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I wish we could get to know each other here :)  Nakai
Ouch that sucks sorry for that :(  Nakai
Hm, no need to be. I was disappointed and sad, but I'm over it.
What happened? haha  Nakai
I don't like adding people on Facebook and I hate Kik since some guy put my name on a page for perverts and like 100 boys sent me messages for days, which was annoying af.
Do u have facebook or kik? :)  Nakai
I used to have Kik and I have Facebook, but no, sorry. xD
If a woman challenged a man in a fight tournament (he had tricked her into a blowjob the night before), however he won the fight, what would be the most humiliating thing he could say as he stood with one foot on her face in victory?
Too lazy to read this properly enough to understand.
Cool cool :) am I disturbing you?  Nakai
Not at all!
May I see it? :)  Nakai
Maybe later after it's finished. ;)
What are you drawing? :)  Nakai
A woman. ;)
Cool :) what are u doing rn?  Nakai
Drawing. ^^
Hahaha if you are interested in watching it :)  Nakai
Yeah, why not.
Hahaha i used to have a nintendo micro, but then i lost it too :( btw, at youtube watch death battle. They made a Mario Vs. Super Sonic episode haha  Nakai
Girly shit? No! hahaha I used to play a lot of that stuff too :)  Nakai
Hahaha, good!
What do u usually play on your DS? sorry for replying so late...its my nephew's bday haha  Nakai
I don't play DS anymore. But I always played the usual stuff, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Pokemon, Nintendogs, Mario stuff. Yup, girly shit.
Yes seriously!! :( I want to buy a nintendo ds though hahaha  Nakai
My old one is completely destroyed, haha. The first screen isn't working anymore.
hahaha yeah. you know i had a psp once...then i lost it somewhere within the house :(  Nakai
Seriously? UGH, I WANT A PSP, WTF.
i love call of duty :) playing that game makes me want to be a soldier...and then i will bitch out when im not playing it hahah  Nakai
Have you played call of duty or final fantasy?haha if i was there i would have brought you my ps3 and let you play with it haha  Nakai
Thanks, haha! I've played Call Of Duty, yes, was fun. c:
ohh so you are a nintendo player haha i started myself on nintendo...then playstation became popular hahaha  Nakai
I wish I had a Playstation, I hate my Wii. My sister has a Playstation 3 and 4 and I'm jealous, haha.
cool hahha didnt know you are much of a you have a console or a handheld like nintendo ds?haha  Nakai
I have a Nintendo Wii, a Nintendo DS lite, a DSi and an old Nintendo, y'know that classic version. I'm not a gamer, I just got those games when I was younger. Haven't played in ages.
yeah haha have you played zelda?  Nakai
No! Well, I've checked out Twilight Princess on my Wii, but I was too stupid to play it I guess. xD One of my best friends loves it so much, she says it's one of the best games ever made.
i want to teach myself how to create those so i could recreate those old games on computer or mobile phones :)  Nakai
That's awesome.
best days of our childhood haha you know the design snd characters of those old games are based on pixel art :) you can recreate mario in adobe illustrator  Nakai
That's cool!
well have you played the old nintendo games like mario or pokemon?haha  Nakai
I loved Pokemon. And I started playing Mario games when I was older, because I never had them when I was younger.
Hahaha so you want it to be just a hobby? :) you know about pixel art?  Nakai
Yes! And yes.