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Who do you like? If anyone.
Tyler C
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How's cross country going?
it's going pretty good, I haven't been able to make as much practices as I would like because I've been so busy with work! but it's nice being back:))
What do you think is the new online trend right now?
Is it bad that I started counting calories and skipping meals and liking the feeling of an empty stomach?
it's not bad to count calories in any means! It's a good way to keep a balanced diet. Especially if you're into that or participate in sports. you shouldn't be skipping meals though, in the long run it'll damage you. trust me. You should be able to feel okay about yourself when eating point blank. if you want to eat, you eat.
In general
in general "Unbroken", "Grapes of Wrath", "Skinny", & " Go Ask Alyson" all are amazing books! the first two are "literature novels" but they really are amazing
self help!
try "feeling good" & "the way out of your prison" both great books! if you do read, you'll have to give feedback :))
Nats I know you already answered this but what are some good book suggestions?
in general? or self help books!
How did you stop your eating disorder? I think I'm heading down that path and I don't want to please tell me how you stopped it?
a lot of it had to do with my depression which I turned to medication for & I do think that played a huge role in what helped me. Eventually I just became exausted and was sick of feeling the way I did. to be honest it ran it's course. I'm sorry I couldn't be much help! but please know you can talk to me whenever you need to, you do not want to get wrapped up in all of that & I pray that you don't!
Fav freshman?
I don't know many incoming freshman!
At what age you kissed for the first time?
actually kiss kiss, last year
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What do you think of blonde hair & blue eyes?
Which is your song of the week?
Florida Kilos // Lana Del Rey
Favorite middle schoolers?
middle schooler* syd shah :))
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U and tyler
Nattie G & E.R.
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is it bad to sleep with your contacts in??
it can be bad yeah. it drys out your eyes and can cause infections making your eyesight even worse then what it is/was!
Are u mad at someone rn?
no i don't believe in holding anger!!
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Do you want a boyfriend?
not necessarily i just like the idea of having someone to be with and having someone to share moments with
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You're a dime:)
thanks bayy b:)
Are you single
You're a princess: )
you're a gem :))))))
Do you use a certain face wash? Your skin is so clear
no I don't usually wash my face! I stopped this year because I noticed, putting so much product on my skin made it really dry and didn't do much!
No you're a fucking beaut!
you're an angel :))
most attractive guy from white bear?
Joey or Nick Sager
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So you're a natural beauty aren't you??:)
I mean yeah I guess you could say that.. in my opinion I kind of look like a lesbian soccer mom ahaha
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who would you say is the most attractive guy in your grade?
from white bear or all schools?