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Can i ask you how do you learn korean?
I used to watch a lot of dramas and variety shows with eng subs so I picked it up along the way. I've also attended a Korean academy for a while to learn(:
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hi. what's the name of the radio show Baek and Minseok went to recently? and do you have a link for eng subbed? thank you so much! 😘😘😘😊
"Noon Song of Hope"! Kindly check joanne's (allmylovees) twitter for the link! Alternatively, I've RT-ed the link, so scroll through my tweets a little! Shouldn't be very far back(:
kyungssi~ where are you learn korean language? can i learn language from you? and will you sub loe of the jungle chanyeol?
Hahaha sorry, I'm not at the level whereby I can teach someone. You can try I'm not sure yet sorry!
Hey, can you post a picture of your header? thank you so much! :D
There you go!(:
Hey, can you post a picture of your header? thank you so much! :D
Doesn't seem like there is anyone subbing bts's yaman tv...if you are free, would you consider subbing it? I mean, everyone's been waiting so long... :(
I understand that there's no eng sub for it till date and there seems to be no one who intends to sub it. However, may I ask everyone to stop asking me because it's pressurizing me instead more than anything else >< Like I've said earlier, if I intend to sub, I'll tweet and update you guys. I do not wish to say that I'll sub it and then end up disappointing you guys by not subbing it. I'm someone who prefers finishing subbing and uploading, all in one sitting, and this will usually take up one whole day for a long video. Please allow me to find the time and the mood for it. Thank you and sincere apologies.
I hope you will help me, bcs it WOULD mean alot for me! Im alr depressed abt these things i concerned abtγ… γ…  you're my last hope...
(2/2) my DM is open for everyone, but I don't do personal translations I'm sorry! >< unless it's something reallyyyyyy short :/
Hello nice unnie!! May i ask you a favor to translate something for me? I prefer upload the photo in DM. Im ‎@hyunky00n on Twt, pls open your dm for everyone for awhileγ… γ… 
when i see kukie with swat suit uuuh make me felling diesss and my bias list was broken πŸ˜‚ i like jin and v but after dope i like jimin suga jungkook and jin hahaha. the dance is very energic andwah so hot hihi
HAHAHA yes agree that the choreo is reallyyyyyy good! And cries I have a fetish for guys in office wear😍 hahaha
Hi!~ We r GOT7Turkey team. We prepared to Turkish subtitles. We translated to BigByung eps and want preparing to Weekly Idol Big byung and Chamsonyeo ep. So, we want to share us your subtitle ass. please help us! If you take a squint our channel :
Sorry I'm not using aegisubs so I don't have a separate ass file!
Oh, thank you~ :"> I was suprised because Windows Movie Maker can make the subtitle. But I mean to say how to edit color (and sound) of the original video? Can you share this experience with us? Sorry about my bad EngRISH TTwTT !!
It's fine!! I understand!(: I don't make any changes to my video other than adding subtitles tho! As for the volume, sometimes if the video itself is soft then I'll max up the volume with windows movie maker!(:
hahaha no problem slowly you will fall with monsta x cause i feel it πŸ˜„ are you have watch bts-dope? who you like in bts?
Cries I don't think I can take spazzing over another group hahah yep I did! Damn the choreo is so on point it's really good! My biases are taehyung and jungkook!^^ what about you?
try this one [DeokspatchX(λ•μŠ€νŒ¨μΉ˜X)] Ep.3 No Night One DAY(무박1일)_…: for refresing if you are bored kekeke btw why are you not sleeping?β€Ž  Ayutrisna Annisa
Hehe thanks in advance! I'm gonna blame you if i get into monsta x hahaha I'm sleeping soon! Lying on my bed talking to friends hahaha
can i recomended 1 show with short time? cause monsta x very cute n funny πŸ˜†β€Ž  Ayutrisna Annisa
HAHAHHAA I don't think I'm ready for a new group but... Okay you can link me (but I might not watch it because.. TOO MANY GROUPS I NEED TO STAY ALIVE HAHA)
Yeah and exolsubs uploaded the whole episode with eng sub too on DM!^^
To the Anon about babysoo's drama!^^
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hey kyungssi 😁 do you like monsta x?
Hahaha I didn't listen to their music or watched their shows so I don't know! Too many new groups omg so hard to keep track hahaha
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just saw your background. soo is so funny
Annyeong LOVE Kyungsoo β™₯ i really like you just like your amazing subbed! Excuse me, which software did you use to edit video? (as a vid 'Yaman TV: Jimin Aegyo') Please let me know~~~ TTwTT
Haha thanks!(: I used windows movie maker to sub! Haha
will u sub the episode of i remember you with kyungsoo? :3 please :3
Sorry I won't be! The whole episode will usually be subbed by the next day (you can check out / / and watching the whole episode will make understanding much easier than just watching his cuts!(;
Will you be fully subbing BTS's yaman tv ?:)
Sorry I'm not too sure yet! >< I know many of you guys are asking me that, sorry for not replying because I myself am unsure about it :/ Is there REALLYYYYY no one who is intending to sub it?
Oppa!!Saranghae!πŸ’–What are you doing now?
I'm not Oppa hahaha
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Do you have WeChat?
Nope I don't!
To the anon who asked me to post my header, I'll answer your question when I'm using my laptop! I'm on mobile right now haha
I just realized you have an ask fm! hahah anyway thank you for subbing most of bias groups vids :DD hope can meet you at some events in futuree :))
You're most welcome!!^^ hahaha I'm not a celebrity why do you want to meet me HAHAHAHA
hey, thanks for the bts subs when did you start liking them? cause i always thought you were more exo :)
You're most welcome! Haha I've liked them for quite a while now! Just that I'm more vocal about it now
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