, you have in active Internet connection, etc.). Learning another language, while maybe no longer required to be able to communicate, is just, well, better.
It is kind of like saying you no longer need to learn how to cook, because McDonalds is just around the corner. While McDonalds may take care of your body's requirement for calories, it simply does not compare to a quality, home-made meal. I hope you understand my argument. The truth is English is the most important language. Not that so many speak it but that so much business is done through it. Learning a second language is fine but time in school is precious. If you come from an English speaking country the language that should be taught are computer languages. This will be more useful in life. With this invention we can stop wasting everyone's time. Sure, it can translate stuff you hear and spit it in your ear, but then what do you do, repeat what it says in reply? Trying to imitate a language when you have no understanding of the nuances of pronunciation and intonation won't be very successful. Learning at least a second language is productive in so many ways. I don't think any software written within my lifetime will be able to convey or comprehend the subtleties of human language. Only provide a broad understanding.
Even humans when translating poetry or literature cannot recreate the same work in another language, only create a new work inspired by the original. Learning a new language will always give you a new array of experiences not available to you previously. Learning a second language is part of being an educated, well rounded person. It's usually not about needing to interact with people who speak that language. That said, being able to interact with people in their native language will still be a useful skill for people to have.

Do you think a unified government would work across the globe? If so, how? Shawn

Not really because every country is different with its own unique culture and objections would undoubtedly occur and it would fall to pieces very soon.
No, not without loss of religion and idiologies anyways. It would be great but we can't all get along. No matter how much we want to. It would very quickly turn into global tyranny instead of global cooperation. National governments can't work it out with their own countries, much less with the whole world. It would be pretty hard because of all the cultural differences. Maybe if it was rules by a group of people rather then one elected person it might work. It's a lot of moving parts though.

You can privately reply to me, if you want. Shawn

I will.

Do you have Facebook? I know I said it's fun this way but it's great to put a face in a guy who seems this amazing. Can I ask for your name? Shawn

Yes, I do have Facebook. My name is Lucas.

So, you're a teacher? Anyway, I think you would've done great in college. You're really smart!

Yes, in a way, I am. Thank you. That means a lot to me. The more I know you, the more you seem fascinating. Keep up with the good work! :)


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I love studying, and most importantly, I enjoy learning English. English is my abiding passion. I adore cooking, entertaining guests, meeting friends, nature, animals, car driving. I enjoy music, television, movies, games, and painting, among other things. I am French. I'm 20. Born January 1st.


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