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Are you addicted to shopping?


Oh my gosh,I haven't been on in forever !! I'm so sorry ! I'm starting over now so stop liking the pics and stuff from one month ago ! Ill restart in a bit !

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*^^^ so sorry guys !

Best features?

SURE !!!

*Don't bother liking the last two pictures because im not goin to finish them or the tbh/shoutouts*


Idek how im going to get all these in...

Opinions on me? Please!

Your gorgeous :)

Are you male or female?

Female and I like guys if you think I'm lesbo. Hell no.

Are you a boy or girl?

I already answered this and it's in my bio. GIRL

Ugh,there's so many likes,be patient if you dont get yours right away pleease

Like For A Rate


I'm sorry if I don't get to your rates/tbh/shoutouts I have alot I will try to get everyone :)

LIKE FOR A SHOUTOUT! I'll do them tomorrow ! You have the whole night to like and after 12pm ill stop ! :)

Like For A Rate

^^^^^^ like for a Shoutout!

My ask is crashing so ill do the rest tomorrow :) thank you !!

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iphone game ?

Ask me again in an hour. I have to finish the other ones :)

why are you anonymous if its just a "like for rates" page ?

Juan Viera

Because I want to be,I don't want people to know who it is k ? I'm just being nice

Sorry if I missed any of you today ! I will continue the rest tomorrow ! I hope the rest if you have a lovely evening !!!

Like For A Rate


What are you busy with today?

Like for a Tbh :)

Do superheros exist?

Anyone who has to do with serving our country is a hero <3

who are youu?

John Perry

Who are you

What city do you go to?

What city do you go to

who are you

Anon swag

Thank youu (:

Your very welcome !

ok you should post a pic of you

Nah,I'm anonymous

are you a girl or boy

Girl :) just being nice here

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Just someone who's actually trying to be nice,and yeah,I'm a girl

Ohio bitch.