♕LesbianCockyness♕ @LesbianForLyf
♕LesbianCockyness♕ @LesbianForLyf
lesbianza ♀♀
♀Aries Salute my lesbianism #Asian. ;) #lezlife;)#navy Think what you want , Single & Lesbian bezzy ♥Bitch i will ✄ you! lesbianza ♀♀
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my neighbor bob beat his ex-girlfriend then her cousin swallowed him whole, what will happen to bob?
Bob died
what is your snapchat
I only use whatsapp
+18 gif ❤️
have you kik?
If you could restore one broken relationship, which would it be?
With parents ofcourse
I don't have kik
age ?
I absolutely adore you.  The Anon
Thank you :*
I have just got I am bisex. I am a girl, and I had a lot of doubts about my sexuality....finally I got everything I was supposed to
Mi manderesti il grillo
How can I detect a lesbian girl? or... in any case, how do you detect them?
I always fail to do so lol
Quiero Novia. *--* Quien quiere ?
can i get a photo?
U have IG?
Like for a smash or pass?
Where to like?
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I found texts on my girlfriends Facebook with her talking to other girls. She told me that it was her cousin when she spent the night at his house. I want to believe her but I've never been in this situation.😒
Trust your instincts.
Hi can you follow me on instagram http://instagram.com/stacy_amato and maybe like and comment my photos , I follow back :)
Hey I tried opening that link it shows page not available
give me ur kik plz
I don't have kik
Te gustan las mujeres
Very very beautiful girl. Can you post a picture of yourself? Have a nice day :)  Suck me
Thankyou and I have instagram
I don't use Kik I use what's app
ENG: Do you think love overcomes the survival instinct? SP: ¿Crees que el amor supera al instinto de supervivencia?  OLGA
not at all wbu?
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ENG: Do you think there's something genetic on feelings and sexuality? ESP: ¿Crees que hay algo de genética en los sentimientos y la sexualidad?  OLGA
no i don't.
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