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add my new snapchat? you're absolutely gorgeous snapchat ~ edishot

Forest Cunnt

Add me cutie oliviathomasboo :*!

Stay strong beautiful, fuck the haters <3

Staying as strong as ever,thank you so much perfect!<3

Just wanted to say I think you're a very strong fighter and I admire you. p.s you're so beautiful x

That's so cute thank you so much you cutie x

wow you're gorgeous :o

Awh thank you x

Stay strong beaut okayy

I am lovely x

stunning;) x

Awe thank you x

mmm your gorgeous baby l wish you were mine <3

Awe cute thank you x

is that you in your dp.. if so then your truly beautiful <3

Of course, thank you<3

Snapchat names?


do you have snapchat if so whats your snapchat name?

kieran boss


I know I Dont know you but stay strong I read that para:(

Aw thank you x

Perfect :o x


Aw thank you cutie x

Hey, listen it's me, Maisie, We used to talk on bbm pretty much everyday! Er, i'm not sure if you remember me?i'm going to add you on bbm! Please dont answer this question though, i dont want people seeing my name, thank you x

Sorry babe I have to answer this because I have a new bbm pin - 2ACB7BA8

You are gorgeous :)

N'awh thank you ehe

answer the following questions 1. Like anyone 2. Virgin 3. Do you think your pretty 4. Best friends 5. Friends 6. Single or taken 7. Best boy friends 8. People you text a lot 9. People you dislike 10. Screen shot messages

Yeah,nope,nope,have lots,got lots,single,shane!jord!jake!ross! I text a lot of people tbh! A lot of people. What messages?


I'm on my phone atm:) sorry

you're perfect!!xxxx


N'awh thank you!xxxx

Hi, I don't really know you well, but can I just say that you are the strongest person ever. After all that shit you went through, with your mom, sister and you're still here. I'm honestly so so so proud of you. And you still get nasty messages from your 'dad'. Its incredible that you can stay this

Thank you! Me and my father are doing good at the moment!:)x

holy....i just read that whole life story of yours :'( im so sorry you had to go through everything like that <3 one shouldnt go through stuff like that by themselves, they should have friends to help get you through life, i feel sorry fpr everything that happened to you <3 xoxoxo

Damien McKeon

Tbh everything that has happened in the past has made me who I am, and has made me as strong as I am now!:( thank you xooxoox

You don't know me , but I'm so sorry to hear that about your life I'm even crying on what you Said no one like you should go though that. I'm only 11 and I think my life is bad but really it's not. I've always thought that I don't belong here and I wanted to kill myself.


Thank you! Always here if you need a chat add my facebook x

I have so much respect for you

Dannii hyden

Awh thank you!x

Ignore the haters ur perrrf!!x

Joe Whitey

Awh thank you cutie!x

You're soooo prettyy omg i'm jelous :)

Bet you're beautiful, thank you!x

are you still depressed?

I'm doing pretty good right now actually, just get them odd days but then again everyone does

Sorry, I don't know you but that para I just read almost made me cry now I know how lucky I am stay strong

Awh thank you!x


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