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whats your instagram?
Nats_Grogan I think!
Have you got a dress yet?what stores u gonna check out!
I do have a dress actually :) I bought Hannah Johnson's from last year!
Random people are being put on the pop pages (idk why haha) so then when people look on there they see people like us. Which gets us more likes. Get it? (Whoever keeps asking the questions) you can see people you know on there if you check it.
Yessss THANK YOU for clearing that up! I've seen some of my other friends on the pop page too it's really not that big of a deal!
No like if you scroll through the likes it's not that many, it's like 200. But it says 1,700 and something
Oh it only shows sooo many!
How do you have more likes on a photo then followers doesn't really add up
I've only answered the last three times, I was on the popular page!
U and nick look like twins!and it says ur his sister on fb
I think you're confused!
Hey nat how did you get the number of likes on your picture to look like so many? When you scroll it isn't a lot but the number is big how did you do that?
I'm not completely sure what you mean but if you're referring to my last picture that I posted on Instagram, yes they all are real likes! you have more likes then followers, and if you look at who liked it they all have names like "shout out" and random stuff not people lol
That's only on one picture and it was the picture that got on the popular page so I don't know why you're freaking out ahaha!
AHHH I have no idea! I am honestly so shy! And you're so outgoing!
Me outgoing? If only! I usually keep to myself most of the times hahaa! And I wouldn't mind having someone new to talk to!
You're going to prom with Jay?! I love jay!! He is such an awesome dude!!  Michelle
Yessss :) :) :)
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Are you going to doms this weekend
Like if you look at who likes your pictures.. They're all shoutout accounts.. Lol..
I'm not even quite sure what a "shout out" account is but most of my followers or "likers" are from tumblr because I'll post my Instagram link maybe once a week & I have a lot of random followers from my blog!
Ahh I am too shy! I am the shyest person around! I would love to message you, but I'm scare!
Why would you be scared! Who knows we could end up becoming good friends :)
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Are you going to prom at maht or wbl
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What juniors at WBL do you want to know better?
ALL OF THEM they all seem so nice & seem like such a great time!
Who are you going to prom with
Jay, he's a senior at mahtomedi :)
u look gorgeous with it but sometimes ur a little orange
Aww thank you, :) & yeah I've been going tanning indoors for prom so that kind of gives off an orange to it with the lotion I use, but personally I'm not a fan of tanning!
You are though! You're honestly so perfect! Like you're super tan, you have a clear complexion, you're so skinny, you have gorgeous eyes, and you're just such a genuine, sweet person! Anyone would be lucky to be your friend!
I WOULD BE LUCKY TO HAVE YOU AS A FRIEND OH MY GOSH, you are an angel message me sometime on twitter or whatever! I would love to be friends with such an amazing person like you, thank you:)
You wear makeup...?
Never said I didn't
Favorite Juniors from any school?
Catlovaaa known as Abigail
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You're honestly perfect! You're so nice and sweet! You don't even wear makeup yet you're the prettiest girl at our school without a doubt! You don't even try, and you're still outrageously gorgeous :))
Oh my gosh no I'm no wear near to being perfect, I could only wish! But thank you so much, thank you, thank you, your such a sweet heart you have such a great heart :)
R u related to nick grogan
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Pap of ur Easter outfit
I don't have just a photo of myself but here's a picture from today!
Pap of ur Easter outfit
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