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hi cindy will you be subbing exo next door?
It's airing starting from 9 April.. And my exams only end on the 30th of April. So I'll probably not be subbing the first 4 episodes? I'll sub after my exams end(; if it is only 15 minutes long per episode then maybeeeee I'll have time to sub in between studying but idk haha. For now, I'll sub after my exams(:
omg noooo it's not .. here it is from dailymotion website
hahah oops xD
It doesn't makes sense to me because I don't know the context, but that guy told Takuya "It's either he hates it or it's bothersome. It's either one of the 2"
cindy,the mascot is a robot or a person?why they act like an actual member?
Haha idk but I don't think it's a real person? Because there were videos of staffs carrying the mascots off stage and they seem quite light..
how did you learn it by your self ? have you ever lived in south korea or had korean friends to practice the lang with ? ")
Just watch a lot of shows with subs haha. Nope, haven't been to Korea (but going this May yaaaaaay) and nope, no Korean friends lmao
excuse me ,here the man with hat said some stuff that made the guy laughed what did he say exactly? i just want to know this , its too short could you tell me here plz ?
Is this some virus lol I opened and it auto downloaded some file ._.
Wow you're an ARMY too? And you're a translator? Hope you'll sub bangtan vids in the future ^^
Haha yep((: haha yes I subbed their videos before(:
hi dear! did you learn korean yourself or enrolled in a class/school? I'm looking for korean classes in sg at the moment~ could you suggest one? If you don't want to it's totally fine! :)
Hey! I learn it on my own but I attended a korean academy for a short while too! I went Daehan korean academy at kembangan (:
i watched Jackson Letter to GF Cut that you subbed and was amazing could you sub ep 7&8 from the same show ? plz plz i could not find it anywhere plz ? Thank in adavnce :)
Sorry I won't be subbing it :/
Cindy, what apps do you use to create subtitlle? can you shared with me? I dont know any apps to make a sub
I'm using windows movie maker lmao other subbers mostly uses aegisubs and virtualdub!(:
helloooo! which area were you sitting in for pink paradise? :D
Block C4!
Do you have Link of Exo Showtime ?? I want to rewatch it. (:
Search on YouTube I believe it's still there(:
Hi cindy, do you have any link for "CART" movie with ENGSUB? Can you it shared with me? Thankyou in advanced! :)
Try or or
CINDYYYY I want to meet you ㅋㅋㅋ senpai (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)
Lmao what I'm not senpai haha
oh i thought it's a variety show lol. when will that air?
9 April(:
what is exo next door? why does it have leading lady and stuff?
It's a web drama with exo haha
What does 'encore' means? :)
What does 'encore' means? :)
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How long would it take you to sub an hour show?
Depending on whether there are a lot of dialogues and captions, it'd take between 10-13 hours? Of like non-stop camping in front of the computer subbing haha
Hi! Would you mind if i ask you to sub hitmaker bigbyung cut episode 7-10?
I think Jacksonwangbar subbed it already(:
cindy, can you please tell me what is 있을때 and 있을까 means? please please answer this cindy, thank you so much!
있을때 - When ____ is here/around/existing
있을까 - If _____ is here/around/existing
Do you like the pinky outfits for all the exo members that kyungsoo is wearing on your avatar pic from exoluxion concert? ;) #SuperPinkyOutfits  Moon
Yassss! They look so good in pink shirts!! And suspenders too.. Hahahah
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I want to get to know you, but you seem so unapproachable T.T Idk y tho, myb its just me :P
hahaha I do?? I'm very approachable tho (or so I think haha) xD just talk to me!
oh sorry I misunderstood the tittle of the show :(( I mean " Weekly idol " with big byung and chamsonyeo :p I saw ur engsub and i decided to make vietsub but i dont have raw :(
oh hahha user walbbb2014 @ Dailymotion (:
Is your hangul self taught?
may i ask what software did you use for subbing? (:
windows movie maker haha
can you help me resync a sub for movie ?
Sorry, nope :/