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I came out as a crossdresser by showing up to school randomly in a dress. what would you say if one of your friends did the same thing?  T.W.A. Plus
I would say as long as ur comfortable with it then do as u please.
Is this a stupid question?  T.W.A. Plus
What would your last meal be?  T.W.A. Plus
Is it normal for girls to threaten a guys life when they're hitting on them?  T.W.A. Plus
When who's hitting on who?
Try your best to describe the actual feeling though.
Can you Describe to me what it feels like when a female has an orgasm?
What's it like being a girl?  T.W.A. Plus
Lmao umm It had its ups & downs.. But overall it's cool
Damn it! I was gonna book you!
Aww damn! *shrugs*
You stay in Maryland?
If you eat a zombie will you become one?  T.W.A. Plus
Lmfao I would guess so yeaa
Dope ass lips you ever made a nigga nut in ya mouth?
What fuckin idiot would wanna break your heart?? You the shit.
Idk an idiot I guess
How long you been single?
A couple months
You ever been heartbroken?
U single
Everyday? really??.. but yea
Do u have big nipples
Don't worry about allat !
The best date you ever had ?
All my dates have been bad
What gives you the feeling of euphoria??
Good question.. That takes a whole lot
Did you ever make fun of people in school?
In high school yea.. I regret it though that's not nice
You're mine ^_^ !! .... in my head at least...  Don't Trip
We go togetha.
Who are u though?
You ever took a shower with somebody?
Would u ever let the guy you talking too lick ur ass and eat and ur pussy
Lmfaooo this is highly unnecessary
have you ever, or will you ever try anal?
Fuck no go away
What insects are you afraid of?
Every kind, I don't discriminate