Logan Brennan @LoganNellideBrennan
Logan Brennan @LoganNellideBrennan
Edmonton, Alberta
White guy, ask me stuff thesehillshaveeyes.tumblr.com
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How do you usually express your emotions?
Art! Or I'll devour a whole pizza XD
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Why so cute >.< And why must you not like meeee gah.
Uhh... what.
John, Omar, Rachelle, Chyanne, Robert, and Shekinah
who is ur best friend of all time
Idk if I have a best friend of all time. There's some I call family? If that counts
Thoughts on Omar.. GO
I consider him family honestly. One of my best friends since late gr9 ; super chill and holy fuck so many inside jokes with him. We got to chill soon! We have to go primo hunting !
What personality trait do you admire in other people?
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First three songs in your favorite playlist?
Krewella - We Go Down
Watsky - Whoa Whoa Whoa
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat Fences - Otherside
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What's the best comfort food?
Pancakes man. Pancakes..
Nicest ass you have seen?
jk Jen Setler that model. yeah her.
Best concert you have ever been to and why?
I've only been to one concert lol. Fallout Boy as the Cosmopolitan in Vegas ! Amazing venue and met some cool people.
hottest girl youve met???
oh jeez, I cant decide that haha.
Do you wear a watch?
YES! Nixon Corporal <3
have you ever wanted to just teleport?
Well duh.
"Wanna go to vegas?" boom teleport there and back. Done.
Who is the boss in your house?
Who ever buys food most recently.
Rock climbing or windsurfing?
Windsurfing any day!
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You're pretty cuteee
Well thank you kind random citizen.
how bout best from each grade?
Gr 10: Kristen, tayler? hardly know any of the grade 10s
11: sam, alexa, shekinah,
12: renee, myra, marissa?
Good as its gonna get.
When you go to a movie, do you like to sit in the back, middle, or front?
Top middle?
Would you hold me and comfort me ;) -Hassan
God damnit Hassan...
Top 10 Hottest gr. 10, 11, 12
i literally cannot think of a top 10 LOL.
idk heres some: Renee, Alexa, Courtney, Kristen, Sam, Shekinah. Thats good enough.
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http://youtu.be/XHj4QzNdP0c Pretty much sums it up boo  princess♡
OH Back flip. Gotcha.
Back tuck :)  princess♡
1: What is a back tuck even LOL.
2: Tnx b XD :3
Kinda random, but thanks? Haha. Queue awkward exit...
if im ugly, will you still do that to me? haha i dont think so
I would do it anyone honestly.
if i cry in front of you, what will you do to me, im a girl
Give you a hug/hold you, make sure you're okay, and see if there is anything that you wanna talk about. Honestly it's all an impulse/go with the flow kinda situation. Pretty much comfort you as best I can.