How do you know if people are using google translate?

Easy to analyze based on how the sentence is built.

Have you ever had a stalker ( that you know of)?

Yes Vad har hänt? :/

Är inte längre med i DIE/MAY och Freddy har hoppat av Kerbera för att studera i USA. Vetat om det med Freddy i ett över ett halvår och diskussionen ang DIE/MAY har pågått länge.
Vi valde att inte annonsera ut allt förrän nyligen. Mycket som jag har gått runt och burit på.
Känns bra nu när det är officiellt i alla fall.

What is the coolest gift you received, and why? Amber Snay

From a fan? A Nintendo 3DS because omg!

Heeeeeey! I was thinking of ordering stuff from the Royal Rxxker-website, but i have to make an account on there... And i've been looking but can't find it! I might be stupid but i gave it a chance and asked lol! Hope you can help me ;)

I will check it all up! There should not be that you need to get an account. We've had some problems with the shop lately but I'll fix it asap!

Do you know kpop?


That is *not* an answer... Dessutom, hur känner du att du är inte fel?

Stop using google translate

Har hört alla tråkiga nyheter 😞 Glöm inte bort att du är älskad för den du är 💖 kärlek och kramar! MiaH

Tack ❤️
Det är okej. Har vetat om en hel del av det som vi gått ut med väldigt länge, så jag har haft tid att smälta allt och förbereda mig.

Who do you think I am??

You know that I know who you are.

Who is your favorite character from Suicide Squad movie?

Harley and the Joker

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel hunted... D: I guess I'll just never tell you who I am... Would that make you feel better?

I think I know who you are, haha

You don't need to worry. I'll read about them of course. If I'll buy Siamese cat and I'll buy boy and girl and will gave name in honor of you and Bea.

Be very careful if you have not a boy and girl. You need to make sure they don't mate, especially if they are siblings and/or too young.
You need to have a lot of responsibility. I would recommend to get the same gender! It's easier from my experience.

Du är riktigt söt seike kram Linnéa mollysakura

Massa kramar!

I think your face is pretty, and so is your soul. But to me, your soul is much more important. <3 I won't tell you who I am, but know that you may meet me some day! Keep your eyes, your mind and your heart open, dear friend! You'll know me when you see me, I'm sure of it!

Thanks but this is more scary than flattering. I feel hunted…

I told that guy several times that your profile is real, but he still doesn't believe me.

Who cares? If he believes I'm fake then let him. It doesn't matter what he thinks since it won't change the truth.

I like your cats very much. I'll buy siamese cat and i will call him in your honor. ❤️

Never buy a Siamese cat alone. He/she needs company and should have a friend. Siamese/Oriental cats are extremely social cats and they can't live by themselves. It's abusive. They might get depressed and sick.
If you're gonna get a Siamese, make sure you're home A LOT and that they are two so that they can keep each other company if you need to be away during the day.
Siamese/Oriental cats are my life. Please read a lot about them before getting one!

Uhmm va @ senaste frågan du svarade på?? Bc 1 adhd fkn föds man med 2 visst, man kan ha mkt problem med framförallt sig själv pga sin adhd eftersom hjärnan inte funkar som hos dom allra flesta, men grejen är att man ändå får ut så jävla mkt bra från att ens hjärna funkar på ett annorlunda sätt.

Folk har inte speciellt mycket insikt i vad adhd faktiskt är och har därför inte förståelse.

I vilka länder har du haft sex i ? Vilket land senast?

I underlandet

Do you consider yourself a slut, no disrespect - I mean in the bdsm-way?

I'm not into bdsm.

What made you happy today?

My cats like the new toy I bough.

What would you rather be: Liked by everyone in a general, medium way and not have deep meaningful connections, or be loved by some and hated by others but have deep, true, very solid connections? Why?

I've always been disliked by most people. They simply can't handle me, and that's fine. I barley can't handle myself either. Envious of those who doesn't have to live with me 24/7.

Do you have any unusual body modifications that you want to talk about, or that you think more people should know about?

I have an implant in my face if you need to know.

Would you kiss a stranger if they asked you to?

No, I don't kiss strangers.
Maybe if I'm really drunk.

I don't want your girlfriend mad at me because she seems like a sweetie, and I'm happy that you have her, but boy... if you were single I would happily keep you company, mate. I don't mean just in your bed either, I mean doing silly stuff together, talking about life, troubles, all of it. <3 Cheers!

I don't even

I'm so sorry that you have ADHD. I hope ADHD will go away.

Hahaha, it won't go away. It's permanent.




That guy with the piercings.