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Kareem @KemoAhmed
Kareem @KemoAhmed
Football player , Love Music :) , From Cairo , If You wanna know more ask me!!! :) Pin: 76C2615A
اسأل و خلصني ! xP xP
RSS answers
Lw fkrt 4wia w rkzt ht3rf
Hhhhhhh hwa ana b7l ms2la xD
Lama t3rf 2oly ..
Tb wna h3rf mneeen ! :/
Mt7bho4 ... enta 7or b2a :/
Men :/
Kda ! Tb 5las bra7tk :/
msh b7b l aff444 da :\
L2 hn2ol b2a :P
La3 :P
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L2 2ol ... 2ol awl 7rf mn esmy 7tta :P
Mshhn2olak xP
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Meen b2a ??? :P
Msh h2ol xP
Kwies :/ :P
Kweis a xD
Enta lssa m3rftne4 ?? Howa feh kam bnt mmkn tr5m 3lek ??
Hhhhhhhhhhh a7eh xD feh kter xP bs ana 3rft men 5las :D
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M3l4 asly m4 b3rf a2l4 bs mnkom nstfed :P
La btlt xP
Mi5osk4 w el mfrod t3rf lw7dk asln :P :P bs kol el mfrod mrfod b2a :P
My5osnesh azai o.O xP w b3den a l alsh l adeem da xD xP
Zo2k 8areb :P
Men asln ! :P
8ir el sora de ... m4 7lwa 3la fkra :P :P
Mksl xP w b3den 3gbani asln xD xP
Enta f anhy school ??
3azza zidan xD
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Eih Awl 7aga bt3mlha Lma Ts7a mn el Noom :3
bzaker xP
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:) m4 enta 3aiz hndsa ?
Isa l ygebo rbna kweis xD
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Hia klmt aboya brdo asly da5la 3la sanwia ... ana b2a ya sedy wa7da 5aifa 3lek 7bt t2olk klmten f albha bs :/
Allah y5leki xD
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5las nfzha b2a :P et3b sana trta7 7aiatk kolha
Blash klam aboya da xD ... Meen ?
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Rbna m3ak b2a :) nse7a : mtft74 face wla ask wla ay 7aga ensa el mob asln :)
Nase7a m3rofa bs l ynfz b2a xD
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Sanwia 3ma ??
Aywan xD
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Enta 4aif nfsk eh ???
Shaif nfsi kareem xD
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بتحب حد ؟؟؟بصراحه
M3rf4 8er 7up allah wa baba w mama wal watn :P
pap! :D
Papen :P meen ?
i love you <33333
Thnx thnx xD
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ana :D
Anty/anta men ?