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can you tell me the link of WOWOW EXO Planet japan 720p please? i have the broken one. and my IDM always error downloading on baidu. thank you :)
Try getting the link from @/namja1to4 on Twitter? She always posts multiple links^^
what is SurpLINES?
A 3 episodes short variety show in collaboration with LINE(:
Thankew afiiiii!!^^
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can you sub got7's web drama? ^^
I can over this weekend I guess. But wasn't the subbed version already out?
hi! do you know how many times we can vote for d.o for max award using one account?
Sorry I'm not too sure ):
will you sub some exo videos again?
Yes. I've never stopped subbing for exo though..? My latest subs are all for exo haha
will you sub some exo videos again?
do you sub got7 videos?
Yes I'm open to it!^^
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can i know ur twitter account for bts??? it's seems like i start to like them too..hehe
‎@MaknaesTriumph!(: But I'm less active there already hahah I kinda just tweet under this account for other groups too haha
annyeong :) emm, do you have video EXO 90:2014 ep.10&11? I cant find the video with engsub. until now I have not watched it :( help
Sorry I don't! Try searching @/SMTownEngSubs blog?
OMG Was ep2 of SurpLINES deleted already? ;___; i never got to watch it omg cries
Anyone else wants to watch? If yes, I'll un-private the Youtube video and open it up for a few hours so you guys can DL it!!(:
what happened to the Youku Night EXO Interview?
I think it got taken down ):
do have eng sub for chanyeol & tao law of the jungle full ?
Sorry I don't!
What's the first idol group that makes you a kpop-ers ?
Super Junior hahaha
is there any chance you would sub bangtan videos? just asking though :)
Yes, I'm open to subbing for bangtan(: Depends on whether I have the time though! Since I'm working and studying at the same time now >< Maybe I'll have time during the weekends!
do you not subbing surplines eps 3? i love your sub btw ^^
Sorry I'm not because other subbers had already done so! I was working that day so I couldn't sub it ): Thank you for liking my subs!^^
you clean your makeup brushes? how? special products?
Just use water and wash hahaha
Annyeong Eonnie^^ Heol. I am a huge fan of yours. Lol. Im from Philippines. I admire you. Besides baekhundred, you're my only hope when it comes to eng sub. Heol. I just want you to know that i really really idolize you. Jjang. Fighting^^
Awww thank you so much! But you think too highly of me! Sorry I'm less active now because I'm both studying and working at the same time >< There are other subbers out there providing subs too! Thank you for your support though!! <3 ^^
do you like BTS?i'm starting to watching their video,,recommend me some their funny video...thank you!
Yes I do! Omg there's too many to list! First of all.. Watch their Bangtan Bombs! And watch their variety show and !! And also which is a one episode show of them. And also their weekly idol episode!
where is Tao now? why he didn't back to Korea with Lay and Chen? O_O
This is so late I'm sorry >< I've no idea but I hope you know the answer now!
when will go on air EXO's One Fine Day?
Sorry I'm not too sure about that either!
what program do you use to sub? :-)  BYUNBAEKSG✨
windows movie maker(:
what program(s) do you use to hardsub?
windows movie maker(:
Ah yes, I saw this. I'll try to sub it but no promises! I'm a little tired today haha
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Are you already post exo surpline on youtube ?
Yes, and also Dailymotion and Veoh links(:
unnie what is merong/mehrong means? l
Sticking out of the tongue(: