Mike Leonhard
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Do you worry about your future?

Not too much.

Do you miss someone right nowe?


Ok than any grade


Name 3 pretty girls in your gradef

Idk man there aren't very many good looking girls in my grade

Name your bestfriends

I have a lot of close friends, but my best friends are Chad and Chris

If your plane was about to crash, who would you want sitting next to you?

Someone I don't like so no one I enjoy dies

Well it'd be weird aaaannnddd I have a bf so

I mean you should stay loyal then, but I love meeting new people. so message me if you'd like (:

I can't..


You are actually one of the most attractive kids at Churchill. I've never talked to before though:/ but you're so hot.

That's like the nicest complement I've ever had. Dm me on Twitter (:

What is your high score in Flappy Bird?


Oooooh the crust is real up in livonia

The Crust Po-po

What crust

did u fuck alexia


How to make a woman happy?

Treat her right

What do you usually forget?

everything I should remember

do you know for sure

im guessing

why don't you tell her then

I think she knows

Megan. I mean, I never see you guys in the hallways together anymore, but you always tweet about not being over someone... maybe I'm weong

Lol I mean im not comoletely over Megan yet..

a girl who thinks she knows, but wanted to make sure.

well who do you think it is

is there anyone you're interested in right now? if so, who it's it?

whos asking?

lost your number ahah you text me sometime!

alyssa campbell

734-751-1506 (:

mike i miss you!

alyssa campbell

I miss you too! Text me sometime!

Uhhhh no she doesint ur friends with a freakin whore that doesint care about anyone's feelings she is playin him and she is going to brake his hart again!!!!

You obviously don't know her very well, you need to get your fucking facts straight before you accuse her of shit

Uhhhhh yea she is she's playing Dakota when she knows I like him! She's prob playing u to!

How is she playing me? I'm aware we are just friends. And I'm almost positive she likes Dakota

Mandy is a skank. Js.

No she's not.