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IG: itslogzguise - Logan @LoganNellideBrennan
IG: itslogzguise - Logan @LoganNellideBrennan
Edmonton, Alberta
White guy, ask me stuff
Ask anything. Answering all.
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She hot, the mechanic bull not so much
If you break up with a person do you delete all the chats and pics of you guys?
The internet is for porn.
Prob why it was invented tbh
What would you never post online?
Basically anything thats not on my tumblr already
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Correct. And you sir, shouldn't be, cuz they have a more than a 50% chance of being penguin'd.
I'm just trying to figure out what to have for lunch tbh.
What's a wigger?
A white person trying to be black??
What is your favorite season?
Fall! sweater weather :3
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How often do you work out?
every second day ish, plus gym in school if that counts for anything.
Do tbh & rates ?
Yup!! Like it up ya lovlies
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If you could be a jellyfish what kind of jelly would you squirt, Dragon? ~(-///-~)
wtf LOL\
Dragonn sugar skull? Reference pic that a tattooist uses for a stencil? ~(-///-)~
I drew the sugar skull based off one i saw on tumblr, cant find it right now haah
Haha gonna call you Dragon from now on! but what kind of tatts? Love em too .-.
I plan on getting 4 in the next 2 years or so haha. Uhh sugar skull, Floral (family sentimental), Anchor with the nova scotia flag laced around it, and a quote. So theres a few on the too do list. Really want a full sleave ahha
To the person who asked why I "friend zoned them". Just private message me and discuss this, not something meant for a public feed like  IG: itslogzguise - Logan
who is the other anon. :'( I wanted to use the :3 to keep track of my questions.. Hey Logan if you would ever have to be a girl what figure, hair color and fashion style would you have? .-.
Im so confused with whats happening LOL. Uhh, hopefully fit ish, red, blonde, brunette, tattoos! and skater/preppy skate if that makes sense.
#IGotsDaBooty :3
Oh dang
yes but cho opiniono on the song and what're they doing..! Haha it's my fave part of Zoolander! :3
I had a good laugh indeed.
You're high-larious! watch fully and opinions on :3
Isn't this from Zoolander?
You've been hit by- you've been struck by ;)
a truck
hehe I consider you a dragon.. Ya know.. Cuz you're that hot ! :3
Boom, youre a smooth criminal.
If you were any mythical creature what would you be and why? Hydra? Haha just reminded of that because of your amazinn eyes.. Ahaa but think carefully! :3
One, thanks! two: hmm, idk elfs are pretty dope, theyre basically immortal. good looking. Yeah sure an elf. Or a fucking dragon and ill burn shit like Smaug.
If you could be the Dragon Warrior from Kung Fu Panda, what would you do and why? :3
LOL, 1 I love you who ever you are. And literally eat all the food then go kick some ass. Basically Po.
To be or not to be spanked? That is the question.
You'll get farther by grabbing it than spanking it.
Do you like birthday donuts from timmies?
Yes they are pretty darn tasty
Ass eater or ass spanker?
Spanker XD, I dont wish to taste what she had 9 hours ago.
What is your least favorite food?