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طيب وش نسوي الحين ما اعرف اول مره اخد يقولي ايه
ههههههههههه اكشف عن هويتك
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طفش وش السوات ؟
نطق روسنا بالجدار
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يقولك فيه زقين تسابقو واحد وقف ليش ؟ لانه يبس و ها ها ها تصيرين الحب بس ؟
ههههههههههه سامج يلا مشينا بما انك سامج
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مسافره ؟ واذا ايه وين ؟
بالحج يمكن تركيا و بالعيد الطايف
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Right now I just want to :
Sleep for along time :( .. And I just want vacation!
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Right now i'm addicted to :
Cocktail ;p
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رأيتُ فيك حُسناً وجمالاً، رأيتُ فيك مالا يراهُ المُبصرون.
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Talk about your day :
Same routine .. Same shit!
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what is the quality you most like in a man?
His personality , his thinking , his body , his tall , his smile .. Everything;p
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What are you doing right now ?
Lying on the bed..
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What are some things that scare you?
Losing someone I love;(
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favorite meal :
Nothing special but I love Italian food;p
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What kind of movies do you like ?
Comedy - romantic and sometimes horror..
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What makes lamia angry :
Lama a7d y6lb mne shy kl 5 dgayg :)
Lama a7ke m3 a7d wla yrd bdri
Lama akon jw3ana wla feh akl a7ba
Bthart e5wani a7yann w a9wat'hm elmuz3ja
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Name your 5 best movies ?
The mortal instruments city of bones
Delivery man
Something borrowed
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Talk about your self :
3 thanwi
4 e5wan w el5ams bl6reg;p
Elbnt elw7eda
Ajyal elthqafa school
6mo7i ad5l 6b en allah arad
Akrah ag3d fe elbeet
A7b el6l3at 7ta law kant bdon hdf
Akrah el,routine !
Hatha eli fe bali el7en;p
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Things makes you happy :
When I have nothing to do , food , parties , going out and chatting with my friends , dancing ..
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u live in KSA ?
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وش اسماء اخوانك ،،؟؟
Nawya t56ben mnhm;p
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What do you like the most ?
التسدح و التبطح و الراحه ولا اكون شايله هم شيء لازم أسويه.
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What is your dream ?
To be a doctor inshalla ..
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What’s your favorite seafood?
I don't like it a9ln:p
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Who is the funniest person you know?
My Dad=))!
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
8 !
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خلاص شقلبي ياماما ☺  Turki.z.y
Hhhhh 9f7ti ya baba shglb ent=))
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