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Have you been to EXO or BTS' concert?
Yepp! Been to both last year!
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What's yr fav BTS' song?
Let Me Know..? Or maybe War of Hormones. Or maybe Cypher series or their title songs..? Haha I don't have a particular favourite I guess T.T too hard to chooseeeeeee
WHo is your bias in BTS?
Taehyung and jungkook!
The tattoo on chanyeol's right arm is real?
Nope I don't think so..? Haha I think it's temporary!
Unnie I love you... thank you for being dedicated to subbing exo videos and stuffs. you and other subbers are really jjaaannngggg..... saranghae ♥♥♥
Awww thanks for dropping by and leaving such a sweet message! <3 glad we are able to help in some way(:
학교 어려워 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 졸려 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Do you like D.O and Gayoung as a loveteam?! TT^TT <//3
Hahah they don't have much interactions yet so idk but I like how kyungsoo is so shy & awkward in front of her hahaha Do you know why kyungsoo looks so sad here? It's in mama era rite? Hm he looks like want to cry :(
Sorry I can't open the link! ><
Hi Cindy :) ‐d.o
Ahhh bbㅠㅠ
Omg omg omg! I wanna cry because of how cute D.O was when he apologized to yeonhee in episode 5 of Exo next door!!! So freakin cute!
Heheuheuhe please don't remind me on how good and cute he looked at the same time T.T
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i use aegisubs too but only to change color or the font and put the credits .. i dun know how to use virtualdub xd u can add a subtitle document like srt to windows movie maker??  남우현♥ ioanna
Haha nope you can't! Srt files only works for encoding programs I thinkkkk? Haha not too sure but WMM can't (:
hi cindy sorry for stalking lol hmm what program do u use to stick ur subs on the video?  남우현♥ ioanna
Windows movie maker lol other subbers use aegisubs and an encoding program like virtualdub tho((:
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누워뭐에요? 그래 그래 잘자요
Lying haha goodnighttttt (:
Hello. What's your name? :)
Cindy (:
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Hi! I love your subs :)
Hellooooo! Aww thanks(: glad you like them!
2 people like this Whts wrong with our babies? so passionate
ㅋㅋㅋ cutie pies
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just for 8min ? whre i can find that?
Yes their cut is only 8 mins long. My favorites tab/ pinned tweet
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where did you study korean(what sites)? hmmm what app did you use (if you used one)?
You can try (:
언니 안자????? RT 봤어요
아직.. 아까 고부했어용. 지금 침대 위에 누워있어용~
i will done check it but its short 🙀 were i can find that?
Their cut is only about 8 mins long and that's all I have haha
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since when you're an exo vid subber?
December 2013! I started subbing when they aired showtime haha
can you give me link geurilla date exo new with engsub full ? pewliss i'm so curios about that
I don't have the full one but I subbed exo's cut. The link is under my Twitter favorites tab (:
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ermagad am vry bored watchu doin
Hahaha I'm getting ready to head out
have you taken business finance course before?
Only some finance modules haha
oh just saw your continued reply hahahahahahahahh i see huehueheuheu
Hahaha oops xD
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