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asså omg din stil är så goals ge miiig <3

Haha aw!

Would you rather be in constant pain or have a constant itch?

Already in constant pain #emo

What are your ringer and text sounds set to on your phone?

Mute and vibration

How does it feel to be single for a long time?

How would I know 😂

Can I share something with you? I'm afraid you won't like me after I tell you

Go ahead

Have you ever broken up with a friend?

Yes. Very recently too.

What do you think of people who cosplay Outside of their own body type? Example: a chubby darker skinned girl cosplaying as Madoka magika girl? Also, Would you let them join your group if you needed a person to complete it and they had the material or talent to make the cosplay?

I don't cosplay myself and I don't see the point in cosplaying if it's not to look like a real life version of the character.
I couldn't care less though. Whatever makes people happy.

Are you still playing Pokemon go or have it still on your phone? If you never downloaded it then you can ignore this ask ><

I'm playing too much haha!
Just don't update about it as much since nothing new or exciting is happening aside of filling my Pokédex and building up my team.

If you're feeling down or something, do you sometimes talk with Bea to feel better? If that doesn't help then i think you should contact a psychiatrist, because i've heard that you're not too happy lately. Mental health is really important and should be taken seriously, and i want the best for you!

I've been going to psychiatrists since I was 7 years old.
I'm not called mad man for nothing ;)
I go see psychiatrists and doctors about once a week. Don't worry about me. ❤️

Vad vet du om att vara sann?

Inte ett skit

What level are you on Pokemon Go ;)

Rose Oleta Griffee


How do you know if people are using google translate?

Easy to analyze based on how the sentence is built.

Have you ever had a stalker ( that you know of)?


Är inte längre med i DIE/MAY och Freddy har hoppat av Kerbera för att studera i USA. Vetat om det med Freddy i ett över ett halvår och diskussionen ang DIE/MAY har pågått länge.
Vi valde att inte annonsera ut allt förrän nyligen. Mycket som jag har gått runt och burit på.
Känns bra nu när det är officiellt i alla fall.

What is the coolest gift you received, and why?

Amber Snay

From a fan? A Nintendo 3DS because omg!

Heeeeeey! I was thinking of ordering stuff from the Royal Rxxker-website, but i have to make an account on there... And i've been looking but can't find it! I might be stupid but i gave it a chance and asked lol! Hope you can help me ;)

I will check it all up! There should not be that you need to get an account. We've had some problems with the shop lately but I'll fix it asap!

Do you know kpop?


That is *not* an answer... Dessutom, hur känner du att du är inte fel?

Stop using google translate

Har hört alla tråkiga nyheter 😞 Glöm inte bort att du är älskad för den du är 💖 kärlek och kramar!


Tack ❤️
Det är okej. Har vetat om en hel del av det som vi gått ut med väldigt länge, så jag har haft tid att smälta allt och förbereda mig.

Who do you think I am??

You know that I know who you are.

Who is your favorite character from Suicide Squad movie?

Harley and the Joker

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel hunted... D: I guess I'll just never tell you who I am... Would that make you feel better?

I think I know who you are, haha

You don't need to worry. I'll read about them of course. If I'll buy Siamese cat and I'll buy boy and girl and will gave name in honor of you and Bea.

Be very careful if you have not a boy and girl. You need to make sure they don't mate, especially if they are siblings and/or too young.
You need to have a lot of responsibility. I would recommend to get the same gender! It's easier from my experience.

Du är riktigt söt seike kram Linnéa


Massa kramar!

I think your face is pretty, and so is your soul. But to me, your soul is much more important. <3 I won't tell you who I am, but know that you may meet me some day! Keep your eyes, your mind and your heart open, dear friend! You'll know me when you see me, I'm sure of it!

Thanks but this is more scary than flattering. I feel hunted…




That guy with the piercings.