Khalifa Almuhairi @KhalifaAM
Dubai - UAE
Graduated from DNS and went to AUS. Life isn't about just living, it's about making the best out of it. ♥
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What was your most awkward moment?
When ‎@itsweldzayed sneaked into my house and entered my room while I was changing clothes.
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did you ever use Real Caller app?
Nope, why? :|
followed mn zman wlahy likes w hrdohom :D <3 :*  ahmedtarek
3llk tsawi unfollow
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al hy3mly 100 likes hb3tlo gift wlahy <3 :)  ahmedtarek
Seer wal lah.
What's the most expensive thing you've ever broken?
The heart of all chicks out there. *flips hair*
You're husband material, full package mashalla. الله يحفظك ويوفقك
Lool!! Thank you so much x)
What is the last thing you picked up off the ground?
My pants
Which major is the hardest?
Depends on which university you are talking about
Is engineering hard?
Depends on what you like
Is there a big difference between aus and aud? I'm confused which one to go to
AUD is much easier (and same accreditation in some majors). AUS however is known to be the "toughest" since it puts you under huge pressure, and it's more research-oriented. Some companies also favor employing AUS engineers since they are used to the pressure anyways =p
What's something every teen should know?
Where do children come from
Is everyone in Aus somehow ".brilliant " or what
Why? =)) well not everyone =p
Who is the biggest gossiper you know?
W7dh allah ystr 3laiha =D el mshklh gossips 5ar6 b3ad =))
What are you thankful for today?
Making my mother happy.
What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
As grandma says, nothing is more beneficial than your pen.
If you could steal something and get away with it, what would you steal?
4.0 GPA
What does it mean to be independent?
To do your own things, work for your income, and let your parents depend on you.
What song makes you feel happy?
What is your mission?
Be successful more than anyone sitting and tweeting.
Do you like or dislike spicy food?
My life revolves around it.
What topic of conversation do you consider boring?
Your questions
Have you visited any art galleries or museums recently?
Yup around one month ago.
How do you get the last news?
Elly y7shn ma yga9rn (na'3zh ma89oodh) =D
If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?
I would buy money.