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Anya Kass @Lolwithlove21
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Cant believe Haley Rios died!Do you know how
Funny I talked to her today
yes she's sexy
okay thanks
You look like Sam from icarly
is that a good thing ?
You give head?
dudes like you have nothing better do to then ask me in anon for something you have no real balls to ask me in person for
Are you in Love?
yes , with Miley Cyrus
Have you had sex with a black guy
lol, questions like these..... does it matter if he was black, white, blue or green
Know any cute guys from other schools ? Names ?
what kinda guys do you like? help me out
What's ur middle name ?
What is the last thing you said to someone?
nice man tittes
What is your most played song at the moment?
Wrecking Ball
What will you never do?
tbh you cool asf thick asf and cute and seem chilled  Kevin Abercrombie
Thank you
youngest guy youve kissed
I c yo tracks gurl
Have you ever thought about taking a spelling class ?
I see you at school a lot but I just felt the need to tell you that you're absolutely beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you different. I'll stop bothering you now.
Who are you ?
You probably don't know me lol
if i dont know your name then i probaly dont lol
You're gorgeous and beautiful. That is all I needed to say. Carry on.
awe thank you, who are you
Tbh, your really nice and pretty. But you don't text me that much anymore  Aaron Mims
Are you a shopaholic?
Hell yeah
Are you usually the heart breaker or the heart broken?
Both !
To be honest; You're gorgeous and so easy to talk to!!
Thank you bae!
If you tell me who you are I might say yes !
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ooh OK are they dating or something
I wouldn't know , ask her I know she would let you know
who's that black guy that's always with makii
Robert Moore ??
Top ten cutest Senior guys?
Ummh I don't know , I think Kardell is okay and I don't know lol