= do or babu = @KennyKaramba
= do or babu = @KennyKaramba
Panic Station // Battery City
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Нет, это не шутка! ты очень хорошая, правда С:
I still can't speak Russian, but I'm sure it's something nice, so thank you very much! x
Nah he is ;*  James Edward Black
Naw. <3
Muser bf
Well... I'm a lucky bitch I guess. :) x
Я тебя люблю :3
Is that a joke? Haha, thank you. x
It's anywhere between 11 and Graham's number  James Edward Black
Hahaha, ok. :D
Lucky youuu!!!
Have you seen anything weird lately?
Asian people, 3 Asian people running around in a fucking train.
Oh your bf is muserrrr
Really? Oh, I didn't know that... :o
How many dimensions do you believe there to be?
IDIOTA. I forgot your answer...
наконец есть кого читать, я уже подписалась/ давай ты мне 90 лайков а я тебе 1 подарок + 25 моих лайков. Как поставишь лайки я тебе сразу отправлю подарок )+  Тина ▲
Do u like Linkin Park? :)
No, I don't really like them.
You forgot 'Blackout'
Which is your song of the week?
Muse - Map Of The Problematique, definitely.
Black is good ;) -J
Haha, Ikr? :p
What is ur fave Muse song? :)
I've so many fave Muse songs. Sober, Showbiz, Hyper Music, Bliss, Plug In Baby, Can't Take My Eyes Off You, Agitated, Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want, Stockholm Syndrome, Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist, Knights Of Cydonia, Map Of The Problematique (at the moment, I normally don't really like it), Uprising, Undisclosed Desires, MK Ultra, Exogenesis Part 3, Neutron Star Collision, Panic Station, Unsustainable and much more to be honest. x
what's ur favorite color?
Black (BUT IT'S NOT A COLOUR, just saying, 'cause many people think that).
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can you sing (Who knows who?) as fast as he sings? :)
If I can read the lyrics while singing - maybe.
What would be your favorite pet?
A monkey. Or a unicorn. OMG.
I know babes. Hate you too <3
xD <3
Love you too ;)
I :) Hate :) You. :)
put a reaction pic of yourself when you drop your phone lol
Nah. Not now.
Scotland and England are the same country... for now ;) -J
5 countries you would like to visit?
- the US
- Scotland
- England
- Brazil
- Japan
I'm I'm my room now...