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What is yr dailymotion channel ? :) Im multifandom . Do u like super junior ?
hahaha yes(:

hahah why do u have so much youtube channels ? which one are u most active ? yr mutli fandom is only those grps that u stated in yr bio ?

Hahah I have 3 channels (all going by the same name; Love Kyungsoo, except different capitalized letters) now, my main one (with the most subscribers) have 2 copyright strikes so I can't upload videos more than 15 mins long. That's why I created the other channels while waiting for the strike to be removed. My second channel will be used for videos less prone to copyright strikes because it already has one strike. My third and last channel (with the least subscribers), will be used for long videos such as weekly idol and radio shows. Videos prone to copyright strikes will be uploaded onto dailymotion instead and download links might be available if I have the time. And I'm very multi-fandom, those stated on my bio are those I'm more interested in and can fit into the limited word count hahaha

which liner are you haha ?

93 haha

his english was really good too TT-TT he dedicated that song to jongin, trust me :3

Yes his english is really really good T.T


Yes I did!!! Diessssss so damn goodㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Hi! ☺☺ Hope everything in your life has been well!

hey there! yes I'm good! hope things are going well for you too!(:

how do you deal with workplace drama?

Try not to get involved if possible haha

where are you? are you mode in hiatus?

A. A

Yep! Sorry haha have been busy and will be getting busier ><

hi. do you have a link to 18 seconds with eng sub? thank you so much!!!!!

Sorry I don't! Try checking out @SMTownEngSubs on twitter though!

What D.O. Kyung-soo has a wallpaper on your phone as you know it you give photo?

Is D.O. Kyungsoo has a girlfriend?

Not that we know off!

What is long term of Imao ?

laughing my ass off

I miss subclub >_<

awww <3 we have been busy but we will come back as and when we are free! thank you for remembering us despite us being on hiatus so frequent haha

Hi, I've been looking for Tao's cut from Splash and found your subs. It looks like it's been taken down from all the different hostings :( I was wondering if there was an alternative way to get one's hands on that video? Please and thank you!

Ahhh sorry but I don't think I have that video with me anymore ><

Hey unnie, what do you normally do like for living? Or on break beside watching you idol? U are 22 right?

Yes I'm 22! Currently waiting for my full time job to start(:

OMG hiiii IM also kyungsoo stan :) from singapore ALSO HAHAHA IM SO GLAD seeing ytd photo lovely concert there are so many pictures omg i just cannot with him

Oh yaaaay hello there!! hehe

now i am at a loss on how to spazz over kyungsoo there is just so many to catch up on him damnnn fallen up for him

Ikrrrrrrr T.T need to hav account to download rit ?


cindy, happy bday!!~^^

Thank you! <3 Sorry for replying 2 months late hahaha

hi! do you know who uploaded the TLP in Seoul DVD with subs in ments?

Sorry I'm not too sure! You can try checking out @SMTownEngSubs on twitter though!

happy birthday!

Thank you! <3

Happy Birthday!!!


Thanks you! <3 Sorry for being 2 months late haha

How would you like to be remembered?

As someone who is nice and strives hard at things she wants to achieve. And a bubbly person who gives off positive energy haha.

do you know anyone who helps to edit photos for profile pictures?

Sorry I'm not too sure! ><


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