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Cindy, is there full eng sub for problematic men already? I mean the one for Suho's second episode
I don't see any yet, can anyone help if you know of any?(:
can you please change your translation? because all BB subbers said that GD thanked singers not GOT7
Firstly, let me apologize. I honestly heard GOT7 and couldn't believe my ears and replayed countless of times to make sure but I still hear GOT7 (up till now in fact :/). I was unsure but some said they heard GOT7 as well so I thought maybe they had behind the scene stories that led to GD saying that. Definitely not an excuse, but I thought I should explain my side of the translation as well, so I'd like to express my deepest apology towards VIPs as well as IGOT7s who may be angered/ confused over this. I've taken the video down and will be making changes to my translation before posting it up again. Thank you all who notified me about this and once again, sorry for any confusion caused.
Why chanyeol's name is 朴燦烈??
It's just his chinese name? What do you mean? Haha just only until 45:59. sorry for bothering you and i'm forever thankful for your subs! have a nice day <3 3/3
Hey dear, don't worry you don't have to be shy! Haha feel free to ask me though I can't guarantee I'll do it every time depending on my interest as well as the length of it hahaha. In this case, the person asked Kyungsoo what he thinks about the pregnancy scene and (I can't really hear what he said so I based it off the chinese subs) he replied saying he like it a lot(: Good day to you too!^^
this is the 1st time i'm going to ask someone for trans too.. i'm just really curious about the q and his answer :) i wanna post gifs of it on tumblr so... :( but i'll def credit you! only if you have time, or if you don't want to it's totally fine :) 2/3
hi cindy! this is really embarrassing but is it okay if you translate 10secs of a vid for me? it's about ksoo so i thought of asking you.. i'm really really shy bc who am i to ask you for a favor.. you're one of the nicest subbers and i'm hoping you don't get mad at me T__T 1/3
Do you know the app that people chatting with the idol?
I don't think people do? Not that I know of haha
Just curious..if exo were to visit would you go to the airport to see them?
I think I'm too old for that hahaha😂😂😂
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ooooh okay thanks for the info about the pbs ^^ i just hope it will be okay in the end..
Hopefully everything will be good!^^ Just do your research I'm sure it will be fine!(;
When did you get into the kpop industry!
When I'm in secondary 3? 15 years old? So.. haha about 7-8 years now
hi i was wondering if you have ordered fansite photobooks before and whether its reliable/or group order like "dokyungsoo singapore"
So far I haven't bought any photobooks but I bought two 2015 calenders, one from Like A Star and the other from Corona. Both calendars were from the group order organised by dokyungsoo singapore! I can't say for sure that all fansite photobooks/ group orders are reliable, you will need to research a little on their past records(:
hmm so you dont like bigbang ?
I've never said I don't like Bigbang? Hahaha in fact I really like some of their songs and their shows are always fun to watch(:
How to fix broken heart?
If it's a figurine, maybe glue? If it's paper, scotch tape will work fine too(:
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may i ask how long it took you to learn Korean? is it a difficult language in your opinion?
There's no exact period because I've been watching dramas and variety shows for 7-8 years and I kinda picked it up along the way and also attended a Korean academy for a short period. I would say all languages are tough, it really depends on how much you want to learn it. If you're really determined to learn it, I believe it's not that difficult(:
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pap d.o Pict? very handsome d.o? hihii
pap d.o Pict? very handsome d.o? hihii
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Are you subbed alone?
Yes, I'm a solo subber, not a subbing team(:
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if you planed out something then your friends last minute cancel it,what would you do?
Hmm.. I would ask him/her why?
You are so damn helpful. Thanks for the video. How can i repay you😘😘😘😘😘because of you i start to love bts. Hate you. Hahaha.
HAHAHA OOPS. Sorry not sorry XD BTS is an amazing group, you won't regret it!
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Are you subbing Jackson's appearance on Problematic men? :)
Ahhh sorry I haven't watched it myself so I don't want to give any promises yet >< I'll update on Twitter if I decide to sub it!(:
Do you have bts on sukira eng subs link?can you help me search for it? I'm dying to watch it 😵
Part 1:
Part 2:
The subber is not done yet(:
Anyway, twitter/google search is helpful when you are searching for an eng subbed video(:
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BTS won over Bigbang today. Good job ARMYs and Bangtan! #soproud
Oh did they win over big bang ytd? I only know they won haha
You are such a sweetheart!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all the hard work <3 ily.
Awww thank you for dropping by and leaving a nice message! (: My pleasure!
hello cindy, it's the anon asking for the the softsubs from before! it's okay, hehe thank you! :-*
Hehe no worries!^^
(3) for this omg ;; also you're probably busy or you might not have it so it's totally okay if it isnt possible! still, thank you for the all the time you spend subbing videos for us! -showers you with kisses-
Hey! Sorry but because I'm using a different program to sub so I only have the hard sub video! And you're most welcome! ^^
(2) to upload the softsubs somewhere? i have yours and a raw video downloaded but sadly, i dont have my laptop with me for 3 more days bc im away for school stuff and im using my tiny af phone to watch videos and i kinda want softsubs so i can adjust the size of the font haha ;; im so sorry