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how much $?
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Okkkk !!! -.- :@ :@
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Salam hope you are fine , I guess ur the bro of AYA she suddenly disappeared hope she is well I'm her old friend & I was so scared about her sorry & thanks
She is fine ,thank you!
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Bdesh Tswrli hawetak !! w bdesh eshi mnk !!! :/ Huh -.-
kam 3omrk ? kam twolak ? wen saken ? shu bthb ? shu btekrah ? Bye :P
اصورلك هويتي بالمره ؟
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Yes I am ..can you answer pls !! Are you in love ?
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pap ur watch !
pap ur watch !
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EVERYONE keeps talking about that chatous app!! what is it?
don't know
تابعتك  maryam sh
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Are you in love layyth ??
are you interest ?
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best movie 2014?  hind alqahtani
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Post your phone wallpaper
رغد من صفحتك احس انك؟:$  Raghad.Alharbi*رد لايك
مش حاس
اجمل شعور !!  ;bushra al sauod
mb lazm t3rf
Wow =))!
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Who are you?
Who are you!!!
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what are you doing at this moment ?
answer on your question..
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كل عام و أنتم بألف خير حبايبي ، #  المَها بِنت سَعد .
وانتي بخير
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How's tweed? R u in contact with him?
Long time ...
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كم حتعيدوني :( ؟  Abdallah masoud
حفاي على بوزك
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HappyBirthday to the MOST WONDERFUL, AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY, COURAGEOUS and GREAT FRIEND you are... Have an awesome Birthday <3333
Thank you );<3!!! But who are u<3 ?!
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#صباحيات  المَها بِنت سَعد .
مسائيات ..
1 person likes this ممكن تتفاعلون معي حبايبي :)  المَها بِنت سَعد .
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likes please  EmaN ♥ ♥
If u deserve it
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