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Did you know my phone was haunted? ~ Keep it cosmic. ❁ Girl. 16. Germany. Alternative/indie rock.
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can you take a photo of the bottoms of your feet?
Would you rather live in the mountains or on the beach?
On the beach.
Hii, would you mind voting for me to meet my idols? You can just click the link and press vote please? :/
Done! Hope you'll win! xo
I dare you to give somebody a wedgie and post a pic or video. Haha good luck #wedgiecam.
You like many pretty cool bands, but 1d? i mean, no -one say you cant hear their music but come on girl they are a bad boyband, just saying, you are free to listen everything you like, have a good day :) . p.s my english is so bad
1. Why are you telling me this? 2. Have you listened to their new album yet? Their new songs don't sound like typical boy band songs anymore, they sound grown-up. Like... Do you seriously think all of their songs still sound like What Makes You Beautiful or...? Most of their idols are rock musicians, they inspire them, which you can clearly hear in songs like Stockholm Syndrome. You don't have to like them, really, it's okay if you don't like that kind of music, but please don't judge them for their past. Everyone changes and so did they. Give it a try. 3. Have a good day!
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What is the best song of all time?
Definitely Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen!
-  lithium.
Thank you very much for 200 followers. ❤️
If you could pick an eye color what would you choose?
My eye colour is pretty rad - green/brown. It'd be also cool if they were green.
agreee so much with you rn,he has his own lifeee he can't keep making other ppl happy if he isn't,fans should respect that!!or at least give him some time to think
i'm happy about Zayn too,but most directioners are like let's all cut for zayn to force him to come back,anyway hope your melancholia will go away soon*hugs*
Yes, that's so stupid! Real fans should want him to be happy! Do they really think he'll come back and ruin his own life just to make them happy?! He did everything for them, they're lucky that he even stayed that long! Just because he's our idol doesn't mean he owes us anything! He's so right, it's his life and he should finally stop trying to make others happy while he isn't...
It won't, but thanks. x
I really understand you, I'm a pessimistic person too
c'mon,imaginee dragooons x) go listen to their song 'it's time' i think you'll like it/them then
don't be,but try not to think about 1D for awhile,it's hard with all these things happening
Oh, tbh I'm not sad because of them anymore. Well, I am, but it's not the reason why I am unhappy. I'm actually happy because I feel like Zayn finally does what he wants to do, which is great, so... It's just my typical inner melancholia.
Do you like Imagine Dragons?
Why lithium?
It's my fav Nirvana song and I love its chemical properties.
*starts singin numb*:P aw love
*starts singing uhm... I guess a 1D song* I'm sorry, lol.
How are you today?
I'm okay. Still kinda numb.
I love you
Haha, I don't judge you but I just wanted to say that because it's kinda annoying to see those same tweets on TL
I know you don't, but it's annoying to get hate for my tweets again and again. I'm really sorry for spamming your TL, but if you don't my tweets either tell me with anon off or, and that's nicer for both of us, simply mute my account or unfollow me. I'm really sick of it, it makes me angry and sad, I feel like I'm disappointing most of my tweeps at the moment, but I can't change it, sorry.
Please, can you stop tweeting that same thing all over again
Unfollow me, thanks.
what is your fav element on the periodic table??  zainab saeed rana
What would you name your next/first pet?
Uhm... Biffy! (Yes, again.)
You should listen to it, maybe you will feel related to it
I'm not interested in listening to their music tbh.
That song is great. What about Easier To Run?
I don't know, never listened to most of their songs.
That song is really addictive, isn't it? Well, they still have good songs
Hmm, maybe. I only like The Catalyst.