♕LesbianCockyness♕ @LesbianForLyf
♕LesbianCockyness♕ @LesbianForLyf
lesbianza ♀♀
♀Aries Salute my lesbianism #Asian. ;) #lezlife;)#navy Think what you want , Single & Lesbian bezzy ♥Bitch i will ✄ you! lesbianza ♀♀
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hey how r u
M good n U?
hey I am not sure if I am a lesbian or not but I think I like girls can u give ur kik id?
You give urs I will add u
tomorrow i will tell
Ahhhhh ok
ok see ya tomorrow sweeetie bye kisses :*
Before I doze off may I know who are you?:)
Iam gonna sleep its 4am here . Night :*
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nice..happy birthday then..im 21
Thankyou :) n awesome
cool...nice..have u ever come here?if no would you like to come?
Ofcourse yes I would love to . Yes one day when I will have lots n lots of money hahah
and how old are you?
Turned 20 yesterday. haha
Wow beautiful I love your country and culture.
:) where are you from sweetheart by the way?
From India hahahah and you?
Who knows the most about you?
im good...im glad you are awesome...jaja
My pleasure hahah
how are you?
Awesome thanks, and yourself?
1st likers get 40 likes rest get 5? please?
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hello  Agnwstos X
on a ask PS i'm lesbian too :*
Okhay bae
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hi i am a lesbian, but i have a male kik id to talk to random girls would you talk to me?
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Seee me on ig
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please follow me
On where?
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why are you lesbian ? what is resone let you be like what you are ?
because women are gorgeous . I love them.
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u have a great hair ♡
Thankyou love<3
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hi ♡