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Do you think it is right to keep wild animals in a zoo?
I don't think so because their habitat is their home. If you cage them in a secluded space, and even if they have food given, I don't think it is enough so I would rather let them free because at least they could reproduce and increase in number. Unless it is an emergency that an animal needs assistance from humans, they can stay for a while but they are let free after this.
Who is the last person you bought a gift for?
My cousin, for his wedding!
i think sembreak was so boring! anung pdeng pagkaabalahan?
Marami! Spend more time with your high school friends that you could catch up with, trick or treating if possible, get to be updated with the series you've missed, fix your room/clean the house for any stuff that should be given or thrown away, find a job that you would most likely to do for a short time for extra money, Scrapbooking, do errands at home, in the technological world today, we can play app games or go for foodtrips, travel, explore your country's cities and provinces or the world then post it on Instagram or on any social networking site that gets you viewers who would want to know what you think about any place in general! :)
do u think how do you improve ur english grammar skills?
Reading books, checking the dictionary for the meaning if it is unclear or not understandable and speaking the language. Sometimes I make mistakes too but it could be avoided if you're cautious of your mistakes. I'm not saying that I am perfect if I am a grammar nazi but wrong grammar, pronunciation and spelling is just a pet peeve of mine so, I will correct it whatever the cost. Lol.
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what's the best thing to do after you graduate? what's ur plan anywy?
That depends on you. What is your course? But for me I'm taking masters after grad with part time. :) Pero kung science course siguro ako I would go for medicine after Human Biology. I'll specialize in Dermatology, Surgery or Neurology. Malaki pera!! Hahaha.
may i ask how to download video on ipad?
I don't know how for free. Pero videos I think could be airdropped from the other unit kapag Nasa Kabila Pero if movie, may Bayad, go to the Videos app, Click store then choose what movie you wanna buy. But you will be needing a credit card for that. I'm not sure if they accept debit cards though but please check. If you don't have one you need to have one and create an iCloud/apple account so that you can purchase any movie that you would please. I forgot na Pero Baka you need a Paypal account. You could make one also for security purposes.
your age?
masarap ka siguro kasama no? dami mong alam na kainan! hahaha peace
HAHAHAHA! I guess? Or mahilig Lang ako kumain LOL
what's ur favorite worship songs?
Any song by Hillsong :)
What is your favorite type of flower?
Rose or Forget Me Nots
paano ka magdaily devotion? :)
I'm not a super prayerful person but I do pray :) Pero if ibang klaseng devotion ito, ANO yun? Please specify.
magkano baon mo everyday or allowance everymonth? XD
Wala na, kasi I don't have classes, thesis nalang HAHAHAHA! Pero I can't also tell what was it before Eh confidential ask me personally on my facebook :)
How many people do you think you've met in your life?
Around 50,000 more or less
what's your favorite movie dat you've watched?
Classics: White Chicks, Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, Lizzie McGuire Movie
Inspirational: Finding Forrester, The Color Purple, The Help, Forrest Gump
Up, My Sister's Keeper
Hotel Rwanda, Pursuit of Happyness, Life of Pi
Romance/Drama: If I Stay, Fault in Our Stars, The Notebook, The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Suspense/Action/Thriller: The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo, The Dark Knight, Inception, Hunger Games, Divergent
what's ur fav frappe ‎@starbucks?
1. Raspberry Banana Frappe for me (healthy, no whipped cream)
2. White Chocolate Mocha Frappe (really got me! if I weren't on a diet I would drink this)
3. Butterbeer Frappe (check out recipe on the Internet)
4. Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappe (very sweet but a good first try when I was in Tagaytay branch but I'm not sure if that's the one, but they featured it so I hope that is right)
5. If I were thin I would always have every order customized!
if you use some android phones, what is the best for you?
Apple user but if apple didn't exist I would go for Samsung :)
what's app or any website do you always visit?
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wunderlist, Soundcloud, Waze, Swarm, etc. :)
where's your school? year & course?
DLSU, 4th, Bachelor of Arts - Behavioral Sciences Major in Organizational and Social Systems Development
What do you do to let others know you love them?
Efforts? Giving/spending time, calling, of course letting them know.
sadyang tahimik ka ba sa personal sa mga taong bagong kakilala mo lang?
New people Lang, Pero maingay talaga ako. Minsan kasi tinatancha Ko Muna kung anong Klaseng tao siya, ganun para alam Ko Yung approach. Pero hindi naman ako awkward sa mga Tao. Oftentimes naiingayan pa nga sila sa akin EH HAHAHAHA!
what's your hair routine and maintenance naman?
I've had my hair rebonded thrice kasi sobrang kapal, Yung iba usually diba hibla Yung makapal, Yung iba maraming strands that makes up their hair, ako kasi both kaya super kapal so I had to. Usually din kasi gitna Yung hati so I put it sa side, and conditioner Lang yan, I apply hot oil once a month, let it stay for 10 mins then rinse Yung sa HBC Lang protein treatment is okay or Yung keratin hot oil. Actually, I have a dry scalp so I have it treated at Let's face it. But for dye, first time Ko Nung January Lang and I make my mom dye it para sure ka nang maalaga and hindi magkakamali, wala ka pang babayarang salon. For haircut, Piandre Fort kay Jun.
super na-aappreciate ko po mga mahahabang sagot mo everytime i ask. hehe thankyousomuch! :D
Sure sure anytime!!!! That's why I love answering questions WAHAHAHA What's the point of this DIBA if you don't help people or answer their respectful questions :)
what's the fastest at mabilisang daily routine for slimming? TIPS :D
... (Cont'd) once in a while Pero pwede mo substitute fruits for that and hindi Lang chips yan ha, PATI Fast food, Ice Cream soft serve, sorbetes, halo halo, Panna cotta, Leche flan, softdrinks, all super sweet desserts)
f. Fasting ( Medyo OA Pero if it works why not, 1 meal a day, itubig Lang din kapag parched)
g. Water diet ( tubig at tubig lamang Pero super OA naman to, Pero pwede 1 day parang cleanse Lang)
h. No Carb Diet ( bawal dito rice na kahit Anong kulay, pasta, noodles, bread, crackers, cookies, pastries, and wafers bukod doon pwede na lahat)
i. Protein diet ( extra meat, meat, meat, eto para sa mga nagpapalaki ng katawan + protein shake)
(c-i: actually kahit anong diet pwede Basta kaya mong panindigan, KAHIT Wala pa dito Sa listahan mo ok Lang, Pero important is DISCIPLINE and CONSISTENCY talaga)
what's the fastest at mabilisang daily routine for slimming? TIPS :D
Hindi pa ako payat ... At nocturnal pa ako Pero...
1. Sleep early
2. Get 7-8 hours of sleep everyday
3. Balanced diet as usual, Go Grow and Glow, Food Pyramid, 7-8 glasses of water a day. If hindi ka disciplined sa food... here are ways:
A. ...Pero Maliksi ka, exercise at least 30mins to 1 hour daily Pero syempre kapag walang nangyayari, step up.
a. Treadmill
b. Group exercise ( body combat parang mini boxing with aerobics fave Ko)
c. Yoga ( yoga gets you stretched and relaxed Lalo na hamstrings KAHIT na need ng balance KAYA mo yan)
d. It's not bad to take weights for chest or something and the thighs but limit Lang SA light mga 10 - 15 siguro para hindi mag build up muscles ng Grabe, important Muna kasi is to lose the fat so cardio is best which is a and b together with a some c to relax you )
e. Hire a personal trainer (sometimes we need to build strength by the alternate reps para may Nangyayari kailangan ng variety and the more pain sa body the more proof that it works and ok din for you Yung mini massage ng trainer para mastretch, warm up and down Yung body to avoid muscular strain or lessen body pains when you wake up)
f. Boxing / Muay Thai ( point Lang din nito is variety, mas maganda din kasi challenge para fulfilling, boxing is intense Pero Muay Thai is much more kasi may kicking involve Pero may trainer na agad dito kaya masaya din 1-2 hours siya per session Depende sa Kakayahan mo Pero worth it )
g. Gym buddy ( masaya ito kasi nappush Nyo each other to limits with matching kwentuhan and fun on the side Pero dapat legit naman ha wag Yung gym Konti tapos lalamon din pala ng hebigat kasi friends, Pls Yung makatarungan naman, wag lokohin Ang sarili )
B. ... Pero hindi ka maexercise Na Tao because of work / school
a. Skinny Juice Cleanse ( I haven't tried this but I recommend it cause I also need it myself, medyo mahal Lang kaya ipon ipon Muna, but this makes you feel lighter and on the third day daw my friend said Medyo manghihina ka that's why Tapatin sa weekend na bum ka Lang... Try checking their website for FAQs. Hindi Ko alam kung Masarap Pero at least healthy and may fruits naman so at least Yung vegetable Flavor maccover up.
b. Fit Food Manila / Happy Diet Delivery
( examples ng meals na get delivered to you for daily meals pwede naman Pero isip Ko Lang Paano iinitin kasi hindi din healthy and microwave but besides that, ok siya for discipline, kasi you get to eat enough and intake just the right amount of calories for you )
c. Kohen Diet ( mahal Pero may Kilala akong pumayat na dito parang meals din siya like b Pero hindi Ko alam kinaibahan, please search nalang Sa Google to be safe and sure)
d. After 6 Diet (eto self explanatory, wag Kumain after 6. Pero Kung nagugutom, itubig mo Lang yan. Pero Warm ha?! )
e. No Junk food Diet ( no exceptions ha?! Pero like in balanced diet kasi you need small amounts of sweets so a piece of chocolate HINDI YUNG WHOLE BAR HA!! Kasing LAKI Lang ng thumb mo naman!!! Or a candy will do..
your skin so flawless, ano po facial routine mo lagi?
Hindi ako naghuhugas ng Mukha everyday. Serious!
Pero kasi allergic ako Sa dust so nangangati mukha Ko so I use cetaphil for that, once in a while.
Moisturiser helps din, pwede ponds or Cetaphil also.
For astringent, I apply Eskinol Papaya to clean my face.
Never din ako nagpafacial whatsoever! That's the truth!
Lahat ng beauty product use Ko bihira pa so, Wala talagang secret HAHAHAHA! Tulog Lang ng maaga para hindi lumalim eye bags, Lalo na kapag bata pa saraaap sleep early cause once you're in college Shet ayaw mo na tumanda Pero nangyayari kasi puyat lagi.. Pero good experience. :)