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priestgodneverpaid. @KennyKaramba
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soooo have you watched the video?
Nope. Still didn't have any time.
if you want to understand the video , you gotta have a dirty mind
I definitely have a dirty mind, ehehehe.
have you watched the rainbow sponge lady video?
Didn't have any time till now...
Dallon weekes is lead singer. You must check them
Do u know The Brobecks? They're really good.
I don't know them. :o
you have to it's so funny
I will later, I promise. ^^
it's what she said xD
I didn't watch the video tbh. :(
i want you to look at all of those wiggles
what does Ich Will mean?
I want...
have u ever played Hyper Music?
Nope. I love Hyper Music so much, it's one of my favourite Muse songs, I don6 wanna ruin it.
what was the first song you learned?
Muse - Supremacy =)
how did you learn the guitar?
Listening to songs, playing. ;)
have you ever failed?
No, not a single time. :)
you're in what grade?
10th. ^^
What is (or was) your favorite class in school?
At the moment I don't really have one. I used to love Geography last year. Also Sociology and Psychology.
hey :) do you have name? if not I advise you to get one, it's like but i prefer that ;)
I don't have an account there, but nah... I'm not sure if I need one more.
Do you like sparkling or still water?
Both. Just not medium. Either sparkling or still.
your welcome
i see gerard on tumblr , i remember u
That's very kind, thanks.
I like to keep the suspense
Hm. Why do you send me all these gifs?
oh , how about this one?
Gerard Way is love, Gerard Way is life.
Btw it's the first time you didn't just send me a link.