Kev @KevinGangOrDie
Kev @KevinGangOrDie
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Ask me a question and in return I eat your butt
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Do you have any freckles on your ass?
I'm not quite sure, actually. Care to check for me?
Do you gotta prom date?
Not yet, still wondering who to ask
What is your favorite love story movie?
King Kong
What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Can't say to twitter hahaha
Favorite person from each grade at Tuscarora?
This is just off the top of my head so, Freshman: Bryce Demaille, Sophomore: Wesley Wenzlaff, Junior: Mark Guglielmini, Senior: too many to pick one lol
Oooooh kevs got a crush
I wish lol
You are some kind of hoe. Who you have sex with lately? That you aren't dating? Lol!
Aye now don't worry about it
Who are your best friends
Mark Guglielmini, Ryan Cabrera, Marquet Clark, Moose, mainly cuz I talk to them all the most and hang out with them the most
You turned down head? Is there a girl you like or something? You never turn down sexual activity
Hey now I'm not a man whore >:( but there is also some truth to that statement
You are so cute! Wanna be friends with benefits? Lol
I'm on that Patrick Star flow WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE
why not :(
cuz idk u hoe
can I give you head or what
Uh oh no thanks
What race of a girl do you prefer most
I wanna be loyal to my latinas but I'd be lying if I said I didn't find white girls more attractive. Idk why but I love white girls lol
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What’s the last sport event you watched?
Tri-match for wrestling, Tuscarora vs. Linganore vs Westminster
When are you, Adrianna, and Vanessa gonna throw another party? You should some time in February
I have no idea, hopefully soon. I was hoping to throw another one in February too but they've gotta work out some other things first. It'll be even more fun than the last though, that's for sure
How many pillows do you sleep with?
I sleep with 2 + ur bitch
If you were a different gender, what name would you want to have?
Shaquantaniqua Lataka Maisha
What song did you most recently get tired of due to its overplaying?
All of my songs are overplayed but I rarely get sick of them
take a wild guess
what the... how am I supposed to do that?
you have it
Well how am I supposed to know who to kik
kik me hottie
And how am I supposed to do that if idk ur kik name
What is your favorite piece of clothing?
My thong
Is it true your flaccid penis measures 26 cm?
Aye don't worry about it ;)
You dated slutput
Hey her name is Kim