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احبك اكثر من روحي

i don't even know you bro😕.

طيب ليه كاشخه بصوره اختك😂😂😂😂 شالنظام بالله

non of ur business bitch !



Esloobk lesh zg?

enta leish lsank ws5?

What? tra wallah you licked my brain😂😂 (لحست مخي)

sorry قاعده اقولك تجاهليني .

Kef? What are you saying?

ignoring me.

5la9 never mind

Zain nevermind nevermind👅👅

Its just me☺️

who's this?


it's private.

أنا ولد ومعجب فيك ودي اتعرف عليك بس مادري اذا انت سنقل او تيكن؟ الله يحفظك

ههه معجب اجل هاه، توكل ع الله بس

خلود .. لو سمحتي ابي اسألك شي بس لازم برايفت

اسألي هنا، ماعندي شي اسمه برايفت.

خلود مكوتك صارت حلوه ماشاءالله

كلي زق

احد قالك انك مُزه؟

la ll2sf

How is your life khokha !? I miss u (k,alajmi)

hey, what's up !! missing u so much w rbi:(, how's eveything w/ ya?

We do know each other. I'm one of your friends on Swarm.

my guess was right ;p, sorry friend I can't.

Your kik?

we don't know each other, so no.

allah ywfgk ya w5yte .. gd luck w take care .. rememberd me wala nasyh :p hehehe


wyak yarb, yeah sure I rememberd yu.

ايش افضل اسم ولد ؟


يحق لتس تنغرين

ma an3'r ana=))

Are you stylish?

Tryin to be

doom yarb .. ana al7mdlilah great,, so loong time walla, fe US wala came back home already !


wyak yarb, still in US

وش يعني لك نورث بآرگ ❓

3adi mall mthl ay mall thani =\

خلود تقرب لك نوف الشهري؟

لا محد يقرب لي اسمه نوف..

pic of u

don't have any

khloud sorry lol it was me who said long time and inshallah ur doing great be4 few days but i forgot to not hide my name.. :p anyway how are you ?!


no problem Omar, excellent, hbu?


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