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priestgodneverpaid. @KennyKaramba
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what shows do u watch? besides ahs
It's kinda funny that everyone knows about me and AHS now, hahahahaha. xD Well, I normally didn't watch any tv show. The only shows I've watched yet are AHS and Adventure Time. I love both. But I wanna check out some more. ^^
Hi kenny coconut ^_^
Do you like Lord of The Rings or/and Hobbit?
have u reached 4k followers before?
Oh, I used to have 4,2K, but then I unfollowed lots of people, had 3,6K and now I reached 4K again, so yup, I've already reached it before.
Ello ello . could you check out my latest viddy and if you like it drop a comment, subscribe and share pl0x? thaanks if you do <3  Ben.
My wifi is too bad rn, sorry. ;(
You do fansigns? I don't want bother you. :'c  Gilo N. (っ ͡° w ͡° ς)
do u still have that hat when ur friend called you kenny?
Don't think so...? xD
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Do you have Pikachu dolls? They're so cute ♥  Amanda Nicole Traci Bunter
I used to have a Pikachu toy in kindergarten. :D
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Waar denken tieners over na?
What will be the most powerful nation in 100 years?
The fire nation. xDDDDD Sorry, I'm stupid.
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Which vegetable do you hate the most?
Uh..... I don't know. I love most kinds of vegetables.
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It tell you to ! :D
More than 2 years too late.
why not "kenny coconut" ?
Because she doesn't use 'coconut' as her surname, which means no one told me to call myself like this.
Do you love chocolate ?
Of course I do, who doesn't?
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Why "kenny karamba" ?
Wow, this is ca. the 1000th time that I explain why...
Kenny: Some years ago it was snowing and I wore a hat. One of my friends called me 'Kenny', because I looked like Kenny McCormick of South Park. Some of my friends still call me Kenny sometimes.
Karamba: I always wanted a @-name with a ' _ ', which means I needed a name behind 'Kenny'. One day a friend of my family told me that she always uses 'Karamba' as surname on the Internet, never her real surname. I combined both and boom that's the story of Kenny_Karamba. ;)
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have you got a teddy bear ? Teddy bear are so cute <3
Sure. More than one, just not in my room. ^^ The only cuddle toy I still have in my room is the unicorn I got from Hanna yesterday. :D
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No i was singing hoodoo x')
Okay. Sorry.
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Whyyyyyy whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Because I can't?!
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What's your favorite movie ?
Dallas Buyers Club, Artifact, Thor, Live At Rome.
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Gonna see Muse this summer ?
Nope. -.-
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Echelon since... ?
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Muser since ... ?
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What did you do last week end
Nothing special (as always). Studying for 4 tests and finishing my French homework.
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If you were a song you must be
At first: I can't believe it's finally happening. Normally I'm the one who spams people's accounts when they tweet the link and now it's me. Thanks for that. If I were a song... Hm... Probably I'm Not Okay.
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don't go crying to ur mama
...cause you're on your own in the real world.