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What are your New Year's resolutions?
new year new me beeeetch
Do you and tyler love each other? You guys are very perfect. Oh and very cute.
VERY MUCH. and thanks so much babe :')
From? (:
Did you get a New Years kiss? (:
yeeeep :')
What do you wish for the most in the new year?
Get a tramp stamp:)
Do you have or want a tattoo? What and where?
sister and i, are talking about getting one soon here. dad approved.
Why is the sky blue?
because at the time, it was my fav color
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Do u like anyone
nope, no one at all. not even the boy in my profile picture.
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yo booty so fine
Ew people are gross why can't they show more respect to a beauty like yourself
people are gross. i suggest to stay away from them 5/5 experience. thank youuuu darling:')
do you send nudes????
Have u and tyler had sex yet
too personal man
I'd kiss them lips
THANKS ANGEL, but im happily taken:)
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its gorgeous
oh man. thank you :')
pls?? I wanna seeeeeeeeeeeee
JUST POSTED A PIC. pleased dont mind my ugly blemishes, im going through puberty
Pap of your new hair
Pap of your new hair
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Okay, when I was 9 I tried using a pad and I stuck it the sticky part to my vagina and it hurt so I ripped it off and it torn one of my vagina lips off to and I'm so scared to have sex cause they're going to be like WTF where's one of your pussy lips?
if they love you, they'll except your flaws
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fav songs
too many "fav songs" but my favorite at the moment is over and over // small pools
I'm having a really really bad day. I legit just shit my pants wearing my cutest thong! WTF. Is that weird?
i am so sorry to hear
are you happy with your life
very happy
Tbh for likers?
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whats your tumblr
whats your tumblr
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