Liam Sass @LiamSasss
Liam Sass @LiamSasss
I'll play the fool, but never be taken for one.
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what are you doing working on V??
I'm stage crew so things like lights, sound
How you doing?
I'm fine? Thanks haha, how are you?
What do you do? Like are you part of a technical department or what?
Tech Theatre, so yeah
Have you ever regretted a decision you've made?
Do you miss anyone in your life?
Lost ones
How old are you? :)
Do you have girlfriend?
Not giving it to an anon haha
do you have kik? man
do you wish you still had curly hair?
Yeah I do, weirdly
how are you today?
i am really good how are you
You are beautiful!
Thaaank you :') bit random being on my ask at 3 this morning haha?
What do you do for a job ?
work at ralph loz
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Do you tolerate heat or cold better?
Do you wear any t-shirts with funny sayings on them?
If you had one wish, what would you wish for?
More wishes
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whats the shoes you were
urm, got supras, few vans and converse and few others
youu're cute.
Thank youu:')
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how old are you
what is this ymcmb?
young money cash money billionaires
how was london?????
sorry this is like 3 days late but yahh it was reaaally good!
What is your instagram?
liamsass :')
How old are you? &youre soo hot! I'm scared to dm you :(! And thanks for following mee! :* xoxox
sorry for replying 2 days late, but i'm 16 and thank youu, go ahead i don't mind :) x
will you be my valentine?xxx
of course x