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Ure saudi ur cousin is from jordan and ur other cousin is from america ? U think we believe it ?

You don't have to believe it.

Pure saudi ?

I think, but my Mom is Palestinian and my Dad is Saudi.

15 facts about me ;;)

Toot J. Abdulkhaliq

Birthday: 24 July 1995
Curly/Wavy hair
Pwetty :3
You have a gorgeous cousin v.v
Bai9'a :"3
You go to KFUPM
You own a violin
Your shoe size is 37 I think :o
You like ice tea :3
Your fav boy name and your future sons name is "S3ad"
You love me
You are a shala8a :3
You want to study Law
I don't know :$

Anti mu min saudi

3a kaifk? O.O


Aww, I love me too.

I will not be answering anything written in Arabic. I have my reasons<< هذآ مرض نفسسسي لآزم تتعآلجين يآمسكينه إنتي رحتي لندن وأنصدمتي بآلحظآرة وآلتطور وتحسبين آلتطور إنك مآتتكلمي عربي ,, مُسستحيل شخص بريطآني يجي لسعوديه وبعدين يكتب بالأسك حقه لآتسألوني بآلبريطآني مآرآح أجآوب ,, شآفآكِ الله

En9dmt bil 7a9'ara? Laish y3nee knt 3aysha bil brr gbil? La 7beebti, I've been studying in an international school for more than half my life that's why I can't read Arabic properly (: Allah yshfeek enti 3la tfkeerk el mota5lf!

Was the LV bag in your avatar yours?


Do you believe that each individual on Earth has a soulmate?


ask Me please ;*


I'm in class though..

Hi Lujain w7shteny a5barkm?! W 3ndkm a5tbrat wla?

hessa Aq

Heyy, I miss you too! Good good, hbu? La ma3ndna 5ala9na el e5tbarat gbl shahar ;p

لا إله إلا أنت , سبحانك إني كنت من الظالمين ♡ || So, what's going with your final exams xD?


I don't have final exams.

And why doesn't he?

One of the reasons is because I am "too young" for him.

So you love someone, but someone doesn't love you?


So where do u live ?


Someone better will come along, and when they do, make them chase u not the other way around!but for now stop thinking about him and choose to be happy ;p .. Adry maly da5al I just thought maybe I can help you seem in a lot of pain!

Thank you, bs I don't think i'll ever stop thinking about him..

If he sees you dwelling over him and just depressed bykbr rasah, guys lazm tt3'lain 3laihum , ur problem was is that you showed ur love bzyadh , al7een etha mn jd tbeenah yt7saf show him ur fine and happy o delete those depressed tweets! 3shan ystw3b ena enty mo hammek a9lan! + its his loss , 5eera!

Don't worry, he won't even see those tweets. W adree ena mara7 yit7sf, not in a million years.

54y ra7tk ;p


y3ny alws55555a y3ny anty shy w95

Oooh, I don't think you know me.. Lazim asb magdr ma asb. :'D

yyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa alooooosss5aaaaa .......... ma sha'a allah enty ween saknahh ya mama

esh y3nee "aloos5a' ? :/

wwnaaaasaah b3eeenk

b6eezk. (:

la ar7meeeenaaa ya elly ma tbeen t8reen b al-3rby .... wesh y3ny ... al7een yn8al anh anty elly tktbeen b al-english :@:@ .... a8ooooooooooooooooooool bsss en8l333333y

LOL, wanasa my first hater. :3

ويبقى السؤال المحير عند الاباء !! . . . . ... . . . . . ليش كل ما أروح غرفة ولدي والاقيه ع الكمبيوتر دائماً يكون فاتح على سطح المكتب [O.o]هاي

Ziad Al Mohaimed

mali 5lg agra shy bil 3rabi. (:

How was your 2011?

A year I will never forget.

in ur dp i think u like nerds :p

Just because someone wears glasses it doesn't mean they are nerds.