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abdulmalek al-HOMAIDHI @MALOK
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بس فضوووول
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al7md llah
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ايش تخصصت
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esh a5rh 6eb ?
63 :)
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6eb a5rh 363 ?
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7474 , ولا 4747 ؟
la ;s
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دقيت عليك رد احد ثاني !
km a5r rgmi elli 3ndik
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غيرت. رقمك ؟
why ?
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هل تفضل الفتاة السمراء ام البيضاء ?
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ما هي أسعد لحظة في حياتك ؟  NouraAlT
today cause its my birthday
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Eeh ana a3rfkum kilkum =P
mashallah 3leek
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Mub ent a5u tariq w a7md ?  Ess Albassam
mashallah t3rfen al3ayla klha ana wld a7md
Ee 3la kaify abouk mub jdk -_-"
d5el men ?
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La mub jdk :) bla n9b abuk=)),6l3t hw ashwa ma 5ab tshbehy=))  Ess Albassam
mu 3la kefik hu jdi !
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L2nk tshbh wldh el9'3eer mara =)!!  Ess Albassam
ana jdi d5eel bs ai d5eel 89dk ?
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ent walld d5eel ?
leh ?
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T3rf w7da esmha Hadeer?
hadeer la
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which one do you think its the most romantic moment : the sunset or the sunrise ??  Reema
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** when was u boren .../.../19 & in wish city ?  Dhuha
1994- alrriyadh
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ههل تصف نفسكك : ( عقلآني ) آم ( عآططفي ) آككثر ؟؟
first one
1 person likes this < r7t alriyadh w rj3t w ant twk trd -_- ! w3 z7ma w al3yal ma shafo 5air etha shafo albnt k2nhm mdry wsh shayfeen al7mdllah w alshkr :'(
7lu enshallah tkonen enbs6ti ;*
3 people like this < ADRY !!!!!!! bs wain tro7 daym !
76 esmk oo bgolk ;p
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