Oops. Ok text me when you find your iPod (:

Damn right "oops" and will do

And it doesn't matter lol they can call me fat, truth is the truth, like I said before, it's cool Alyssa

Alyssa wells, No.

Sorry I'm really bad with taking myself off anon Alyssa

Haha no worries

They won't get to me hahah

And I don't want you to believe what they say either

Ok haha find it!

I will soon haha hey I don't want you to let any of the anons get to you

Can you dm on Instagram or something Alyssa

If I can find my iPod then yes :)

Smooth move Alyssa


Oh why Alyssa

Left it at my dads house /:

Yo can you text me Alyssa

I don't have my phone

Jealous of you pal Alyssa

Stop making jokes

Jealous Alyssa

Of you, yes

Thank you hahha. There's no need to be jealous though like wtf Alyssa

Shut up any girl has the right to be jealous of you

That's ok lol doesn't even hurt me hahaha the truth is the truth

No you're not ugly, don't believe that, they're just jealous

Alyssa Is u g l y don't even lie

Is that even possible?

You look like a wanna be Justin bieber

Ok haha

HAHAHA. Oh anon:') thanks Kyle Alyssa


Oh look. Nasty Alyssa is standing up for douchey Kyle, Wouldn't you two just make a perfect couple;) two nasty people being together

Alyssa isn't even nasty, that's the biggest lie . You're nasty for giving me hate over social media, grow some balls and come off anon. Plus she's taken anon ;)

Anon doesn't even know you, you're one of the nicest people I know Alyssa

Thank you haha

Kyle(: Alyssa

Alyssa :)

You're probably extremely rude. And don't care for anyone but yourself

Look down wall. Do you see a single question I answered where I was rude?

Thanks dude xD

Haha welcome

I've been better but my birthday is on Sunday ✊

Happy late birthday!

How have you been ? :D

Can't complain you?(:


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