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Lulu✖️ @Loanac133
Lulu✖️ @Loanac133
Don't ask me any bullshit ✋
Ask me a question
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do you have an older brother? if so, you got any suggestions on how to get bros to back off, when they put you in a headlock?
1 yes I do and he's a moron -.-
Anyway step #1; punch him in the crouch, straight up, his hands won't be anywhere near there because he'll have you in a headlock.
Step #2: if he isn't to big you have an opportunity to push him into the wall, depending on how he has you in a head lock you Try to look for the nearest wall (corners normally work the best) or you could always pull him to the floor.
Step #3: turn your head so your head is straight, or so your chin goes closer to his hip, then pull your chin in towards your body and pull out, making sure the crown of your head is the last part of your head to be realist
Hope that helped ?
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What is your biggest regret?
Okay first off I really dislike the way people are all like "no regrets" NO, stfu why wouldn't you have regrets? I'm pretty sure everyone has regrets, I know that might not stand for some people and that they genuinely have no regrets but the majority probably 99% of people do, I know I defiantly do, i just don't let them get to me. I regret trusting particular people, I regret choosing particular things like choosing the cake over the salad or wasting my time on homework that where the teacher has said that if we didn't do it we would be put on detention and then doesn't even check it or ask about it, I regret spending so much time on one person or one thing etc. Sure all those things sound like mistakes and yeah we do learn from our mistakes but with some we don't or we don't see the message it's trying to get across until it's too late, so no I don't have "no regrets" yes I do have regrets but the regrets I have I don't let get to me and no one really needs to know about then, because I really don't need any reminders about them✋
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Pffft fight me loana my raps were better.
HA HA ! Yah ! And I'm really Kim K
Shaes sexy
Noh noh noh, I I'm sexy... You trip'n
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I know I am bae x
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Shaes still sexy
She can be sexy to me again when she gives me food ;) ✋
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Shaes sexy
Yeah I also went to shaes sexy house and she wasn't there to give me food ( ;_;) sad face
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yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaa bruuuhh I love you and me
You love me more tho aye ;) jks ily xx
say my name
Latoya ;) ✋
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go buy yoself a house
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go buy yo Mumma a house
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and I appreciate that
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you grateful
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you loyal
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you smart
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A+ flawless xo  Sel
Ily xx
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Awh, You're perfect. Ily, I follow you<3
Follow back x
Post a picture of your shoes!
They look like duck beaks ✋
Post a picture of your shoes!
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BAHAHHA you make me sound like a fagggot but idc bc Ily and you love me  Fatima Abbas
YOU AINT A FAGGOT AND IF YOU ARE ?!! ... Your my faggot xxoo and I love you !!
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Can you truly love more than one person?
Well my family's full of people, and I love them all, I also love all my friends so, yes, yes it is ✋❤️
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Omg me me me  Meliss Ucaner
Dude I just did the explanation of why it took so long is in there hahaha x
Where's my tbh -.-  Meliss Ucaner
Damn wait I was saving yours for last but people keep liking the god damn post hahaha anyway
TBH- Mel, where to start hahaha damn, okay you have one of the most perfect bodies I know of and today when you said you had a man body I felt like slapping you No you don't okay stfu haha, your face is just as perfect, your eyebrows are always on point an you have the best nose I swear, probably sounds wired but #yolo haha, your have a straight forward personality and I love it how when you don't like someone they can instantly tell haha cause it's like you tell them without saying anything, when I first came I didn't like you at all (bet then again I kinda didn't like anyone) but now that I've gotten to know you I now know that your one of the best people to know and to talk to, your a great person to sit down with and to just talk to, oh and you hair I lien your hair hahaha, and I swear you know everyone haha, sometimes when you do thugs it's annoys me but nothing much really mostly just when you dance like an idiot haha ;) I honestly hope that you find the right guy because you deserve the best. But yeah overall I love you and hope you never change for anyone xx :)
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hahahahahahah aw I love you so much xxxxxxx  mariam
I love you too !! Xxxx ily
Hahhhaahahimitatemehahaha  Fatima Abbas
Omg he's so stupid hahaha
I-I no I-I just can't nope !
Taylor your lazy
She's so lazy man...GET UP COME ON !
Maaaan let's do something
Man seriously !
Man !
Are our drunk or ??
*clicks mouth*
*pick up line*
Why baby lemme get cho didgets
Omg I love you !!!!!
YOU KNOW WHAT *smacks head and body repeatedly* YOURE BEAUTFUL !!!
Omg ily man
Ew no yuck !
*yells at sister tongue he food*
IM TELLING... Dad ? (Idk what you actually say I've forgotten)
Omg I love you hair bro
NO ! My dad's gunna kill me
Ugh let's do something
Hahahahahahawhattheactualfuckhahahahahahaha ;))

That's all for now folks hahaha (I'm a loser) ily fatty xxx #fuffy
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