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Thoughts?  Mostafa Elnachar
MUSTI !!! Let's just say that I've been meaning to answer this but just couldn't be bothered haha sorry, anyway, your one of close guy friends but I feel as if that's only because I'm Taylor's best friend ;) but nah your like a brother we don't hang out all the time but we talk all the time, art goes off :') your funny and a good friend ox
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Hot tea or ice tea?
Why not both
do you know of any apps that are like chatous?
I didn't know what hell this was so I looked it up and it looks like kik and snapchat mixed together... #soznotsoz
Favorite car?
Probably a 1968 Volkswagen bug
2013 jeep wrangler
1959 Cadillac convertible
Volkswagen bus
1960's black mustang

I have a few haha sorry #notreally
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How would you describe your style?
What tv series you want me to get?? Kik?? Or FB??  Hamza Ahmad
Don't have fb kik me tho loanac81
7th grade  ham
12v loyf ✌️✊ aha thanx
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What color are your eyes?
Rainbow -.- (I wish)
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Do you talk to yourself?
What kind of question is that ?... Ofc I do -.-
Closest friends
This guy ✋
But my friends know who they are because I love them and they know and if they don't just ask haha x
Closest friends
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What do you think you do best?
Waste space :/
Screenshot kik?
Sure thang¡
Screenshot kik?
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What makes a person rich?
What kind of rich ?
What’s the first thing you’d do if you were the opposite sex for one day?
Run around/Play sport with not one worry about my boobs (even tho I won't have any) jumping around like their acrobats on a jumbo trampoline
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What was the last drink you had?
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Where do you find new music?
Where do you find new music?
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Prettiest/cuttest girls In your year at casula?
Can I just say I love how detailed this question is and that someone knows me really well hahaha anyway tbh VVVV
Daniella. B
Daniella. C
Jessica A
Jessica P
Tanya ( even tho she can get annoying)
SOOOOOOO many girls that people don't really notice, that deserve to be on one of these "lists" but most of the time just "don't cut it" and if you don't agree with me idc I think their gorgeous #soznotsoz#fekoff
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What's the most valuable thing you've held in your hands?
My family and friends when I've given them hugs
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If you had three wishes, what would they be?
1. for more wishes (duh obviously)
2. super powers
3. To know about all my past lives and future selves (or a book of every single conversation, or part of a conversation, where my name has been mentioned or I have been talked about)
Who's your number one friend?
This guy ✋
Who's your number one friend?
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What great quote would you like to share?
Laugh like your 10
Party like your 20
Travel like your 30
Think like your 40
Advise like your 50
Care like your 60
Love like your 70
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What are you interested in?
A lot of things actually
What are you interested in?
What do you say during awkward silences?
I would normally make fart noises with my hands
Do you believe in aliens?
Are you happy with the amount of information in your head?
Ha! Defiantly not !
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