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?Where do you want to travel

Honolulu, Oahu ❤️❤️

What are you doing right now ?

spending a late night chitchat with sis

Who is in your mind right now ?

my unborn baby, wondering what does he look like 👶🏽

a jealous woman does better research than the fbi / what do you think?

so true.

مس اشتقنالج:(((


و انا بعد اشتقت لكم

ما هو أفضل سبيل للصدقات بالنسبة لك؟


Are u married ?


Layla habibti type your link in the "Website" so erryone can click on it❤️.

which website?

What you doing ?

I don't understand the question!

Did you live your future?

i guess i did

شو هو البرنامج الي تستخدمينه وايد ؟

PicCandy- Snapseed

Would you ever get a piercing? Where?

belly button

If you have a child what you will call her ?


its a baby boy. i ll name him mohammed. inshallah

اشتقنالج .. ردي درسينا:(❤️


i miss you too. but i am not a teacher anymore

عندج اخت اسمهآ عبير؟؟


عندج اخت اسمها عبير صح


تدرين انه الابراج حرام واعتقد انج ناضجه و دارسه ؟


Did you have a snapchat?


pinkleo8 this is my snapchat

shu y3ni leo?

برجي- برج الأسد

tsbheen lady gaga

hahaha. that really hurts cz I hate her.

بَ ككل صراحة , هل اسمك الحقيقي يعجبك ؟


بكل تاكيد

heyaa leo keep it in mind he isn't my boy friend ,but he is mine ..

i'll keep that in mind.

انتي جميله ❤

thank you

do think you r hurting some1 becuz of your ego !!

I hope not.

وحده تعرف كيف تغير مزاجج ؟


صديقتي نوال


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i raised above

United Arab Emirates