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Vomit your mind.
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Do you trust your friends?
very much
Anong 5 mahalagang mga bagay na iyong isasama sa listahan ng iyong mga bagay na dapat gawin?
1. Matulog
2. Mag-aral
3. Gawin ang HWs
4. "Mag-intay"
5. Kumain
ang payat mo. de jk lang
THANK YOU!!!! hahahaha joke lang din.
nice profile pic
is that sarcasm I sense? haha. haggard mukha ko diyan, so okay lang kung nega ang comment mo. =)))
oo na!!! wag ka na mag-adik!
Who is your Valentine?
Who is your Valentine?
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Sino na ang aura mo sa UP?
Sa ngayon? Wala naman. Tingin tingin lang. Hahaha. Daming obstacles eh.
What are your plans for tomorrow?
Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat. Haha jk. Pumasok. Mag-aral. Mapagod. Matulog.
Is Satan one of a kind?
In what aspect? Hahaha.
Do you believe in Satan?
Alam kong merong mga 'tulad' niya. Bwahahaha
How many hours do you sleep at night?
as much as possible, 8 hours. :)) a rare luxury to have these days...
What are you addicted to?
A bunch of TV shows haha (htgawm)
How will you celebrate your next birthday?
Party! It's my legalization day.
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What was the last movie you watched?
The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies.
What are you afraid to lose?
My relationship with God, first and foremost. My family. My friends. My talent.
Who is your bestfriend?
ang dami nila haha. magpapacontest muna ako, teka.
Do you prefer to talk or to listen?
Talk :D
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What if your lover cheats on you?
Love her even more until she cheats no more. Woah. Martyr lang.
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Have you experienced having a boner in public? If yes where?
Of course. I'd probably be castrated if I don't.
Post a pic of you on New Year's Eve!
Walaaaa :(((
sino pa may mga
Aba matindi. Marami sila hahaha.
Skimmed it, tbh. :))) but this is a good concept and deed. Making the people aware of drugs. Haha. NSTP days...
How is math 11 ?
Pasadoooooo!!!!!!!! HAHAHA. Kaso dos
What will the future be like?
Much much better. Haha. Im tryna be optimistic.
What do you wish for the most in the new year?
That I'll be better. In all aspects. :D Be aggressive! Passive aggressive! Haha.