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♕LesbianCockyness♕ @LesbianForLyf
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ENG: Do you think love overcomes the survival instinct? SP: ¿Crees que el amor supera al instinto de supervivencia?  Oggy Bae
not at all wbu?
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ENG: Do you think there's something genetic on feelings and sexuality? ESP: ¿Crees que hay algo de genética en los sentimientos y la sexualidad?  Oggy Bae
no i don't.
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How can you tell that someone is lying?
some don't look directly in your eyes while lying and some fake a smile while they lie and some take a short pause type while they lie.
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fav and i will ask you a question here:)  ♕LesbianCockyness♕
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what is your kik name?
give me yours i will add you:)
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Can I see your face ?
add me on kik ill show myself to you:)
i like sex,do you?
yes love it :D
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What personality trait do you admire in other people?
Hmmm the way how one can make you feel another person comfortable with your company
Do you like hanging out with guys better or girls better
both why?
no but you are so hot
thank you so are you:))
your avi is hot
thank you:)
I want to fuck me.. I'm lesbian.
there are thousands of lesbians dear in this huge world so does that implies that iam gonna fuck all of them?eh?!
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How is it that I can be so in love with someone that barley understands that im alive? I would do anything for her and she doesn't even know my name! I walk past her in the hall way everday and we say hi even high five but..... UGH WHAT SHOULD I DO????
go and confess on her face that you feel some type of way for her !goodluck;)
Hey, do you remember me?  Lawson's Juliet.
What is your Song of the week?
bailando by enrique i guess tho i like sean paul's part lol
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do u have fb?
i had but i deleted
who's the cutest person you've met using chatous app lol
unfortunately she is not from my country lol :'(
are u single or taken?
Hellooooo Ni (((:  Paola
hey payy how are you?:)
How often do you go to parties?
Not alot
whats up babe :))
Nothing much just have been sleeping alot lately during my holidays ;p!!
No , can I ask how old you are ?
Iam 20
Olá meus amores , Olha sei que estou meia sumida , mais logo retornarei . amores ta ai um ask que eu ficarei por lá um tempo , Junto com a doce Acacie , então se preferia , sigam ela estarei desativando esse por um tempo. Sem grosseria iguinore quem nao quiser ok . http://ask.fm/AcacieeABrana  SuaLesbica ♣
I have no clue what U said
Do you have a type ?
Not really wbu?
I feel normal with the things people say to you on here. Girly or butch? What's your preference?
Yeaaaa weird sometimes hmmm girly I guess