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Do you like jay?
nooo, also a very good friend of mine!
Do u like Dom?
nooo, we've never seen each other in that kind of way. he is a very good friend to me! besides i already have a crush on this cute boy
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Hey Nats! This is kinda weird but I'm super self conscious about my chest. I have tiny boobs and Im constantly getting picked on for having a flat chest. Any advice? I wish I could atleast have a C cup it's ridiculous how small they are :(
no advice besides embracing them. frick anyone who "picks on you" that's just wack. no one should ever point out something you can't fix within 10 seconds. don't even worry about it, everyone comes in different shapes, and sizes, just do you. you don't have to have big boobs, boobs are boobs
But you really did get expelled from school for drinking........ 😂
the thing is, you're wrong
didn't you used to not believe in God?
Hey Nats I was jw are you still an atheist?
im not nooo, im actually working on becoming a student pastor at eagle brooke church. and I run the toddler center the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each months!
R u sure cuz I no upper class men don't really pay attention to freshman or respect
if you're human, I respect you
By freshy I meant freshman ;(:(:-(
thats cool thats cool, im always up for new friends and such
Ohhhh I'm freshy hit me up then
don't know exactly what "freshy" means but hey I have an 8hour long car ride, so I wouldn't mind having someone to talk to
Who r u dating
noo one! the only thing im committed to right now is myself. however, that doesn't mean I wouldn't mind a summer fling;)
If you could talk with only one person for the rest of your life, who would it be?
my person
R u dating tyler
im not noo!!!
I miss you
chances are I miss you too
You are literally so beautiful. But you need to do some more squats
why so I have a better "ass" and can please boys? nooo thank you!!! I actually very much love my body just the way it is!!! aaaand squats are the last thing im concerned about
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You're cute
aw thanks b :')
because I'm in the middle of a book & have no type of determination to look somewhat okay in a picture rn
Love you!  Llaura June
love you too b :')
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Why were you "expelled"?
I wasn't that's just, what was going around
Why did you switch to centennial
for a better environment overall students, teachers. a lot of people think it's due to me being "expelled" from white bear, but I've never even had a detention in my life; and that's certainly not the reason! already I've been getting the help I need from teachers there and I won't have to do summer school or anything they've been really great!
how are you?
I think I'm doing better to be honest
oh my goodness, what what
When did you switch to centennial?
almost three weeks now!!
most beautiful senior at wbl and why?
I think carlie mathies is so beautiful. I don't talk to her or anything, ive just always thought she was so pretty
Love you bb girl😘💋  Llaura June
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You're adorable in all you do. I'm so glad Centennial got a new girl like you ;) .
MMH oh how I wonder who this is ;)