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Justin Bieber @Kidrauhl1994
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new album UNDER THE MISTLETOE out NOV 1st!! I GOT SO MUCH LOVE FOR THE FANS...you are always there for me and I will always be there for you. MUCH LOVE. thanks
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Hey Justin, do not worry come into Polish. Please, we are waiting for you.
Hi! Thank you Polish fans for support.I love you guys :)
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Biieeebeer i saw you at new yoorrrrk <3333333333
awesome ;)
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*.* You are Justin Bieber?????? :o I love you!  ronnie ☁
Yes! Love you too.
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Hey justin I love u sooo much my question is did u brokecup with selena Gomez or you still together
Hello:) we together! I love you too
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your girlfriend speak spanish .... you also speak it?? te quiero mucho :)  Soe
a bit. Te amo ;)
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Hi Justin! I Love U !<3 Do you like The Vampire Diaries? Do you watching The Vampire Diaries?
Hello. Love you too. Sometimes :)
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Megan i love you. :)
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Ho your gf?
Selena Gomez.
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i love you babe <3 and i love your Girl friend too!! <333333 i just hopee hoppeee my dream will come true to meet you and Selena!! im your guy's biggest fan ever!! and i love your new album i got it!!! and i also got Selenas's new album too!! if you entered my room there is only pics of you & Selena  meganrusu
Thank you so much.Awesome! Never say never!
Love you.
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Uree soo amazing!! U have a great girl friend she is amazing like you
Thank you, i know ;)
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what is your favourite colours?  meganrusu
purple .swag
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Justin I love you so much, i'am belieber, i'am speak spanish. I not speak inglish TE AMO MUCHO
Te amo!Muchas gracias!
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Are You the Baiber the Reallll onnne !!!
I'm Bieber. Thank you.
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I Love justen biber I'm Maryam I love more more :”( <33
aww..i love you more. Smile baby ;)
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hello biebs! I love you!! just got under the mistletoe! amazing work! you should come again! im Giuliana from Venezuela! we love you!! SWAG
Hello sweetie. Thank you so much!
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Yo Beiber ill accept ur xmas song was great nice job doing "mistletoe" 5/5 hello From Puerto Rico.  gabriel A Diez Paulino
Hi. Thank you.
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Okay first let me just say that you are SUPER CUTE, your my Idol and i LOVE you!!! <3 And I have a question, are you gonna do any concerts in Puerto Rico (where in from) if your gonna do a concert here when is it? And save me some tickets kay? Lol #MuchLoveForYouAndSelena<3  Joycemaríe
Thank you, i hope soon. No problem lol
Love you.
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I want you!
lol thank you.
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Hey Justin , I'm your biggest fan ever & I'm selena's fan too + you & Selena are making a cute couple :) jelena forever :D ! love ya both <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Hello, thank you so much.We love you!
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Hi ~You and Selena constitute a bilateral beautiful =)
Hi, thank you
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Hey JB!!!!!!!!  Chavika Cruz
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Have You Been Ok'? : ]  чυααηєℓιȥ '
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I LOVE YOU justin ♥
I love you too.
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Lil wayne's ask.fm ?!
He hasn't
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I Love u more babe <3<3 <3 <3<3<3<3<33333  WAROODA :*
I love you more shawty:)
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