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Seike kommer det några nya låtar snart?

Ville is queen

Det är på G 🔥

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Will you go tour to another countries in Europe in future?

Yeah! Plans are being made already HE HE HE

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Poly Polly... I typed before I finished thinkin! Gosh darnit, I hate that. If your girlfriend decided that she wanted a girlfriend of her own to go out on casual dates with and for mild intimacy, since you're not a girl (??), would you be ok with that?

No, I would break up.

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Poly Polly again... so, as a girl I could maybe kiss your girlfriend if both of you were OK with it and you wouldn't get mad? Would you need or want to be there at the time? Would you need or want to also participate in said kissing, or would you allow for just 'girl time'?

I don't want anyone to kiss my girl, haha..
Sometimes when we are drunk we kiss our friends, not in making out though.
So I would probably be mad if you tried, yes.

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I hope the day you arrive in Chile pleaseeeeeeeeeee :'((( <3333

A t s u ~

That's a dream of mine! To meet all fans in South America is a very much prioritized goal.

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Notice me senpai ;_;

Hello anonymous person

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Poly Polly here again...another anon just asked you about kissing, you'd be OK sharing yourself that way while drunk or even sober. Could your girlfriend do that, even with other women, with or without you there, or would you still get jealous of even that? Does she get jealous when you do it?

My inner slut awakes when I'm drunk but I rarely drink anymore for several reasons. Alcohol is poisonous shit.
I wouldn't do it sober.

With close friends of mine I wouldn't mind too much, but guys in general I'd be furious.
Girls are more okey for some fucked up reason. I guess I want to be the only penis in her life haha...

I've been a fucking asshole before since I couldn't handle myself drunk so I kissed a lot of people in general when partying.
We have decided that it's not okey.
It'd different if we kiss friends. It's something fun and whatever, but people we are not very close to is a big NOPE.

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I love your style😍

Thank you! I don't even know what style I have... But I'm happy you like it haha

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Do you have any fans that has become more of a friend to you? In that case, how come they have?

Some followers are more active than others so naturally you see that persons social media accounts more often and so on. They respond to my updates and often write to me through private messages. I try to reply as often as possible and it means a lot to me to know they're always there to support me.
Ofc you become closer to those who put a lot of time on you and care a lot for your well being.
Those who show up on most of our shows are also people you develop a special relation to.

My followers are such a huge part of my life. I've seen many of them grow through the years.
Sometimes I think I come to care even more for them than they do for me haha

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Poly Polly here... would you get jealous because your partners are with anyone else romantically, or just that there's the possibility that they might be (physically or emotionally) interested in anyone else? Or is it that you would want them to spend more time with you than anyone else?

I'm pure egoistic and don't wanna share my partner with anyone else.
Also I wanna be nr1, and If I'm not nr1 I'm out.
I have no problem with her finding others attractive. I find others attractive, but that's not the point. Being with her is more than physical and my attraction to her stopped being about her appearance long ago. We share something beyond that, and I think it's important to feel like that's unique and our common safe-zone. I wouldn't wanna go there if I knew she's "there with someone else beside me".
Hope it made sense.

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(:*) Do you consider kissing "harmless contact" when both parties are willing? I read some of your previous answers and now am very curious. Would you kiss 'just friends', and if you would, where?

I'm very restricted when it comes to physical contact in general, especially kissing.
Except for when I'm drunk.
When I'm drunk I kiss everyone everywhere.

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Just caught up on your Ask, and wanted to say that Joker is my favorite video too! 😄 Any tips when making videos in general?

Punny Princess Amber-Gem

Thanks! Music videos or videos in general?

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Are you dating a boys and a girls? I saw video, you hold hands with boys. But you have girl. This ok is? They no get mad you?

I'm in a relationship and I don't date anyone else but I have no problem with harmless physical contact with other human beings.

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Which was your favorite music video when you was in DIE/MAY?


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I feel so sorry for you that you left DIE/MAY.

Don't feel sorry. It was for the best.
I couldn't give them 100% since I've involved with way too many projects at once.
Be happy for what we accomplished instead and look forward to what they have planned for the future.

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are you polyamorous dater? if not right now, would you be?

I don't think that would work very well for me. I would get too jealous haha

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What is your perfect Sunday morning?

When you wake up and the morning is long gone

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Kommer no escape byxorna att finnas i S igen? Har i M men de är för stora och vill verkligen ha dem.

Tråkigt att höra!
Vi kommer med en ny kollektion samt tar in några av våra tidigare designer igen i början av nästa år.
Som det ser ut nu kommer vi också att ta in No Escape-byxorna! Håll utkik och kontakta oss så fort du ser att de finns så löser vi det!

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Why the weird tweets about Kerbera? A lot of people seem to think you are just looking for attention, but I'm not so sure. What's up?

No idea what you're talking about.

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Gillar du analsex?

Not my cup of tea

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Do you have a phobia? What is it?

Myself. I've got a phobia of myself.

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Which is your favorite music video by your band Kerbera?

I'll have to say Lipstick Tonic because it was SO MUCH FUN recording it!

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How tall are you? Just wondering😇


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Varför är ask dött? Får du några frågor?

Typ inte, nej...

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That guy with the piercings.