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Bt3rfe be shi esmo " inte kteer helwi:$?"
Ya habib albe ana❤️❤️
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please follow :) ‎@shakerovski
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What's your Chatous username?
Meen hbb?
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sho esmk ????
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Qeen?  Sana Eid
Sorry sana
Ya kindaaaaa  Sana Eid
Wasel qeen m3alem?
Meshta2lekkk ktirrr wahyetttt de7ekktekkk l mafi menaaa bl dene❤️❤️
Dooo I knoww youu hbb? Thankkk youuuuuu❤️❤️
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ento mabet3abro bhes hale laz2a:( w kobrosly behkiya mabetred:)  Bashar Abou Hawili
Fasharett ana bntrak la tehke w ma btehke so bensa lmawdu3.. Kobe walla ana mb3rf lra2em tb3a, kel yom whd jdid
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I miss someone w hek  Bashar Abou Hawili
Hayda kello felem ma 3am t3aber hada :(
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Hey, Im a guy that u dont know im just curious about how beautiful you are and ik most guys bother u especially the anon but u should nake sure that they are right when they tell u that ur beautiful ..they once said prophet usef pbuh had the beauty of halk the world im sure ur the other half ♥
Allahhh w akbbaaarr
W I'm curious to know meen enta now
3njad you're so sweet and I'm pretty sure enno you're beautiful too bala ma shufak aw a3ref meen enta
Thank youu so much❤️❤️❤️
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Like = tbh?
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Bnsa7ik t3mle diactivate la2anno l ask lal wled w everyone b 2ool 3annik mature w funny w hekk fa dont ruin your image :$
Thank you for your advice bas I don't give a fuck, shu ma bedon y2oulo w I don't think betle2e abrad menne w mafiyon yestafezoune law kif ma ken so don't worry hbb anon
Akid jeytikk la hl2d m3asbe
Hahahahahahaha m3asbe 3a shu bas? Ekher rawa2 ana albe ba3den shu khas
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MANY people have told me to stay away from you,but i couldn't. I love you LOTS sous. Hashtag hh  Sana Eid
Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha awww sa3 how cute omg wow xoxxoxo love you tooo!! Hashtag abra
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Sorry eza za3ajtik ma ken azde 3anjed
Is mhmd kayelo in a relationship?
Ekhte, khede ra2mo hki s2ali kel shi, fekke 3anne ente wiye
Hadi issaa
Mb3rfo bs eno bheso mahdoum
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Tab a7la quote yal wa7d bs
Hay abl shwy shefta w habayta
Tab a7la quote yal wa7d bs
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Ur fav quote
Fi ktir
Can u plzzzzz name 3 hot guys bt3rfin.. Plzz
Btghare ktirr ? Or bt7be Dalit bl bet
Eh hek w hek hasab ma3 meen dahra
B uwwweee
Ur opinion about miley cyrus?
Ktir now 2a2wa men abel bas ghalat eno kif albet hek men disney la hon.. Eno walla shu bet2oul whde la benta lle kenet theb hannah montana w now saret whde absr kif
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