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Ugh alright fine we can still be friends but take back what you said about not liking goats cause they are the bomb diggity and I can not be friends with someone who does not like goats  Jessica Laudadio
Okay tbh I love goats with a passion
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You just crossed the line we aren't friends anymore  Jessica Laudadio
But we have gym tomorrow :(
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Yeah Kira like ur such a bitch lol no goat will ever love u  Jessica Laudadio
Oh wow you know what fine I don't even like goats
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Yours a bitch bitch
What ..
Timmy McCandless?
Kyle Hartzell?
What about him? Hahah
Erin's a freak huh
Timmy wants you to lick his ginger pubes
Nah that's Victoria
Grind on me
Relax your mind take your time on meee
Blow me
One last kisssss
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How often you smoke hookah?
What's hookah
So now you are?
Nah she's just sitting here touching her belly button like a freak
How often do you and Erin fuck?
Umm she's at my house right now..
Let me mushroom stamp you
Fucking gross
You gay nigga
Uh I'm white
Let me blow a load in your face
I'm seriously so uncomfortable omfg
Suck me off so I know it's foreal
It's not real
You want the Kyle Hartzell special?
Well now I'm just uncomfortable
Do that dance on my dick?
Ooh you know you love this shit
Tickle my pickle for a nickel
Eh no thanks
Hello slut  Victoria tramonte
Hello tank
Let me suck to tit big girl
You're fucking nasty lmfao
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Suck my dick please?
no that's okay, but thanks for asking
why r u gay
Hi Erin
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