Lorin Lesnicky
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I really mean it tho . Don't let anyone bring u down .....ur amazing , beautiful, and perfect. Sleep good beautiful.hope this means something -anon

Of course it does. Thank youuu

No thts obviously u . It must get old being the most beautiful girl on this earth but u do a great job

You're looking in the mirror

What do you think people think of you?

It doesn't really matter to me. I try to be everyone's friend but we all are entitled to our own opinion.

Do u enjoy being the definition of perfection ?

Do you?

What are you wearing right now?


Why are u so perfect?

You're the perfect one

Is kelsey a good sister? Do u guys fight ?

She's amazing and yes we do but we stick together like we should

I hope tht long message meant something to u

It really did

Whats heavier, a ton of steel or a ton of feathers?

It's the same

I would literally take a bullet for u beautiful :)

Thank youuuuuu

U are literally the most beautiful girl ever .its hurts me to see u sad or have low self confidence . When life gets tough remember tht ur perf and things will get better. Don't let anyone or anything take the smile off your gorgeous face :)

Awwh geeee thank you so so much

You're literally the sweetest girl I've ever met, and I love your smile and your little giggle and I'm glad I can be myself around you. (:

Thank youuuuu(:

What is the best way to learn a foreign language?

Take the class

What would ur parents reaction be if u had to tell them u were pregnant?

I'm not having a baby until I'm married so I don't gotta worry about that

You're so pretty

So r u

Any special birthday wishes?

Noppe. I'm blessed with all I have.

Have you ever stolen anything?


Hi. I jus wanted to say that you are beautiful and overall amazing .thats all. Bye (:


Haha nah.

Oh alright

Never let her go

I never wiill!

Are you a proud best friend?


Your best friend is so gorgeous

I know she is (:

Have you talked to Rachel Howard today?


Do you believe the devil exists?

I believe that there's a heaven and there's a hell

I hope u realize u are perf. Not the average girl. Ur the girl who alot of us wanna talk to but get really nervous.Never feel self conscious or like ur not good enough cuz some guys out there would die for u. U have the prettiest eyes and are overall the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

Thank you SOOO much!! Have you ever seen me in person?