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20 facts about you Latifa ❤️❤️I really want to get to know you
1- raygh bzyadh
2- 39byh bs 3la brod mdry kaif tjy
3- mgdr a3esh min don 97bati ❤️❤️
4- a7b a9wr selfie min fog
5-ma a7b ashel bglby 3la a7d mhma a4ony
6- Too positive bl 3rby at5yl kther
7- I want to be a dentist.
8- a7b alt3'yer
9- a3trf any 7sash
10- samjh bzyadh.
Scroll down for the other 10 ❤️.
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Your so cheek mashallah
Thank you 7abibti ❤️
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6yb wsh mktoob 3la altag 7gha ?
Mo mktob shy bs tlagenha 3nd ‎@THINGS_86
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T.shirtk el a7mr b a5r 9ura mn ween?
6lbth min alkuwait
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لطيفة في شوز عاجبني انتي لبستيه بثالث صورة instaكنتي لابسة اصفر ممكن اعرف من وين
Min shop flammes bl rashid mall mgabl memoza w hello kitty 7abibti
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Kaif Houston :(
Perfect ❤️❤️
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10 facts about you Latifa
2-az3l bsr3h w ar6'a bsr3h
3- selfie addict
4- my mood depends on my hair
5-I dream to be a perfect wife and mother
6-9boorh bzyadh witch is the only thing I like about me
7- ktoomh
8-ma a7b a9e7 gdam a7d
9- akrh alroutine
10- too wise for my age
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El light purple shoes elli knti labst'ha b a5r 9ura b insta mn ween ? 7bettha
7btk al3afyh 7abibti lonh light blue min shop flammes bl rashid mgabl hello kitty
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Eeh al7mdllh
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Fy alm6ar
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Mta mashyh ??
11 k4a enshallah
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ليش تصورين من فوق يخيسك
Mdry a7b k4a
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اي مطار ؟
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Wain fi US ?•
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Wen msafra ?•
Us b3dha Dubai enshallah
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What's your dream car ?
Lamborghini aventador ❤️❤️
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انتي أجمل امنياتي❤️
I'm sure that you are too ❤️
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وش بتسوين اليوم
Bro7 ag6'eli km sh3'lh 7g alsfr
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سيتم اختطافك بعد ٥ دقايق
Can't wait
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cute a7bk
7btk al3afyh ❤️
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Why won't you answer my questions ?
Because kaify?
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Btro7en sunset ?
Laa wain bzyadh 7rr
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انتي بزيادة نتفة
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Your too sweet
Thank you ❤️
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