Hi @LoganWayne22! What do you think of this song ? Sub if you like ;) www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJ_CL_Y8kzA Amanda Bertens

Niceee I'm already obsessed with it xD

- ✰Logii✰

So I'm back online and super bored so spam me or I'll spam you

Oh I don't mind the weather! Haha I'm alright :) I'm Luke hemmings Amnesia❤

lol you like freezing to death? O_O

POST DP !!!! ^_^

Ya, so how's it going? How are ya today ? :) I'm Luke hemmings Amnesia❤

awful ! This weather sucks -.- hbu? :D

Ya, happy Valentines Day to you to Logii <3 :) I'm Luke hemmings Amnesia❤

YAY!!!!!!!! lol

Haha Nm been doing horrible lol wby? Raynn

lol what do u mean by horrible? and nm, just staying busy with school -__-

Hi .. #AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMalik❤️

Hey, what's up? also...HAPPY V-DAY !!!!! XD

Hey Logii !! :3 I'm Luke hemmings Amnesia❤


Miss Me?? lol<3 Raynn

lol um yea ! what's up?! hahaha XD

Choke me out or a video about how you choke out people choke me out you get500$If do the video you get1000$ Or do choke fight winder get5000$

No thanks

Heyy Raynn


post dp?

My baby

Heyyy baby Daniella Michela Kathy Dijulio

Hey babe, how was school?

he broke up with me because i wasnt pretty anymore Hayley Wilmouth

You're pretty to me .

Talking to you...can we talk but don't post it!? Daniella Michela Kathy Dijulio

Ok. Bout what?

Heyyy Logiiii!!!!! Daniella Michela Kathy Dijulio

Daniiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!! Lol wassup?

my bf broke up with me Hayley Wilmouth



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