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Then if God is also a theory, then there is a chance it's true Don't miss out Open mind Thank you for sharing
I am open minded I use to volunteer at eagle brook church every saturday last year & atetended sunday service!!
Well, do you believe in the world coming in a different way, rather than the biblical form? If so, is there exact scientifically evidence, was someone there- or are they just theories like you say God is, too?
it's all just theories
There is no scientific evidence that proves there isn't a God, either. Not arguing, discussing
im personally not going to believe in something for the sake of believing
How do you usually express your emotions?
I don't
In no way offense just curious why do you have no belief of a higher being
there is no such scientific evidence that will favor any kind of religion
can you explain your thoughts on why you are an atheist?
I simply refuse to be a hyproxrite. I refuse to fake it. I could go through the motions, attend the churches, shake hands, follow the rituals, sing songs, and help ou. but that still wouldn't make me a believer. it would make me a pretender. I am honest with myself and those around me that THISE things don't make sense to me. that doesn't make me a bad person, it makes me an atheist.
I'm sorry about Tyler beautiful:( You could do so much better though
are u actually atheist
Are you wearing the same homecoming dress as last year
of course not
Last Text?
Last Text?
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What's HC?
Can I take a picture with you at the game???
yeah of course, just come up and say hi!
You're beautiful. I love you!
thank you so much:)) I LOVE YOU TOO B.
How can you tell that someone is lying?
if they're talking; they're most likely lying
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Who are you going to hc with?
you'll see *sunshade emoji*
Are you going to HC
Prettiest seniors
there is seriously too many
what does your homecoming dress look like? (post a picture on here)
what does your homecoming dress look like? (post a picture on here)
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I called girls I know at school a bunch of sluts, did the girls have a right to kick me in the nuts and laugh about it when I'm on the ground ???? some of the female teachers were laughing as well! i didn't know girls kick so hard to the balls! but they do!! it's the worst pain ever!
violence isn't right, in any aspects. but you had no right to call them "sluts" you should really watch what you say.
do you still have your homecoming dress and would you be willing to sell it?
of course just let me know if you're interested:))
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you look really dumb for staying with tyler. he's probably fucking Stephanie right now.
if you're trying to hurt me it's working, congrats
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he's going to keep doing it no matter what he says or does. he will never stop this habit so get use to feeling like this because it will never end.
please just stop
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Are you and tyler still together
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where did you get your homecoming dress last year, and if online what website?