Justine C @LoveTheJuice
Justine C @LoveTheJuice
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We don't know each other. We've never met, never even spoken, but your photo caught my eye and I ended up on your profile. And let me tell you, you're so, so beautiful. Unbelievably gorgeous. You're just perfect and I wish I knew you. Well, this is probably kind of annoying, so I'm gonna go  Legion Kacher
You're not annoying, and Thanks! Btw, too much pressure huh and I'm not really perfect, no one is :)
What activity do you never get bored with?
Name three things you have never done, but would like to do?
1. Ride a bike
2. Tour Europe
3. Eat a Cronut
What's your favorite movie snack?
Popcorn with a new flavor everytime usually something from Taters
What is the least stressful job you can think of?
Everything is stressful but I think if you do something you love it will be worth it.
Is your favorite time the past, present or the future?
Which foreign country do you dislike the most?
India (hygienically speaking)
How much money have you spent today and on what?
Around 600 for Starbucks alone
What social networking websites do you use?
FB, TW, 4sq, IG, TUMBLR, this one, etc etc
Where will you go on your next trip?
Japan I hope for a week because of the no-VISA thing
Who or what made you smile today?
Waking up in vacation mode
What's one thing you refuse to pay for?
A car that I don't like the color of
Did you ever run away from home?
Do you wear any t-shirts with funny sayings on them?
What you looking at? (With an owl on it)
How often do you go to the movies?
Once a week
Name any 3 things that make you smile?
Jokes, rainbows and fresh air
What is the safest place in the world?
What was the last thing you regret buying?
Estée Lauder cream that I wasn't able to use but will be put to good use because I gave it as a gift
like = 3 likes?
You just don't force liking
What is the most popular lie, people tell to each other?
I'm okay
What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
Answering questions and dealing with my planner
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Which is the most memorable day you have ever had?
When someone made me a scrapbook and knew that I also deserved one
Do you believe that each individual on Earth has a soulmate?
If you were granted an autograph from anyone, who would it be?
I'd rather have pictures with those celebrities