have you ever kicked a guy in the balls? lol

hahahhaha no

I'm following youu 😊😘 I was born in USA so if you want to talk any probleem. 👻 Un coco especial




how old are you?


Your favourite movie?


Eres muy guapa! C:

gracias amor :)

Hablas español??

no i speak english '/

I'm from Argentina, send a question and we can chat ;) Adriana Valencia

ahah why do you want my pics for?

Hey, i'm from Argentina Adriana Valencia

hy nice to meet you:)

Hola te sigo ... Y me gustaría que hablaramos Hidekel Lopez

hello girl:) nice to meet you.

hi. i'm 17 and im spanish. i would like to have a hot message in watsap with you. do you like?

haha hot message

Y es justo aquí, en medio de la noche cuando te recuerdo, cuando puedo llorar tu ausencia, cuando puedo extrañarte, cuando puedo dejar de fingir que no me haces falta y que es tu adiós el que me ha dejado con un vacío. Te lee y Te sigue:☺ Amante De Las Letras

woww ;0

hola <3 nueva seguidora Ana Sofía Ramos


Hola, soy nueva en ask, si quieres pasate y dejame alguna pregunta, ya te sigo ;) Adriana Valencia

hey welcome to ask gorgeous:), Where are you from?

when are we getting married? :3 OLGA

hahha whenever you r ready :p

Are you a Gold Star lesbian? (Just in case you don't know what it means, a Gold Star lesbian is a lesbian that has never had sex with a guy and would never have any intentions of ever doing so)


Psssssh I am the love of your life! You just don't know yet :P OLGA

hahhaha ofcourse you are ;p

Are you Proud of you? ( im lesbian, too)

Yes iam:)

do you mind having guy FRIENDS?

Of course not



what's the name of the love of ur life?

Haven't met yet



Hello beautiful 😜😜😜


foto <3


What would you do if you suddenly grew as tall as a skyscraper? Would you step on people? Topple buildings? Eat people?

haahahhahaha this question is so funny tho!


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