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What is the weirdest thing you've heard somebody say?
"لويه هي هيه"
احب اهل الاردن ياخي ❤️❤️
كل الحب والاحترام ياخي
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جاوب دايم لا تختفي فجأه
اسالني دايماً
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Wlak tle3t faseh ;P
اه بعجبك
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قيس وليلى يا كبير
وانا المجنون في زمنٍ بلا ليلى..
فاين تكونُ ليلاتي
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ليش بيرفيكتوو ؟$&
اعتبرو سر
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But i really do love you and so much !! I love everything belongs to you
Wow! Be careful there ,big words
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كيف كان يومك ؟؟؟؟؟؟$@&
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Tell me you just appreciate it ??
Told you!
Why you waiting for 20/3
My car will arrive to amman
I told you that i love you !
Tell me who are you -.-
Why what ?
Love me back ?
And you are ?
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What you waiting for ?
كن كأفضل ما يمكن ان تكون .. و دع الناس يقولون ما يقولون و اعلم ان للكون رباً يقول ( وَعَـلـىٰ نِـيَاتِــكُم تُـرزَقُــون )  Ƀläck Ȩyȩȿ
You just appreciate it ???
What do you want more than that ?
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What is the most beautiful language?
What are you wearing right now?
I really love you !!
I really appreciate it
Fsk ?!
Fsk ?!
FSK ??
How did you come up with your username?
It's my name
يا زلمة داوم
إحذر أن تسـكُنَ قلباً فيـه أثرٌ مِن { عُـطْـر } آخَـر .. !!  Ƀläck Ȩyȩȿ
عطر ؟
Men ween ?
اردني يا خال