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priestgodneverpaid. @KennyKaramba
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Of course, money is really important haha  I'm the Doctor btw
Yep. =D
Okay, Now I just need to travel  I'm the Doctor btw
Right. And money of course. :p
Woo hoo hahah Can I stay in your home?  I'm the Doctor btw
Sure, haha.
I think its really expensive... but, When I graduate on college I'll sove that problem u.u  I'm the Doctor btw
I think it is... But yay, can't wait. ^___^
How much is a travel Brazil-Germany? I'm seriously thinking about it now hahha  I'm the Doctor btw
Oh my god, hahaha, I've no idea. xD
Well, I still wanting a video of you speaking french u.u  I'm the Doctor btw
Haha, NEVER. Sorry, but you'll never get one. :P Except you'd come to Germany and have French lessons with me. :D
I'm too lazy for click on the box hahha Then I send a lot of questions in anonymous  I'm the Doctor btw
Ah, okay. x)
Okay, I'm tired of being an anonymous hahha
Haha, sorry? :p
I think it's impossible u.u You can't look like an idiot doing anything
Awww, cute. xx
Shut up! You are a pretty girl and don't look like an idiot u.u But you're funny hahah
Hahahahaha, thanks! I just... Do look like an idiot while speaking French, haha. U'll never look like an even bigger idiot
Because I already look like a massive idiot? Because I already AM an idiot???
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Are you on holidays?
Yes. 6 days left...
Hahaha, just found out why. c;
Because you have not answered D
OH. Okayyy!
You are awesome!
Thank you! =)) But why am I a bad person then?
You are a bad person :)
Haha, thank you very much! Why? :)
Haha. Breaking the rules with not answering 'D'.
I love your legs!!
Oh, thank you!
Ok))  Lol
try to open it not on phone(because i have iphone and there is the same error), so try to open on the computer
Okay, I will try it later! :')
what do u see when u try to open it? please, take a photo of ur screen. May be i solve this problem
what do u see when u try to open it? please, take a photo of ur screen. May be i solve this problem
why? well, i will try to find it on youtube ))
Idk, can't open it.
xoxoxoxoxo LOVE xoxoxoxoxo can u open it? Rostislav nominated Elena Gazaeva(Sarah) ^^
Can't open it, sorry. x
What part of France you go ? I went to Nice
Paris. ^^