Khloud AlShehri★ @Loooudii
Khloud AlShehri★ @Loooudii
United States of America.
يارب رضاك والجنه.
yu r more than welcome.
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Esloobk lesh zg?
enta leish lsank ws5?
What? tra wallah you licked my brain😂😂 (لحست مخي)
sorry قاعده اقولك تجاهليني .
Kef? What are you saying?
ignoring me.
5la9 never mind
Zain nevermind nevermind👅👅
Its just me☺️
who's this?
it's private.
أنا ولد ومعجب فيك ودي اتعرف عليك بس مادري اذا انت سنقل او تيكن؟ الله يحفظك
ههه معجب اجل هاه، توكل ع الله بس
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خلود .. لو سمحتي ابي اسألك شي بس لازم برايفت
اسألي هنا، ماعندي شي اسمه برايفت.
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خلود مكوتك صارت حلوه ماشاءالله
كلي زق
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احد قالك انك مُزه؟
la ll2sf
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How is your life khokha !? I miss u (k,alajmi)
hey, what's up !! missing u so much w rbi:(, how's eveything w/ ya?
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We do know each other. I'm one of your friends on Swarm.
my guess was right ;p, sorry friend I can't.
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Your kik?
we don't know each other, so no.
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allah ywfgk ya w5yte .. gd luck w take care .. rememberd me wala nasyh :p hehehe  OMAR~
wyak yarb, yeah sure I rememberd yu.
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ايش افضل اسم ولد ؟
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يحق لتس تنغرين
ma an3'r ana=))
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Are you stylish?
Tryin to be
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doom yarb .. ana al7mdlilah great,, so loong time walla, fe US wala came back home already !  OMAR~
wyak yarb, still in US
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وش يعني لك نورث بآرگ ❓
3adi mall mthl ay mall thani =\
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خلود تقرب لك نوف الشهري؟
لا محد يقرب لي اسمه نوف..
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pic of u
don't have any
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khloud sorry lol it was me who said long time and inshallah ur doing great be4 few days but i forgot to not hide my name.. :p anyway how are you ?!  OMAR~
no problem Omar, excellent, hbu?
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شيء عجزت تتقبله (؟  rAhaf.
السوشي، ايووو =))
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اهلك يسحبون جوالك؟؟
جوك حبيبتي (:
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