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is your bae wilfred or gwo ruey?


Do you think you are as handsome as phuang sheng yi?


Nora or shear min?


fuck. you think u can be buff like jonathan gan?

fuck. he too buff d. can't catch up. unless u gimme steroids, but i lazy... fuck!

i heard u go to sungym to stalk joan

Never seen her there also... I go there to get MUSKLEZ!!

joan seah vs shearmin?

hi jasper

Do you have a crush currently?

i crushed a coke can a few days ago

Is it true that you like joan seah

not true

What is your goal in life?

get acca , get money , fuk biches

watch me whip watch me neinei


If you had to repopulate for the sake of mankind and your mate is Li Shin, would you do it?

I can't make babies with a dog wtf

Would you accept lishin if he confesses to u

I don't do dogs sry.

Describe ben

The smartest, sharpest most handsome person i know. Hard worker, never shy away and overall a very strong character (Y) cheers <3

Can you marry me

Can, 2 week free trial

If you were a beast, what type would you be? ;)


Nora or Nora


Can we date

anytime, 2 week free trial

Do you like Nora?

Nora who? (lola who?)

Do you prefer to ski or snowboard?

I dont want none unless you got buns hun

Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?


u cb why didnt you find me during appreciation day u fag

sorry :'(

Post a picture of your favorite celebrity!

Kevin Se

Are u speedorman?



Ask @KeviNiveK97:

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Who am I? Definitely not Spiderman...