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You're cute
aw thanks b :')
What hobby do you wish you could pick up?
bowling :/( im just so bad at it
what book is that?
how to survive the loss of a love!!! my therapist lended it to me, and it didn't end up turning out that bad. quick, easy, read
1st liker gets 20 likes rest get 1 like !? ^.^
okaaaaay i guess
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because I'm in the middle of a book & have no type of determination to look somewhat okay in a picture rn
What is paradise for you?
a kind of library
Love you!  Llaura June
love you too b :')
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#1 best friend?
hmm i would probably say my friend tanner or duncan. they've both always been there for me and are super supportive behind everything i do. very lucky to have them both
Why were you "expelled"?
I wasn't that's just, what was going around
Why did you switch to centennial
for a better environment overall students, teachers. a lot of people think it's due to me being "expelled" from white bear, but I've never even had a detention in my life; and that's certainly not the reason! already I've been getting the help I need from teachers there and I won't have to do summer school or anything they've been really great!
how are you?
I think I'm doing better to be honest
oh my goodness, what what
When did you switch to centennial?
almost three weeks now!!
most beautiful senior at wbl and why?
I think carlie mathies is so beautiful. I don't talk to her or anything, ive just always thought she was so pretty
Favorite freshman from back at WBL?
llaura my b
Love you bb girl😘💋  Llaura June
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You're adorable in all you do. I'm so glad Centennial got a new girl like you ;) .
MMH oh how I wonder who this is ;)
you make me so so so jealous of you😭
oh my goodness don't be at all, there's no reason to be! you're perfect just the way you are, everyone is in there own way :)
How do you know that you're in love?
when you feel like you're drowning
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Pap from prom? You were breathtaking babe, an absolute showstopper :)
here's one I haven't posted yet! and ugh thanks so much, that made my heart smile
Pap from prom? You were breathtaking babe, an absolute showstopper :)
sweetheart :')
Who is your biggest mentor?
its too bad. youre gonna miss me
don't flatter yourself babe, ive lost some of the most important people in my life and im doing just fine
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Have you found who you really are?
heck no i have not