♕LesbianCockyness♕ @LesbianForLyf
♕LesbianCockyness♕ @LesbianForLyf
lesbianza ♀♀
♀Aries Salute my lesbianism #Asian. ;) #lezlife;)#navy Think what you want , Single & Lesbian bezzy ♥Bitch i will ✄ you! lesbianza ♀♀
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How often do you go to parties?
Not alot
whats up babe :))
Nothing much just have been sleeping alot lately during my holidays ;p!!
No , can I ask how old you are ?
Iam 20
Olá meus amores , Olha sei que estou meia sumida , mais logo retornarei . amores ta ai um ask que eu ficarei por lá um tempo , Junto com a doce Acacie , então se preferia , sigam ela estarei desativando esse por um tempo. Sem grosseria iguinore quem nao quiser ok . http://ask.fm/AcacieeABrana  SuaLesbica ♣
I have no clue what U said
Do you have a type ?
Not really wbu?
I feel normal with the things people say to you on here. Girly or butch? What's your preference?
Yeaaaa weird sometimes hmmm girly I guess
hey baby girl :)
Hey sweety:)
I want you to suck on my tits!
Would you have a long distance relationship?
do you wanna be friends on fb?
Sure give ur fb link
What type of females are you into?
I don't really have a type I just need to have a good connection with her.
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If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive who would it be?
Michael jackson, early men, rihanna , chris bown, kat von D.
im a lesbian too... do u have facebook?
Yes i do
What's your favorite movie scene?
All the scenes from the movie hangover
hmmm...im not a mature baby...can u do an exception?
Who R ya?
So how come you call yourself a lesbian?
Dating doesn't means that you are in a relationship duhhhh! Dating for me is like meeting new people n having a good time in general.
Can you date a guy?
Maybe if he is super fine.
Hahahahah ok ok. Don't u worry.  Lawson's Juliet.
u are sexy baby..do you like young girls or bigger girls?
how old are you?
Shhhhh kik  Justin
Ur kik?
Imagine a world where being straight would be the minority. Imagina un mundo donde ser hetero fuera la minoría. http://youtu.be/GKt7YqJ7Egw  Olga Báez H.
I think u hate me and i don't know why!!!!  Lawson's Juliet.
Noooooooo i was busy sorry:/
ur Instgram
Give urs n ill follow:)
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Good. Actually, not really good, but, it doesn't matter. Hahaha  Lawson's Juliet.
Y? What's wrong?