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LOVE Kyungsoo @LOVEKyungsoo
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Hi, do you have the link to Lay's variety show (Xin Xin De Mi Shi)? It's okay if it's without subs. Thanks in advance and jiayou for your exams! ~Fellow SG'porean
Here's the latest episode:
The previous episodes can be found on the channel too, first episode with Yixing is subbed. You can follow ‎@namja1to4 on Twitter for regular updates as well!
And thank you(;
are u Singaporean?
p.s. I'm busy with school work lately cause my exams are in about a month's time so.. I'll answer the rest of your questions after I'm done with my exams okay! Just continue dropping me asks if you've anything to ask me!(:
where can i find that sehun called by eunhae ?
Here you go~
I'm all heart-broken. after knowing that luhan is seriously leaving. he's the warmest soft-spoken member I've seen from exo. and its.. errghh and being a hunhan shipper at this, really tore me apart. (sorry for this sudden outburst.. im just depressed.. even kyung's voice didnt work on me for now)
I understand, no worries. Just talk to me if you feel like it. Be strong because EXO Luhan might be gone, Luhan is still here.
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what a heartbreaking and relieving news isn't it? we are so sad that luhan leave exo but yet feel so happy that he's free from all the schedules and got to take a rest bc that's all he needs rn.
Yeah I guess so but let's focus on the latter and be happy for him as much as we can(:
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Is luhan sick?
SM did say that he is ill and resting during his break before this.
What happen to luhan?
He is terminating/terminated his contract with SM.
Why is luHan leaving exo?
The reason is unclear because only he himself knows the exact reason. But people are speculating that it's because of his health.
Hi can i ask u a favor? Can u translate this "forever with luhan" to korean? Bcs i dont trust google translate hehe thanks for ur help :)
Yes sure, "영원히 루한이와 함게" or "영원히 루한과 함게", depending how you want to call him. The former is "Luhan-ie" while the latter is "Luhan"
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R u Korean?
Nope haha
Can u recommend many different Kpop songs in different genre/style. Please write the artist group and genre.
Okay I'll just list out some of my favourite songs!
Huh Gak - Happy Me
WINNER - Tonight, Empty
iKON/Team B - Wait For Me
BEAST - Good Luck
Taeyang - Eyes, Nose, Lips
BTS - Danger, Boy in Luv, Let Me Know
B.A.P - 1004 (Angel)
100% - Guy Like Me
Co-Ed - I Love You A Thousand Times
Ailee - I'll show you
Infinite - Back, Only Tears
Jung Jun Young - 10 Minutes Before Breakup
Im Chang Jung - Long Time No See
MYNAME - Memory
Yeah that's all I can think of now haha hope you like them!^^
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I'm trying hard to learn korea. Just because to have conversation with u guys.
Hwaiting!! But you can talk to us in english too no worries!(:
MIX & MATCH! hehe
Yes yes? <3 hehe
can you recommend any d.o beautiful pbs? seriously, the beautiful ones only. oh oh, tell me which pb you've bought before too~~ i wanna know~~ ;D
I've never bought one before cause I'm late into the fandom hahah. And I think fansites are selling their 2015 season greetings now instead of photobooks so in case you'd like to know, I'm intending to get Like A Star's calendar and planner and also Corona's calendar! I was tempted to get Suave Island's calendar too! But I want a planner hahah. Voldenuit's DVD is awesome as well! But the calendar is only for the first 112 people who pre-orders ):
wait wait wait omg i got so left behind, sorry for asking this i'm such a slowpoke. where did the chat exo member event on? exo-l website?
There was an announcement that says that we can all apply for the chatting event on October 1st! Then they will choose 150 (or 200 I forgot haha) people to do a live chat event!
빠쁜 가바.. 너.ㅅ.ㅅ
응.. >< 내일 후에 좀 더 시간 있어!^^
I'm doing good too. Just bummed because I've been super stressed so I'm falling behind in school. /:  awesomeshengg
Awwww I get how you feel! Cheer up sweetie!^^ You'll be able to catch up in no time don't worry! Hwaitingggg! <3
do you love d.o????
No. I hate him
Are u in college now?
Oooooo alright.
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cindyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! whera are u?????
여기 있어용~
marjo just retweeted it. can u trans it. what are they talking about?
Ahhh.. it's actually a storyline made up by fans so I'm not going to trans it haha
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