What do you think makes a person beautiful?

eyes and soul.

r u dating minli

am I?

Why want to punch he/she siah so bad

deserves it HAHAHAHAHAHA still love la

Why do you keep scolding & hating someone on your twitter LOLOL

cos this person is a slut!!!! Hahahahahaah but I still love the person la. its those damn QB moments u want to punch the face u know... HAHAHAHAHA

The person who refuses to reply you HAHA

Hahaha I never said that was true!!! hahaha but I shall leave u to ur intepretations :)




Clare Peh

Thanks cpehh ๐Ÿ’•

Aww someone not texting you back ah?

maybe ;) heeee

Do you think it's good to text the person you like everyday?

yea definitely is. better than wondering when that person will text u back.

How was your birthday!!! :)

it was good :) heee!!! but birthdays stopped exciting me 3 yrs back. lol. unfortunately.


thankssiesss! :)

Have u watched Insidious 3 yet? If u did, can tell me how was it? If u haven't, would u rather watch Insidious 3 or Jurassic World? I can't decide which to watch haha

i want to watch both.. HAHAHAHA I havent watched both!

Which museums in SG have u been to before?

just the art museum. and peranakan. idk how spell sorry

Are you afraid of cats?

I love animals. so no.. hahaha

What about savoury food?

ehh.... idek.. omg HAAHAHA sorry

What's your fave food? Must choose okay, cannot say that you love all food or something

ermm... HAHAHA I generally like desserts a lot.

likers get 5 likes first few

wot mate

What is your dream girl like?

errr..... dont rly have one. if we click we click. if it happens it happens. Hahahahaha

have u attended Joshua arkey classes before

nope.. haha

What made you happy today ?

seeing someone after I walked out of the dressing room aft the concert ;)

what's ur height ?

ehhhh 172-3!

what's ur snapchat!

ehhh theweirdwimp LOOOLLLLL but I dun rly use it

yo you look like benjamin kheng y'all could be brothers max kheng

Diane Eun

HAHAHAHAHAHA everyonr is saying that omg! but its an honor to look like him... HAHAHAHAHA miss u diane!

Good luck for tonite !!

thanks :)

If you could choose a different time period and place to be born, when and where would it be?

I wld be born around 8-10 years earlier. andddd I actually do like SG a lot :) so yes. SG. And then migrate when Im like 35. which wld be abt now. HAHAHAHAHA interesting qn!


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