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lamia al.shayea @LamiaALshay3
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
يارب اغرس في قلب امي وابي نبضات راحة لا تفارقهما ♡.
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Everyone thinks that we're perfect .
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How many slices of pizza do you usually eat?
More then you think ✨
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back to the past or move to the future ?!  Rada★
Move to the future .
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Whats your favorite cartoon as a child ?  Saud.M
Umm well I can't choose one cuz I love them all but my 3 top fav cartoons is 1- pink panther 2- courage the cowardly dog 3- dexter
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Can I have you tumblr link ?
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صح كلامي ولا مو خطاء ؟
Esh klamk 6yb ?
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Ee lazm tklenha kther
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Talk about me :$  شذى العبيد.
You are the b e s t
You are my classmate
I love you
You are a kind person
You are funny person
And I can't say how beautiful you are
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instagram: LILBANG_TARIQ BB pin : 7431CA2E KIK ; tropek add me & like & follow ! i will like & follow back . ♥♥♥  lil Bang ♥Tariq♥ LB
Allah Allah
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entii shy jmeel a7bkk ya5ii !! allah la y7rmni mnk ya ajml 9de8a 3ndi ♥♥♥♥♥  Rada★
zeeeeenk 7ta ana mrra a7bk , allah la y7rmni mnk enshallah ya rb ♥♥♥♥
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سعآدتك :  abdulaziz bin Naser
When I'm next my love .
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happy barthday ❤️  Mohammad.♥
awwww thankyou so much ❤️
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تعرفين شيهانه الشايع؟
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احبك واحب امك واحب الشايع كلهم اي ميس يو :(❤❤  Imayar ..
Ya zeeeeeeeeeeink wallah , 7ta hm w Ana n7bk much more
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ممكن إضافتي في الويشات هذا المعرف حقي knight911m
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أحب أمك
W hy t7bk
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If you can change one thing in your life, what would you change ?  Saud.M
I just want to live like what I want in my mind :)
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هذا حسابي الجديد bader_abdullmalik  ,,,,,
Uha okey
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My beautiful angle
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بحبك حب الدينا كلها !
W Ana akthr
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شخصيتك تفتح النفس ياخي ❤️❤️❤️
Thankyou honey , cuz you are with me
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أنا زعلتك بحاقه ؟  Bidour khaled
La Ana az3l 3leek ?
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اهلين حبيبتي بس حابه انصحك ياليت تغيرين الصورة اللي حاطتها حتى ماتستاثمين بمن يشوفها...الله يجزاك خير  vanilla13
Uha shwkran
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You are the parfact girl to me I just can't tell you how I feel inside me you are just the beautiful girl to me I wish I can tell about my feelings , there's deep inside me he want you more then anything in this world it's just when you laugh I love you so much more then you think!! - SK
Thannnnnnnnnnkyoou so much , you made my day ! I want to know who are you please :( <3333
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How to make a woman happy?
Make her happy , listen to her , hug her without any reason , be with her every time even if the tire world hate her , make her smile when she cry be always with her , be her world and tell her that how much you love her .
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