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fav boy?
Samuel owen ofc besties 4 lyfe!
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how was harden?
Good thanks
who looked the best at prom?
everyone looked nice
would bang
Good to know
you looked amazing at prom xxxxxx
Awww thanks
hottest boy at prom?
Nath, harry, charlie and cam
Where are you going for sixth form
Harden or sheldon not sure yet
Prennies an odd name
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How was butlins, who were the boys you met?
Ahhh it was amazing and isaac prennie and sam
Ill see you there then
Wooo! Whos this?
Best friends at swimming?
My bffl theo and sam and sara
Are you going to regionals?
Best Overall swimmers in Calne?
Sam owen, sam miller, julian, sara and honey
i wanted just to be friends
so i'll add you :)  Ellie Lindley
um why? i dont know you?
you guys have been getting on quite well recently? ;)
yeah i spose haha, hes lovely! x
do you have a facebook account ?
yeah why?
you and james eh? ;)
whats with the winky face haha? :)
Who was the last person whose phone number you added to your contacts?
tom gray
you were the hottest girl at swimming on sunday by far
aw thanks, whos this?
do you fancy anyone ?
would you go out with anyone in your tutor ?
Idk really, probably not
your dp is lush babe! xoxox
aw thanks :) x
Hottest boys ?
Same ones I said before.
Was this year a good year for you?
had some of the best times, but some of the worst.