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Cutest incoming freshman?
Most of them are cuties!
Any cute incoming juniors at Sabino?
There are a couple
Tanque verde is gay am I right?
It's just a really small school!
I feel like we should actually chill before school starts. What you think?
Yes!! Text me!
Do you and jarett have a thing?
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Why are you obsessed with all of the incoming seniors?
Well, my sister is going to be a senior and I love all of her friends and I really don't find that a problem. But thanks for telling me for the millionth time Jack.
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Why don't u date Nolan Richards ?
Because we are just friends? Hahahah
Who are you most excited to see when school starts?
Reid! I miss him SO much! He's my best friend
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Five favorite songs ?
Love somebody by maroon 5
Then WE danced by macklemore
Clarity by zedd
I want crazy by hunter Hayes
Wanted by hunter hayes
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what if I just message you?
Then message me!
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Are you friends with mikey?
If you are talking about Mikey Lastine then yes, he's my favorite!(:
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Favorite incoming freshman?
Already answered thisssss
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Thoughts on Mallory?(;
I love her and will do anything for her(:
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how about that dinner and a movie though? ;)
How about text me though!
How does he need to keep his priorities straight
With girls! I don't know they whole story but what it sounds like, isn't very good..
Thoughts on james?
He's a nice guy! I haven't talked to him in awhile but what I've been hearing he needs to get his priorities straight.
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Do u and Nolan have a thing ever.
Nolan whoooo?
haha I would but I don't think you would take the offer if you knew who it was
Ha. Just text me!
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what do you mean dm you?
Direct message! Or if you have my number text me!
I'm here!
are you into girls?
When are we fucking?
Where you at!
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your a beautiful person inside and out, want to go to dinner and a movie some time? :)
Thank you! DM meee(:
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Are you and colt wells dating?
We already are?
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Thoughts on that cool girl Cassidy? (;
She's a faggot
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