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lithium. @KennyKaramba
Did you know my phone was haunted? ~ Keep it cosmic. ❁ Girl. 16. Germany. Alternative/indie rock. Twitter • Tumblr • Instagram • Facebook • Snapchat • Kik ~ ask for it.
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what's ur favourite arctic monkeys album?
AM! *___*
what are your fav muse b-sides?
I love Can't Take My Eyes Off You and Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want. Also Agitated, Easily, Dead Star, Eternally Missed and Fury. :)
Hi! I followed you. Can you please like my best friend's video and maybe subscribe? It would mean a lot if you helped. The link is in my bio x  Jesy
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I have instagram? :)
Idk, do you? I guess this question is supposed to mean 'Do you have Instagram?', right? :P
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Nighty night! And good morning now, hahaha.
oh sorry :/ there is always next time,if you really want it,one day you'll meet him:)
I hope so, too. Would mean the world to me, he's my idol and definitely one of the most amazing artists I know.
if you can't go to gerard's concert try to go to any tourist place or something gerard would visit,maybe you'll meet him:)x
I can't go to his concert because Berlin is 2 hours away from here, which actually not a big problem, but my mum thinks it's too dangerous to go there in January when the streets are icy... So... Thanks for the clever hint, but that's sadly not possible.
Hi. How are you dear muser?
I'm okay.
thanks pretty! and don't let the other guys get you too stressed haha
I wanna see what u look like
I posted a pic of myself ca. 3 minutes ago...???
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Hi. :)
of course I do!
Of course you do... There you go...
of course I do!
ootd pretty?
Tu te moques de moi? Calling me 'pretty' is cute, but I looked pretty casual today and rn I'm wearing a leggings with a top and a jacket, so... I guess you don't wanna see that.
You have great music taste haha from: random stranger/twitter follower
Best compliment someone can make. Thank you for this lovely message. <3
Hi I think you're really pretty goodbye
Naw, thank you very much... Means a lot to me. xo
What's the muse song you could listen to all day?
Something easy like... Idk, Madness?
Do you sometimes make people suffer?
I guess you already know the answer... -.-
What's the best that happened today?
Oh, difficult question... I'm not sure, probably that I didn't get a 5 in the math class test we got back today. >.<
What was the first CD you bought?
Muse - HAARP
What's the most embarrassing someone's done for you
Oh well, I'm the one who always does embarrassing things, so...
Do you like Coke or Pepsi? Why?
Coke, because (to me) it tastes better.
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