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Have you ever played golf?
Yes, mini golf and virtual golf! PANGYAAAAAAAA!
Have you ever played golf?
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Could I be your servant
Grabe OA
Are you the previous one also?
do confused people deserve second chances?
I guess so.
COB! (Thesis Question) (:
Kasi sa COB business based Kayo diba, kaya advisable na may kasama ka, para at least madelegate Yung tasks kasi may marketing, accounting, capital need and selling proper na involved. Pero if your parents can help you with everything including the money you will be shedding for capital and/or you are willing to hire someone to sell on your shop once it is approved if possible, and ready to open na Yung business, then wala kang magiging problema in terms of finishing the business all by yourself. Medyo Mabigat lang Yung paper work. But i think, what you can do if you were to find or if you want with group mates is find someone that really works and is willing to "suffer" with you. Hindi Yung Iiwan ka kapag may problema na or Iiwan ka kapag tapos na niyang makuha Yung gusto Niya. Hanap ka Ng masipag na katulad mo. Who will work from start to finish.
Do you suggest doing a thesis alone? Advice from one ICAN to another, please. :(
Nice question! I am actually doing my thesis alone right now, what is your college though? Depends kasi eh.
10likes=10likes in return? (:
How will I like anything if I don't know who you are
what's your favorite juice?
Fruit Punch!!!! AAAAAAAH But so far, I love Arizona and Snapple! I also love the classic Apple Juice, closest to Martinelli's and of course the Classic Welch's! Usually I like tea based products like the ever famous and cheap Lipton Red Tea and Sola's Raspberry Iced Tea... Now I'm looking for a great Cranberry Juice! I found a great Cranberry Yogurt though. :)
what characteristics should one look for in a maid of honor? (curious lang haha! esp puro matrimony matters ang inaaral namin sa tredfor) XD  Tiffany Ng Co
The one who knows you and your partner best, the one who will be there for you, arranging the things you will be needing for the wedding, someone who will support you to go through every dying hectic and stressful process.
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What is the last thing you picked up off the ground?
Dogs' food bowls
If you could own any building in the world, which one would it be?
Eiffel Tower
kailan mo kami ililibre ulit ng mcdo hahahaha
Sino ka? Libre Ko nalang Kayo Ng something healthy and cheap wag na pampataba....
Where should you never take a first date?
Something noodly! Pasta or Ramen for First impressions is a no-no.
What is the next big thing that will blow people’s minds?
Flying cars :))
Post a pic of your favorite shoes?
something wedgy (open or closed) or Nike Dunks AAAAAH
Post a pic of your favorite shoes?
If you could hug anyone right now, who would it be?
This someone will know when I do it myself. *MARARAMDAMAN NALANG NIYA ANG RELEASE THE KOALA CLING*
What is your favorite potato chip flavor?
Barbecue by Lay's
Would you ever consider dating a stranger? :)
Depends, it feels creepy though. But if it's a blind date, probably not. If I know the face, yeah. I'm kinda superficial so... :(
a dream?
What dream?
so what do you look for in a guy?
Actually, I want an ideal man that I will never be able to find, someone who knows how to sing or at least has a voice to spare for karaoke, or at least knows how to dance ballroom or hip hop or whatever moves, who's fun, someone I will never run out of conversation with or if ever someone I could stare at if ever we ran out of something to talk about who is not afraid for exploration and mystery, basically who is up for something new and some risks, someone who is charming, not really very charming but someone who will be my Prince Charming, go to the ends of the earth for me, not superman but superhuman. A tall guy preferably 5'10 in height, not too thin, short hair, clean cut and cleanly shaved Lol I also want a sweet guy, who knows EFFORT as much as I do and appreciate. I am not cheap, nor am I someone who asks for so much. But of course, transportation and communication is important to me as well.
But the most important thing, I want someone who could tell to my face immediately, no matter how painful or how broken it could make me, and gently but NOT ME BEING THE LAST TO KNOW, of what is wrong, what is to be fixed, what news I have to hear and of what is the problem. Because I'd rather find out the truth from you, YOUNG MAN, not from someone else, not through text or a phone call, not after a year, not 2 weeks before the event, not when it is too late, nor when I already had a hint several months ago and just tell me, after you've just dated or after something happened. I will not damage your soul nor be angry, but I will love you even more and let you go if I have to. Because for me, finding out the truth early on is much more forgivable and fixable than finding it out from someone else or figuring it out when it's too late. I would love someone who believes and knows that I deserve the truth and all the respect I can get.
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What's your favorite slang word?
Do you have a lot of respect for vegetarians?
Oh greatly but I think they should also enjoy food's pleasures. But I surely can't give up meat like they do, HANDS DOWN!
Are you a traveler or a homebody?
Both lol but I wanna travel a lot though lazy
Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?
What do you think about more than anything else?
hi juicy miss youuuuu  Patricia Co
Miss you more!!! See you tomorrow?
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