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= do or babu = @KennyKaramba
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Your Twitter lists are still empty :(
FUCK! I forgot about it! Then I'll do it tomorrow, weekends are always good to do stuff like that.
no religion or mind virus
Is there a hope that the facts will never find us?
entiendes español?
Uhm, nope? I guess that means 'Can you speak Spanish?'.
wild and bereft...
Time to erase [again].
lose control increasing pace
Warped and bewitched, time to erase.
how tall are you?
1,73 metres. Also pretty tall for a 15 year old. I'm as tall as my mum, maybe even taller.
what do you do when you are alone at home?
Listening to music very, very loud and dancing like an idiot. Also being on Twitter and Tumblr.
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yeah, everyone always compares their foot to mine cause it's so small... well no can do :D
Same here. It's also the same with my body. I mean I'm bigger than my friends and I like to show them how small they are, haha.
well, mine is 35 and every single shoe i like is too big for me :D
Hahaha, that's really small! Sweet.
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Can you make a video of you playing "Wow that's loud" by green day or somethig of they?
I can't play Wow, That's Loud! Never tried it. Green Day tabs always look so difficult...
hey Anna how are you? how was your day? XD
I'm fine, my day was great! What about you? x
Do you have a favorite race dog?
Nope, I love all dogs.
what's your shoesize then?
In Germany it's 41, which is awful for a girl in my age. It's American 7 1/2 for men or something like that.
What kind of person you consider yourself? (funny or boring)
Funny! There's nothing worse than normal, boring people. I'm rather the strangest person on earth than boring as fuck.
Matt Bellamy someday if it makes you go on stage, what would you do?XD
Ugh, I guess I would smile like an idiot and talk shit. I think I wouldn't stop talking!
What's the most expensive thing you bought?
Muse concert tickets. xD I mean really, why do they have to be that expensive? No, just a joke. I don't know... I think one of my mobiles.
if you'd had a youtube channel, About what you do Videos?
Bands and random stuff. I have a channel, but I don't make any videos. I thought about it quite often, because I love speaking English and I also talk very much.
So you are saying that you don't like classical music or opera? What about some Muse songs, like Exogenesis Symphony or United States of Eurasia?
Ha! That's right! Of course I love those songs, although I have to admit that I never listen to the classical part of USOE (in the end) and I also don't listen to Exogenesis Symphony that often. Most of the time just to Redemption, because it's my fave part.
do you like U2, Radiohead or Blink 182 music? which songs? :)
U2 are a great band, but I don't listen to them regularly. I like Where The Streets Have No Name. Radiohead are, I'm sorry, shit to me. Their music is so boring! My fave song of them is 15 Step. I also like Morning Mr Magpie and Everything In it's Right Place. Never listened to Blink-182, sorry! ;( But I wanted to download one of their albums yesterday!
what color are your eyes?
Why have you got empty lists on Twitter? :)
Hahaha, because there was a time when I had full lists, but I found it horrible when people unfollowed me and they were still in the them, that's why I deleted my lists and today I made new ones. I wanted to fill them tomorrow. ;)
Converse or Vans? and why?
Converse, just because I think that they look better. NOW YOU REMINDED ME OF MY CONVERSE! I miss them... I need a new pair... Now.
do you like classical music or opera?
No. I mean I've nothing against it, but I also don't listen to music like that.
What's the last movie you saw?
do you have a favourite app on your phone?
Twitter and Tumblr. :D