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oh, it's like tickets? If you buy the VIP tickets, you'll get 1 fanmeeting pass. Is that it? So, it's all about money...
Nope nope! As in.. From what I heard it's not? They have fanmeet tickets randomly slotted into the albums! So you gotta buy more to increase your chance of getting the ticket!(:
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/pecks your lips/ well, too bad, I'm not. -Kyungsoo
*runs around like an idiot*
/pecks your lips/ well, too bad, I'm not. -Kyungsoo
u go her profile see, she did write about it!
It's better not to believe in rumors(: I guess people should talk to someone before believing in any rumors about that person. Because then, you can judge for yourself if they are true or not(:
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Hi unnie. ^^ Do you know any good sites on the internet where i can learn hangul?
Try! Heard it's good!(:
have you see the rumors about @/WUYIFUXK on twitter is it true ): ?
@.@ About?
can I have your katalk id? XD
Sorry I only give them to my friends! ><
Eonnie, You are from SG right? Have you watched exo's TLP there?
Yep yep I did!^^
HAHAHAHA you made me really laugh about how you answered my first question to you.. CAN WE SHARE KYUNGSOO??? HAHAHAHAHA XD
why EXO Luhan was not in the concert at bangkok?
Here you go!(: Luhan's Weibo update
why EXO Luhan was not in the concert at bangkok?
I~~loveeeeee DO- do re mi fa so la ti do~~~can we have do su tao xiu han xing do~~haha
Hahha!! (Y)
I love kyungie. N i love minseok. i dont know anymore. Haha.
I love kyungsoo you love minseok. Case closed. Hehe
u're 21 y/o right? are u a college student?
Yes I am!^^
What would you say if you meet exo (especially kyungsoo ;) ) at a fansign event?
I think I'll just spam them with "oppas" cause I'm too nervous to say anything xD and probably "saranghaeyo" hahaha
you came to cameron highlands? malaysia? ohmaigad that's is my place. oh maiiii
Haha yep! But that was so long ago! >< like.. 7 years back? this is the ending ment link.=) I dont hate on any other exo members but I wish they can stop bullying him sometimes, especially about his acting work. He must've been nervous about his first acting gig & making fun of him is disheartening tbh. ;_;
Ahhhh from what I see I think it was just a casual joke tho? I think they didn't exactly teased him a lot? Idk how to say it but I feel that they didn't do it to make kyungsoo feel bad about his acting. But more of like a fun teasing kind..? Lmao idk if I make any sense but yeah that's what I feel!(:
p.s. I like how Suho maintained order in the group by giving Kyungsoo the mask in the end tho hehe so cute!
do only koreans allowed to go to fanmeetings? Those fansigning and chatting with them sort of fanmeeting. I wanna go too T^T
Nope! But I heard that there's quite a lot of things to do/bring? Like you need to buy a lot of albums to get the fansign tickes etc. but I'm not too sure tho! Sorry I can't help much ><
alright, honey. as you wish. now, where's the kiss you promised? here or ... /points to his cheek then to his lips/ here? -Kyungsoo
Awwww baby I'm shy..
alright, honey. as you wish. now, where's the kiss you promised? here or ... /points to his cheek then to his lips/  here? -Kyungsoo
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I feel bad for ksoo watching the ending ment for TLPBKK. He looked really annoyed towards the end when he went to get back the kangwoo mask from baekchen coz they wont stop making fun of him ;_; It was funny at first & he laughed about it too but later it got all annoying for even me, to watch.
Really? I've yet to watch fancams tho! I saw some gifs and in them I think kyungsoo doesn't look irritated tho. Mind linking me the full fancam?
you're studying? have fun with books then. haha, no. studying is not entertaining~~ -Kyungsoo
Ayeeeeee we are husband and wife we should share both the joy and sorrows! Hahaha come I give you a kiss, come and accompany me!
you're studying? have fun with books then. haha, no. studying is not entertaining~~ -Kyungsoo
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so how's Cameron Highland?
The air is really fresh!! I like walking around nature so it was a good experience! Hehe
I'm sinking into boredom, entertain me, -Kyungsoo
Come and study with me yeobo~ come to me~~~
I'm sinking into boredom, entertain me, -Kyungsoo
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do you understand bahasa Malaysia then?can speak in bahasa?
Sorry I don't! ><
TQ so much cindy!! you're the best. i'll not 100% trust it . but i'm just curious what she wrote about.^^ muah muah!!
Hehehe you're most welcome!^^ try not to believe it though! When it comes to celebrities it's better to just wait for official news hahaha
have u came to malaysia before?
I've only been to Cameron Highlands when I was.. 14? For a school trip! Haha
Now that u have personally been to a tlp concert can u tell me what's the best zone/side to watch kyungsoo? Please and thank you
I would say either side! Because his solo is at the centre stage! For TLPinSG he danced to Black Pearl on the left side (left side as in when you face the stage) while he was at the right side during Love Love Love! Just get closer to the extended stage hahaha