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= do or babu = @KennyKaramba
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Which Muse album do you need? or do you have all?
I have every album except Hullabaloo.
do you Like how you singing? =D
Uhm, I always say that I sing ok, I don't sing wrong or anything, but my voice isn't made for singing, y'know? No matter how good I could sing, it would sound kinda shitty and never lovely.
How's this going these holidays?
Fine. Like always. All I do is being in my room and on the internet, haha.
If I tell you, that you honestly are one of the most brilliant persons I know, then who is the last person who made you smile? :)
Ok, at first thank you very, very much. And to be honest, THIS made me smile.
when is your next vacations?
Right now I've holidays, but my next vacation is going to be in summer, during my summer holidays.
Wenn man eine verbotene Droge legalisieren sollte, welche wäre es und warum?
Ich bin absolut gegen Drogen, das Zeug schadet nur, warum sollte man's also legalisieren? Vielleicht eine bestimmte Menge legalisieren, wie in den USA mit Marihuana, aber ich denke viele würden das ausnutzen, also sollte man's gleich lassen.
Why is it so important retweet your tweet? twitter.com/Kenny_Karamba/status/455085303959912448/photo/1
It's for a give away where you can win merch, hahaha. I know, I'm really annoying, I'm sorry. .____. I can understand if want to go unfollow me. You know, I just never participate in give aways and this time it seemed so easy because I've that many followers and all of them are so nice and do everything for me. I tried and when I saw that people really retweet, I didn't want to give up, so I'm asking everyone to retweet it now. ;(
Wenn man eine legale Droge verbieten sollte, welche wär es?
Do you like your name? if not How would you have liked to call?
I don't like my name. I want people to call me Anna, not more.
I like your eyes. Can you show me a pic of they? =P
Right now it's too dark, but if you want I can take one tomorrow. Sadly I deleted the last pic of my eyes like 5 minutes ago, haha.
Anna has Father? what his name? :)
I had a father, but to me he died some months ago, I hate him. Sorry. :/
Are you people do think a lot and say little? or the opposite?
I think quite a lot and most of the time I'd just like to tell people everything I think, but I guess it would make everything even more complicated than it is now, so I keep being quiet.
oh :( well, thank you anyways
I'm sorry. :(
how do you start a conversation with the boy you like? I need help
I'd love to help you, but I never started a conversation with a boy I liked, so...
What is your real name? (Anna,Katharina or Stephenie?
Neither Kenny (what normally everyone thinks) nor Stephenie, my name is Anna-Katharina. ^___^
Who knows the most about you?
One of the most perfect persons on earth. xo
Which Muse song do you identify? and why?
There isn't a Muse song I really identify with... The song I most identify with is Butterflies And Hurricanes I guess? :)
Which Muse picture do you like the most?
This one. I have it as a sticker on the back of my iPod. *-*
Which Muse picture do you like the most?
What's the best way to ignore or fade out bad music in public places? Except listening to music with headphones?
Start singing your fave song in your thoughts or if it's possible in real life.
2nd best song ever?
Panic Station.
Is Muses music a miracle?
Muse's music isn't a miracle, it's the result of extremely ranted people working hard for their dream.
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Why do you want people to ask you that much?
It makes me feel like someone is interested in me and mainly because I'm really, really bored.
What makes you annoy?
People who stand in my way are a pretty fucked up thing.
What makes you wake up each morning?
My iPhone. MEEEP.
Best song ever?
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