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How would you like to be remembered?
As someone who is nice and strives hard at things she wants to achieve. And a bubbly person who gives off positive energy haha.
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do you know anyone who helps to edit photos for profile pictures?
Sorry I'm not too sure! ><
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Hello there! I'm from Singapore too :) haha. Thanks for your hard work. I used to be an exo-l but now I stick more to Bangtan. I have no idea on how to be multi fandom. It's so hard for me. ㅠㅠ thank you Unnie once again for subbing!
Hello there! Haha you're most welcome!
Errrr sis are army too? Where can I watch bts yaman TV engsub ep 2? I can't find it anywhere. Their song is getting better. I really love it.
Yes I am and bangtan subs is in the process of subbing it!(:
What is it that you like about Taehyung? ☺
Which part of him can I not like? Hahaha
this is very random but now and then i see people thinking whether exo are feminists or menists or not and they say that chanyeol is a menist? and i dont understand why..what has he done wrong?
Sometimes you can just ignore all these rumors and debates because it can be from a sourceless account or a very subjective topic whereby people escalate the situation and make it a big issue.
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where do you download exo's song?
I download all my songs from
Isnt hello monster & i remember u a same story?
Yep! Hello Monster was the title at first but they changed it to I Remember You!(:
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which web do you use to save videos?!(;
what episode did d.o appear in "i remember you"? 1, 2, and then?
i believe today's episode
Why did you love exo kyungsoo?
Because he is a ball of poop
Why did you love exo kyungsoo?
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Hahahaha you're so cute!! "and everything lol" ><
Hahaha because I do everything on my own so.. Hahaha
What's your Twitter username?
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are you a eng-kor translator or an encoder?
kor/chi -> eng translator and subber and uploader and everything lol Oh, I guess this anon means the 'other' kyungsoo stan... does 'Kyungsoo lover' username rings a bell? It could be kinda mislead to being Love Kyungsoo... if I am not mistaken...
Oh hahaha I'm not too sure about that then! But from what I know, kyungsoo lover USED to reupload videos but he/she is not doing that anymore(:
(please correct me if I'm wrong haha)
What do you do if your mother overprotective?
Talk to her about it?(:
hi there 😊 do u have a list for kyungsoo's fansite? if u know all of his fansite can u gv me a list for all of them? thank youu..
Please check my following!(;
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What happened to kyungsoo? :( Is he alright?
He injured himself during SMTown day 1 ): hopefully he is much better now!
Where did you came from?
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isn't you the one who always upload someone else video and not give proper credit? no? sorry if you wrong person
Erm.. no? All videos are mine!(:
Write an ode to yourself!
Oh wow hahaha I'm afraid I won't be able to because I really suck at this lol
can you help me to spread this news ? please vote exo as much as you can and this is the link :
Unnie, what video editor do you use when editing your videos?
Windows movie maker!(:
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