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I'm glad you and tyler are happy! cause now he can be happy with you and keep having sex with's a win win ;)
suck a dick stephanie
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recent texts?
probably shouldn't
Can I eat your ass?
maybe not
why do you think people smoke weed?
to be like bob mArley and the khalifA
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im really scared to loose my virginity. does it hurt? does it feel good? will i bleed?
i couldn't tell you, you would have to ask someone with more experience!!
have you gotten your period yet?
do tampons hurt
Will you please slob all over my knob??
Your beauty can't be defined in the 300 characters they give me to ask these questions.
you are an angel
truth is?
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How many people do you think you've met in your life?
5 that actually matter to me
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But you are, your natural beauty is unoaralleled
vocab on point
You're more beautiful than the sunrise
oh no way, not possible
didnt you used to have an eating disorder? howd did you over come it? i think i have one
you should text me!!!
why dont you like the word fucking
its so agressive
well just letting you know there are a lot of rumors about you "fucking" so many boys. obviously they arent true since you said youre a virgin. ugh i dont know why people make up these stupid rumors!
oh man i really don't like the word "fucking"
You look incredibly beautiful everyday.
holy heck you are the sweetest thank you thank you
are you a virgin
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you looked so pretty at homecoming !
aw thanks bb:-)
nats you're perfect I wasnt trying to make you sad thinking people talk shit about you! i love you!
oh no no no! im not sad at all, it doesnt really bug me!!! no worries
Do you prefer Instavideo or Vine?
Llaura talks shit about you just so you know....
most people do
a lot or a couple times
not a lot
do you like Llaura?