Your favourite movie?


Eres muy guapa! C:

gracias amor :)

Are you single? I think you so hottt. Can we fucking? Plisss ahhh. I cant wait, your answer. How your lesbian style btw?

lol lesbian style?

Hablas español??

no i speak english '/

I'm from Argentina, send a question and we can chat ;) Adriana Valencia

ahah why do you want my pics for?

Hey, i'm from Argentina Adriana Valencia

hy nice to meet you:)

Hola te sigo ... Y me gustaría que hablaramos Hidekel Lopez

hello girl:) nice to meet you.

hi. i'm 17 and im spanish. i would like to have a hot message in watsap with you. do you like?

haha hot message

Y es justo aquí, en medio de la noche cuando te recuerdo, cuando puedo llorar tu ausencia, cuando puedo extrañarte, cuando puedo dejar de fingir que no me haces falta y que es tu adiós el que me ha dejado con un vacío. Te lee y Te sigue:☺ Amante De Las Letras

woww ;0

hola <3 nueva seguidora Ana Sofía Ramos


Hola, soy nueva en ask, si quieres pasate y dejame alguna pregunta, ya te sigo ;) Adriana Valencia

hey welcome to ask gorgeous:), Where are you from?

when are we getting married? :3 OLGA

hahha whenever you r ready :p

Are you a Gold Star lesbian? (Just in case you don't know what it means, a Gold Star lesbian is a lesbian that has never had sex with a guy and would never have any intentions of ever doing so)


Psssssh I am the love of your life! You just don't know yet :P OLGA

hahhaha ofcourse you are ;p

Are you Proud of you? ( im lesbian, too)

Yes iam:)

do you mind having guy FRIENDS?

Of course not



what's the name of the love of ur life?

Haven't met yet



Hello beautiful 😜😜😜


foto <3


What would you do if you suddenly grew as tall as a skyscraper? Would you step on people? Topple buildings? Eat people?

haahahhahaha this question is so funny tho!

wanna do lesbian?


What childhood story actually frightened you?


So whose your girlfriend?

iam single i had my breakup.


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