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What do you need help with? don't want to discuss over this app?
text me
Oh but I'm already a part of your life :)
1 way to change that. Get more people in your life to help! well maybe more ways but that's just one. Id help you for sure.
COME IN TO MY LIFE PLEASE i love you already
noo A beautiful angel. Why would you be sad?
oh thank you so much!!! idk just not where i'd like to be
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you're good at describing yourself ;)
what tired & sad
Oh my gosh I can't believe you said that you're beautiful inside and out too darling. You honestly just made my day  Michelle
GOOD im glad:))) <3 <3 <3
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what have you tried? just wondering i wont judge.
nothing besides weed, im not in to that kind of stuff
have you everr done drugs? just wondering. i do them.
i don't do drugs no, i have tried them
thoughts on people that smoke weed and pop pills and drink?
who cares
whyd you snort a mint
inside joke
like actually i wanna do that HAHAHHAAHAHHAH lucky!
saw u snortin some xannie in jermaines story. classy
its june bug & it was a mint silly!!!
Most beautiful senior girl & why?
michelle s! shes absolutely beautiful both in and out, it shines
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I'm glad you and tyler are happy! cause now he can be happy with you and keep having sex with's a win win ;)
suck a dick stephanie
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recent texts?
probably shouldn't
Can I eat your ass?
maybe not
why do you think people smoke weed?
to be like bob mArley and the khalifA
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im really scared to loose my virginity. does it hurt? does it feel good? will i bleed?
i couldn't tell you, you would have to ask someone with more experience!!
have you gotten your period yet?
do tampons hurt
Will you please slob all over my knob??
Your beauty can't be defined in the 300 characters they give me to ask these questions.
you are an angel
truth is?
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