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priestgodneverpaid. @KennyKaramba
Panic Station // Battery City
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oh i didn´t see the pic
wtf you just tweeted that
Yeah, with a pic of Jared. Many people say that, y'know? When they tweet a funny pic for example (and that's what I did...).
why are u crying?
I'm not crying...?
Why? What happened?
Too lazy to write it again, already tweeted it earlier. All you need to know is that it was a great day.
How was your day?
My day was incredible!!!
maybe you tought that the fans were high or something?
Not really, because most fans who write fanfictions or let's say fans of the bands I like in general are weird, they don't have to be high to be strange.
what did you think?
Well... I read thousands of Frerard fanfictions. What do you think did/do I think about them?
have you ever read any Frerard fics?
Of course I have.
1. I already reblogged this some time ago.
2. GERARD. <3
3. This person has a fantastic taste in music.
how is life in Germany?
oww :c
do people from your school think it's weird that you speak english on twitter?
They don't care about me so...
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i know
Good, then you can stop spamming me.
it's Kenny
I know. But I'm not Kenny.
Shut up.
What's your favorite genre of movies?  Amanda Nicole Traci Bunter
Don't have one.
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do you like System Of A Down?
Haven't listened to them yet.
How do you communicate most with your friends?
With my mouth.
Sounds a bit wrong, doesn't it?
I'm fine :D
That's great!