but i don't have twitter :(


where do u live?


niha .. listen i need u :( i always remember you even we dont know each other ! i think that u will understand me .. i love u niha ❤ .. the problem is i cant show myself becuase my friends will take an ugly idea about how im talking with u :( ... i need sm1 to understand me :(

But sweetheart then how am I supposed to know who am I talking to ?You can contact me on Twitter through dm . I promise not to reveal your identity.Lots of love:).

Like and I'll follow you on Instagram.


"El amor escucha la Sinfónia como un todo, y no únicamente tal o cual instrumento" Te lee y te sigue: Amante De Las Letras


Can I get your page in facebook!!

Sure but show yourself

hi !


miss u

<3 you are?

Are you online?


how are u

Good thankyou and you?

can I hv a picture of u n can u follow me I'm new

can you show yourself to me , i will follow you.

You photo send me please

show urself first

how do u look

average maybe?;p

love u

hahah thankyou:D.

do u understand arabic?


Thankk u sweetheart!!!!! 🙏🙏 if u can #LIKE it on YouTube real quick


what do u mean? (sometimes things are just not meant to be)?

means it was not working out.

what do u want to know about me! my name ? i don't know u but i find ur profile and i ask u .. im so curious

yep i want to know your name

why ur relation broke up!

sometimes things are just not meant to be.

just question

wbu? who are you?


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