IG: itslogzguise - Logan @LoganNellideBrennan
IG: itslogzguise - Logan @LoganNellideBrennan
Edmonton, Alberta
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Do you sleep in the dark or with some light on?
In the pitch black like my soul
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The black one
Aight dope, spread the word. But seriously thanks for showing the interest its appreciated !
Keep ask updated when you do cause I'm Forsure interested
Which one was it btw, Inverted or Standard ?
Can I get the zip up flower sleeved sweater in a pullover ?
All those hoodies are going to be pullover once I get production going. The mock up I made is just a blank canvas that features the zip up. These are only meant for a design kinda thing ya feel.
Post a picture of your wakeup face!
Throwing it back to Poland with these sexy baes.
Post a picture of your wakeup face!
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Hey guys, as of a few days ago I started working on a clothing brand. "Crossed Worldwide" I would appreciate it if I could get some feed back on the designs I have so far. Below is a link to the tumblr and imgur pages. The tumblr one will serve as the main page for design uploads, posts. Imgur will be if you dont wanna see all the rants I will be posting lol. Thanks Fam
Imgur Album
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Besides your country, which is the next best country in the world?
Idk, I liked Czech Republic when I was there recently. Soo there
Do you like Coke or Pepsi? Why?
I don't see a vodka option
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Doing rates and all that jazz. Let me know in my ask box  IG: itslogzguise - Logan
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I want everything.  Sad Bois
You're literally one of my closet friends and you're a boob but I love it ️haha. Also im slighty terrified of what you and Rachelle are trying to plan. Liiiil worried ️haha but Tis okay. We need to hang soooon
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What is your favorite waste of time?
All of theee above  Jenna Leibel
TBH, im pretty bummed you missed happy hour with Momma Brennan haha. Next time! We need to hang out more than we actually do, once like a century is not enough. Next party there is, we gonna go hard haha.
idk what the third thing was...
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Hella bored, and nothing to do. Rates, tbh, all that shit just tell me which one dawg. drop @ in the ask box ya sloots. <3
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it's very nice :3
I try hella hard to be "cute"
I like your face.
You're so sweet, but why anon?
so what you're still cute ❤️
so what you're still cute ❤️
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look at your face
Pimples dood
you're cute as fuck
But why thoughb
no you're more than decent. you're a solid 12/10
Waaat how do !
ur cute
Im decent ? But thank you random anon :3
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Do you prefer to talk or to listen?
I prefer to sleep
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tbh ; LOGAAAAAN, okay well I'm gonna start off with your mom is legit the coolest, but anyways you are so much fun to hangout with, you are like super chill and have a great sense of humor. lol remember when we blasted spice girls in Roberts truck that was the bomb (':. Well UR rude and I hate u .  Jenna Leibel
You're rude ️haha. Thanks b
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Butt cleavage is bae, do you ever go streaking?
Nah don't need to scar anyone
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Ever think what would life be like with a detachable and interchangeable dick?
who the fuck thinks this shit up?
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What was your most awkward moment?
Every time I ask a girl out LOL
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